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The Runaway

Bella fakes her death so Charlie and Renne can let go, Charlie is in pieces. Bella's sister tells the story of how she got lost and ended up in the worst hands possible when she goes to pick up the pieces in Forks after running away and abadoning her family.

When abandoned by my good friend the internet at my aunties house, insperation struck and to drown out the noise of two caotic toddlers i wrote a little introduction to Bella's sisters life. Review if posible

1. Chapter 1

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I ran, letting my emotion push me father than I would normally go, I ran letting the green blur around me, as my eyes focused and unfocused. I ran down the familiar street that led to my fathers house, the house where my sister had spent the last year of her life.

No one was in to greet me, to ask me how my run was, I had grown accustomed to this after only a week here in Forks. I did not intent to stay much longer, Charlie was the one who had suffered most after Bellas death, I was supporting him. He spent most of his time at the police station, his wife and family in Forks.

I ran up the stairs, rushing up to the shower ripping off my clothes as I did and sprawling them all over the hall way. I closed the shower door and let the cold water turn hot around me and gave in to my emotions. The shower was the only place I let them show anymore, I hated to cry in front of people anyway but this was the only place Charlie definitely couldn’t find-or hear me. I broke down in the shower and let the tears I had been holding in rush down my face. I couldn’t let escape around Charlie, tears scared him more than anything in the world. I needed to be strong for him, if I fell apart, who was there to pick up the pieces of him?

Bella had been Charlies favourite daughter, now I was his only daughter. He never explicitly showed or told anyone of us but it was obvious in a latent way, the looks, the concern, it was always written always over his face. I was a lost cause to him, with my wild ways. How sad, I knew, though he would never admit it, he would be much better off if it had been me to have an accident, rather than Bella. Bella and myself had been opposites in everyway, I excelled in sports-athletics in particular, Bella hated sports and could barley walk over a flat surface without tripping over. I laughed with no humour as tears blended in with shower water. Bella had been smart, she did well at every subject at school, whereas I had failed at all of them-all apart from sport. Bella was shy, I was confident and outgoing, she had been dark brunette and I had a head full of thick auburn hair.

Through all our differences, I loved my only sister. She was everything I was not, I had been shocked when she moved to Forks with Charlie, of her own free will. I knew her better than that, she did it so that Renné could travel with him. Phil, I detested Phil, he detested me. He was the reason I left the comfort of parental guidance and moved out, and moved in with my best friend Amy.

I hadn’t been in contact with any of my family until I found out about Bella’s accident. Then I immediately came to Forks, I knew Charlie would be beyond reconciliation. I quit drinking, smoking, and many of my other bad habits’ I had picked up through my empty life. I came here and took over Bellas’ roll as the good one I couldn’t keep it up for much longer, Forks bored me to death. Maybe that’s what really happened to Bella.

Running was the only way to let off the tension I usually released with partying, I ran alot in Forks.

Charlie talked about Bella to me, told me what I had been missing, most of it bored me but I knew he needed to talk about it to someone, that someone would have to be me. Bellas’ perfect school reputation, Bellas’ truck, Bella’s boyfriend, Edward. How much in love she had been. Edward had moved away soon after Bella died, “too many painful memories” he had said. Coward. But if that’s the only way he could be relived of this pain, fair play to him.

I missed my sister, I always had when I had been away, she had got on with Phil, she was unselfish like that, no average teenager. If she hadn’t I would have undoubtedly took her with me. I missed her a lot more knowing she would never come back, never throw me a concerned look as I snook in past midnight. With wild hair, dilated pupils and stinking of booze and cigarettes.

They had lived in a big white house around here that’s all I knew about the Cullens, they had all moved away with Edward.

I stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around myself, suppressing my violent emotions, my forbidden ones, the ones no one except me would ever see. I walked to my room, Bellas old room, I hated staying in here, I never slept in here, Charlie wanted it all to stay exactly as it was when Bella had inhabited it. I only kept my stuff still in bags, in here, I slept on the couch downstairs. I put on a pair of old pyjamas, set up my bed on the couch and fell asleep in front of the T.V, not bothering to pretend to watch it.

I woke briefly as Charlie got in from the station, I mumbled a greeting as he turned the light off on me and made his way upstairs. Avoiding the clothes I had discarded abstractly. I wondered as I had many times over the last week if me being here was right, if I was really helping anyone except myself. I had left my half boyfriend when I found out about Bella, I had been living with him for five months, but we were totally different people, people who slept together and lived under the same roof, but had nothing else in common. It was a relationship of convenience, for both of us. Who was I helping being here? No one except Charlie, I would return to work soon, find myself another flat it wasn’t hard living on my own, like Bella, like Charlie, I thrived when isolated.

* * *

I woke to clouds and rain as normal, joy unbound, this was Forks. I needed to get out, I was feeling the claustrophobia as a result of never seeing the sky. It was like being in a cage, I threw on a pair of sweat pants and a tank top got a fresh pair of socks and got my trainers on as fast as I could.

