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Musical Love

Edward and Bella go to Juliard where they meet. But what happens when tragedy strikes one of the characters.???!!!!!


Hope you like it!
This is all cannon characters- except one
Alternative universe
Out of character.
Its pretty darn spankin cool.

3. Chapter 3

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Edwards POV In 1952 I went to an opera in Florence; one of the songs that were performed was O Mio Babbino Caro. A beautiful woman went up to the microphone and started singing. Ever since it has been my all time favorite song. Sometimes when I am lonely I play the song on the piano and it makes me feel better. Bella walked up to the front of the stage, surprisingly didn’t hand anything to the accompanyist. "Hello my name is Bella Swan and I will be singing O Mio Babbino Caro." She got in place and took a big breath, I was expecting her to be ok- she didn’t look like the type who would sing opera. " I bet she’s great in bed. Id tap that" the son of the headmaster thought. A deep snarl erupted from my chest and Alice gave me the death look. I was sending daggers to the Jacob boy when all of the sudden an angelic voice came from the front. Alice and I both looked at the stage in shock when we realized it was Bella. O mio babbino caro, mi piace è bello, bello; vo'andare in Porta Rossa a comperar l'anello! She looked like she was from another universe, she had un-earthly beauty. She was much better than the woman in Florence. A million times better, I closed my eyes and my mind took me back to Italy. Except this time it was not the woman onstage, it was Bella. She took away all of my cares and replaced them with good feelings. She had her eyes closed, and even though I couldn’t her mind I could tell she was in another place. Feeling something greater than this world. It was the most beautiful sound that I had ever heard. She opened her eyes as she finnished the song, a tear in her eye. She blushed a beautiful blush and gazed at me. I grinned at her and we locked eyes. She blushed even more; I could see the blood rushing to her cheeks. You know what the thing is… I had barely any desire of ripping out her throat and sucking her blood. Her smell was intoxicating, but I coulnt smell her blood. Only Her. And in that moment I realized she was my soul mate. And then Jasper finally realized what had been going on. And everything became clear. ________________________________________ Bella's Pov I knew this song is supposed to be sad, but all I felt was happiness. When I was singing I had a vision. I saw me and Adonis kissing, my hands in his hair while he gripped my hips lightly. We were in the sunshine in a beautiful place. The weird thing was that we were both sparkling, and I was… Beautiful. Words could not even describe this beauty. A tear came to my eye as the vision ended with my song and I got pulled back into reality. I saw people standing up and clapping and crying, I blushed the most I have ever blushed in my LIFE. The headmaster’s son was wolf howling behind me and I could faintly hear a growl in the audience. I swept my eyes over the croud looking for the person who growled at the poor boy. I forgot what i was looking for when I saw Adonis staring and grinning at me, the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. His un-earthly beauty stunned me and I stood there dumbly, blushing my head off not being able to move. Finally something clicked in my head that maybe, just maybe I should start moving. If possible I blushed even more but never broke gaze. I just could not find it in me to look away. I did not break his gaze as i started down the stairs of the stage. The first step was easy but the second step was farther down than I expected, so when I took a step down I tripped, hitting my head on the third step as I fell down. I heard gasps in the audience and I closed my eyes preparing for the impact of the concrete to my head when all of the sudden I felt two hands wrap around my waist… _____________________________________________________________________________________