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Musical Love

Edward and Bella go to Juliard where they meet. But what happens when tragedy strikes one of the characters.???!!!!!


Hope you like it!
This is all cannon characters- except one
Alternative universe
Out of character.
Its pretty darn spankin cool.

2. Chapter 2: The Hall

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I looked into the room taking a breath when I saw a Greek God standing at the other entrance across the room. My breath caught in my throat as I saw he was staring at me. This beautiful man was staring at me, I looked behind me to see if there was someone that he was looking at but it was just me. Plain old me that he was looking at. He had bronze hair that he ran his fingers through once and a maroon color shirt that was hugging all of his muscles. He was gorgeous. He never broke his gaze from mine from all the way across the room and we both just stood there, looking at eachother. Two other unearthly beautiful people walked up to him and one of them, a beautiful pixie like girl waved her hand over his face. He didn’t break his gaze from me and the pixie and the other beautiful man followed his gaze over to me. Suddenly the girl who was staring at me intently, looked off into the distance. Like she was far away, very distant I had never seen this type of facial expression before. I quickly turned beet red, blood rushing to my cheeks and I looked away, embarassed by their gazes and sat down quickly in one of the theater chairs. I lifted my hands to my face and sneaked a peak twards the beautiful people. I never got to see what the other two people who came up to him really looked like and was amazed at how beautiful they were. Though they didnt compare to the boy who was staring at me. I decided I would name him “Adonis” for now. The three sat down and all had puzzled looks on their faces talking in low voices. I was staring at them when all of the sudden a boy stood in front of me. “Hey, im Mike. Are you a new student here?” He said- heres your sign; Duh im a new student. Mike was cute, I guess- he had short hair and was wearing a rolling stones tee shirt and some black jeans. He didn’t even compare to Adonis, not one bit. He sat down next to me in the theaters chairs chatting about how he was a piano player here and how he was in his 2nd semester. He talked so much that I didn’t even have time to say anything. I was happy that I didn’t need to put anything into the converstation because I was to busy thinking about Adonis. Seriously, I havent met the guy and I was gawking over him? There was something strange about him, how could a person be that beautiful. It was unhealthy. Finally after 20 minutes of listening to Mike babble on when finally a darkman got up to the podium and every one quieted, thankfully Mike did too. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Edward POV That’s when I saw her. An angel stood on the other side of the room looking around the room gazing at the theaters surroundings and caught my gaze. She just stood there and gazed at me. I tried to listen to the minds through out the room for her, but nothing. I didn’t hear anything. Never in my years of being a vampire have I NOT beenable to read a mind. She had brown mahogany hair and a shirt that showed off her hourglass figure. She looked like an angel from up above. I just stood there, dumbfounded by her beauty as Alice and Jasper came up beside me talking about something unimportant. I never broke my gaze from hers and Alice waved her hand in front of my face but I didn’t pay attention. Nothing seemed important more than this gorgeous creature in front of me. Both Alice and Jasper followed my gaze and growled as they saw that I was staring at a human. “Edward, what are you doing?” Jasper said as Alice was pulled into a vision. The vision was me and the beauty hunting together and kissing, she was a vampire. For the first time I looked away from her and over to Alice who was just getting out of her vision and looked at me with surprise on her face. I was horrified, I would not let this girl have her soul taken away. Wait, why was I thinking and caring about a girl who I have never even talked to? “Alice, what did you see?” Jasper said, oblivious to what had just happened with the vision. She sat down after seeing that all three of us were eyeing her. Her cheeks turned tomato red, she smelled so decicious, but wierdly I felt very protective over her. We sat down in chairs a couple rows over from her and I heard a nasty mind in my head. “Hey im Mike,” The guy said. Damn shes fine! He thought and then he started thinking about putting his hands all over her. A deep growl came out of my throat and damn Jasper sent a calming wave over me. He was still oblivious to everything, Alice was confused about everything and asking me a million things in her head, and I was just about as confused as her. Why did I care about a human, especially one who frankly I have never talked to dazzling me so much? The guy Mike started talking to her and thinking nasty thoughts. I had the urge to go and punch him through the wall. “Edward you are mad. Why?” Jasper said. I was getting annoyed now because this little pest Mike was boring. I watched the girl through Mikes eyes and found out little stuff. Her name was Bella, shes 19, she majors in voice. When I heard her speak my heart melted to the ground. It was so sexy I could not even stand to listen in anymore in fear of getting up out of my seat and attacking her in kisses. She was quiet the rest of the time and Mike just babled on untill finally the headmaster came up to the front. ___________________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________ BellaPOV A tan man walked up to the podium. He was very good looking, he had to be in his early twentys. “Hello everyone, I am Jacob Black, the headmasters son. My father is out for the semester on his honey moon,” He rolled his eyes. “I can see that we have a promising group here with me today. Some of you have received letters about performing the first day to show everyone your talent…” He said. Dammit, I had totally forgotten about how he had sent me a letter in the mail about singing at the open house. I would just have to sing acapela, great, just great. Ok, so ill go up and sing O Mio Babbino Caro and try to not get distracted with Adonis sitting in the front. This was going to be hard. “Isabella Swan, would you please honor me in singing?” Black said. This was just my luck, of course I would be called first. I stood up shyly and gave a look to Adonis who was staring at me. I went to the front of the HUGE theater and took a deep breath. Jacob was eyeing me, grinning and winking at me as I walked up to the podium. Perv. “Hello, as you know my name is Bella Swan, I will be singing O Mio Babbino Caro.” I said in my stage voice to the theater which was filled with maybe 500 students and teachers. I was so nervous I thought I was going to faint. The thing with me was that I had huge stage fright, untill I started singing. When I start singing the music fills within me. I become a new person, im not clumsy Bella anymore. I could only hope that I would not mess up and let Adonis distract me. I opened my mouth and started singing…. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Sorry bout the cliffy. it just makes me sad when ive written two chapters and i only have one review. Soo…. How did you like it? Please Pleasee~ Tell me. I really need to know. REVIEW REVIEW REVIEW!!!