I ran not caring where I was going, the rain soaked my face, my clothes, my body. I let a few tears escape, they could easily be disguised as rain. I didn’t push myself very hard and it was very cold, I was barley breathing hard when I came to the forest. I ran through the green, but soon stopped and began walking looking around at the things I never really appreciated about Forks. It truly was beautiful. I lied to myself for a while, pretending I knew the way back, maybe subconsciously I wanted to get lost, lost in thoughts to block the pain of a grieving sister. I walked aimlessly through the dense trees for hours, sense of direction was the only thing me and Bella had in common.

I finally came to a clearing with a shallow river about fifty feet wide, and across the river was a huge white house with metal shutters across the back window. I was freezing, so cold that I didn’t care whose house this was, I would knock on and ask for directions. This river could not stop me, I trudged across my trainers and sweat pants soaked. I walked to the front of the house, I don’t think anyone would be happy if I knocked on their back door.

The rain had made my hair into loose red ringlets around my face and neck and back, I let my hair hang to my waist. I stepped up the huge white porch, that wound its way entirely around the first floor of the huge white house. I took a deep breath, and knocked on the door, wishing desperately that someone was in. Little did I know this was exactly the wrong thing to wish for, I should have wished that no one was in and I should have walked home in the pouring rain.

I looked behind my back a nervous habit I couldn’t shake, always that feeling that someone was creeping up on me. I turned back and gasped, the door was wide open, that was funny-I hadn’t heard it open. That was not the only reason I gasped, standing in the door way was a man taller than me, and I was a relatively tall women at five seven. He had perfectly formed muscles, alabaster skin, honey blond hair, and a warm smile that appeared as if it had been made just for me.

I stood there speechless for a moment. “Erm. . .I’m lost, I’m new in this town I was just wondering if you knew where we are?” I corrected myself “I am, of course you know where you are. I just can’t find my way home, I came for a run and I really am lost” I hung my head embarrassed at my incoherency.

He gave me a confident smile, pulling his lips back and showing his perfect white teeth. Confidence? I shouldn’t let a man, a man I barley new affect me like this, I mirrored his confident smile. “I’m sorry” I spoke clearly now, knowing what I wanted to say. “Do you know where I am?” He looked surprised for a second, then he spoke. “Why don’t you come in and warm up?” He suggested “you look freezing” I was freezing.

“That would be nice” I smiled up at him, for some reason I had not been expecting friendliness from this beautiful stranger. “My name is Jasper” he reached out his hand to shake mine, and suddenly looked indecisive as if he would take the hand he was offering an pull me closer to him. I reached out my hand to his, a hand shake was all I wanted, for now. My hand was so numb I didn’t notice the temperature of his at this point.

I stepped into the warm house, and shuddered, I hadn’t realised how cold it had been outside . “Let me get you a jacket. . .” He stopped realising he didn’t know my name.

“Gabriella” smiled up at him. “It’s really not necessary, I’m jogging back anyway.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, you need heating up” Jasper motioned for me to sit down on a large couch, as he walked upstairs. I took a first look around the vast house, it was beautifully decorated.

“Here” Jasper handed me a boys jacket, his jacket I presumed, it shocked me how quickly he returned. I slipped it on quickly, needing to warm up,

“thank you, so where in Forks am I?”

“You aren’t” he chuckled at my lack of direction. “But I’ll be happy to give you a lift back. If you like? Is someone expecting you to be home soon?”

“I could be gone for weeks and my dad wouldn’t notice” I sounded glum even to myself. I did not want to sound like a depressed loser, I looked up expecting to see a face full of pity. Instead Jaspers face was lit up, like he had just got some very good news, I looked around to try and spot something that could have made him react like this, I couldn’t spot anything.

“So we have time to spare” he smiled at me again, seductively, a shiver ran down my spine, “do you mind if I eat before we go?” he looked at me expectantly in the eyes as if his question held greater meaning than, can you wait a minute while I get a bite to eat? “Of course, thank you again. I don’t know how to thank you” he gazed into my eyes and looked shocked at what he found, had my chocolate brown eyes suddenly turned red, or fell out? I looked back into his strange golden eyes. His eyes held me for a minute and then suddenly he spoke softly “the pleasure is all mine, Gabriella” I shuddered as he said the word pleasure.

Suddenly Jasper grabbed me and held me close to his body, his cold body, and muttered something to himself. I was past caring, with firm hands and strong arms he held me tightly and pulled my face closer to his own. He began by kissing me passionately and I kissed him back, this was beyond anything I had ever experienced in my life. Oxygen rushed in and out my lungs quickly, lust had been rippling through me since I stepped into the door, but in one moment it intensified beyond belief. I had never felt anything as strong in my life, Jasper kissed me then began to work his way down to my neck, kissing my throat, suddenly I felt a sharp pain where his lips touched me. His arms of steel crushed me to him the whole time.