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Twisted Reality

What would you do if you suddenly stepped into a world that wasn't your own? What if reality itself became--twisted?

This idea has been boucing around inside my brain for several weeks now, trying so hard to get out that I finally had to let it! It's probably going to be a short story, only a few chapters. But I had to get it written, so it would leave me alone. It is vaguely similar to "The Man Who Was Not Jasper", but not too much. Read and enjoy!

2. Chapter 2

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After they left, I went out and grabbed a bite to eat. Tried to stay clear of any kids from the Rez. I didn’t think they “changed” until the second book, but no sense taking chances. When I got back home, it was almost dark. I wasn’t sure what time Bella and Edward came back and Bella did her performance of getting Charlie…um, me…to let her go off to Phoenix, in order to “protect” him…uh, me. Psh! As if I needed protecting from those three stupid, sparkly vampire wannabes. What was it they called them? Nomads...that was it, Nomads. Well, if they tried anything with me, they’d be in for a surprise, that’s for sure!

I’m not sure what time it was when Bella arrived. I was actually absorbed in some mystery show on TV when she barged in the door, screaming at Edward. I glanced over my shoulder and casually asked, “Is something wrong, Kri—uh, Bella?”

“Leave me alone!” She screeched, crying profusely.

“Ok,” I replied, turning back to the movie. “Hey—you might like this movie—it’s all about this bounty hunter who tracks down his enemies girlfriend…” Gah, I’m horrible! But I just couldn’t resist…especially since I knew Eddie was upstairs, listening in. I heard her pause in her rummaging around up in her room, then she continued throwing things into a bag. “I’m going home!’ She screeched again. “I can’t stay here and get any more attached to this town! I have to leave before I end up like mom!”

“All right, sweetheart, have a safe drive back to Phoenix!” I called, trying desperately not to burst out laughing. This was actually kind of fun!

“I’m not going to make the same dumb mistake she did!” she yelled, coming back downstairs. “I hate it! I can’t stay here another minute! I—what did you say?” she asked, a rather bewildered frown on her face as she stared at me.

I turned to face her and shrugged. “If you don’t like it, you should go back…especially before you get anymore attached to that Cullen boy. Besides, your mum called to let you know that she and Phil would be back in a week or so. Just drive safely, and call me when you get there.” I smiled, and turned back to the movie.

She stared at me incredulously a moment, her mouth hanging open. I glanced back again. “You’d better get going, honey, I’ll see you later.” I waved, then turned yet again to the movie. I felt a little guilty for being so cavalier over something that was bothering her so much, but I figured this way it might be easier on her guilt at leaving Charlie…uh, me.

A few seconds later, I heard a soft, “Goodbye”, and then she ran out the door. I waited until I heard her truck start up, then sprang at the door. Opening it, I heard the truck move off down the road, engine straining horribly. I scanned the dense trees across the road until I saw them…the eyes looking after the truck. “Hey!” I called, and the eyes spun back to me, surprise flickering in them. I smiled widely, my lips curling back over my teeth, and I said, “Why don’t you come over here and show you how tough you are, Mr. Tracker Boy!” My grin widened even more, and I motioned him to come across the road.

The eyes narrowed some, and then glanced back at the retreating form of the truck, whose engine could still be heard. Once more he looked back at me. “No?” I called. “Well Jimmy, if you’re not man enough to come over here and take on a middle age man, then you’d better chase after that truck…I guess little girls are all you can take, huh?”

I heard a growl, and a whispered, “I’ll see you later, human!”

“Oh, I highly doubt that,” I replied. Then a figure blurred away down the road. I sighed. I guess provoking him didn’t work so well after all. Oh well, the book has to play out like it does. I shut the door and went in to wait for the inevitable phone call. Not like I had anything else to do…although I did go in to “work for a few hours. But I got bored, made up and excuse to leave, and went back “home”. I knew that either Esme or Rosalie was hovering around the house, to “protect me” me from Vicki. I scoffed and shook my head. As if I needed protecting from the likes of that! Oh well, it was nice to be appreciated.

I did wonder about one thing that worried me. This was near the end of the movie and book. So what would happen to me once the movie ended? I mean, if you’re stuck in some fictional story, what happens when it ends? Having never been in this situation before (obviously), I had no clue. And frankly, it bothered me some. I kept glancing at the phone, hoping it would ring already. I hated inaction…

Turns out it was early in the morning that I got the call. I was watching some movie on the Sci-Fi channel when the phone rang. I reached over and picked it up. Here we go, I thought.

“Hello?” I said

“Charlie?” A voice that had obviously been crying asked. Rene.

Duh—who else would it be? I thought…but out loud, I said, “Yes?”

“Bella’s been…been in some kind of accident,” she said, beginning to cry again. “Evidently , Edward and his father went down there to try and convince her to go back to Forks, and she tripped on some stairs at the hotel the Cullens were staying in, and fell through a window.” I rolled my eyes, glad no one could see me. Then Rene started bawling. Oh, suck it up, woman! I thought. Of course, I’d cheated…I already knew the ending, after all. So I guess it was easier for me. But gah—this was getting on my nerves. I heard Rene start crying again, and decided to cut this short—Bella would be fine, and this movie was pretty good.

“Rene, relax…you know Bella’s a tough kid. She’ll be fine! Trust me…soon, she’ll be better than fine! You’ll see. She’ll be out of that hospital and back to her old self before you know it!”

She sniffed into the phone. “You sure?” she asked.

“Trust me,” I repeated softly. Might as well try to calm the poor woman.

She finally hung up after talking for several more minutes…mostly about things I had no clue of, since they were about her and Charlie and Bella’s past. Consequently I missed about a half-hour of my movie. Oh well.

Next morning, Carlisle called to fill me in on the details of Bella’s “accident”. I went along with it, playing the part of the aggrieved father pretty well, if I do say so myself. I ranted about how it was Edward’s fault in the first place that she was even there (which it wasn’t, of course, but like I said I was really playing this up). And when Bella finally came home, she came in Edward’s car. I stood on the front porch, arms folded and glaring…actually, I was trying desperately to not smile. Oh, this would be fun!

Bella hugged me tightly…well, as tightly as she could, considering she was still pretty banged up and all. She was asking how I was. Man, what a kid…she nearly gets killed, and she’s worried about me! Edward hung back, but I could see him frowning slightly, probably worried about Bella falling down or something. So we all went into the house. Edward stayed around long enough to get Bella settled in her room, then graciously took his leave. He and Bella exchanged a look, and I suddenly felt like rolling my eyes again. I knew he’d be back in her room as soon as I was asleep tonight. Hmm…something else to have a bit of fun with, I thought, smiling slightly.

I walked Edward to the door. He kept apologizing profusely for Bella’s “accident”. Knowing what a melodramatic martyr he was, he was probably actually apologizing for jeopardizing her life with James and all that.

At the door, I slapped him on the back. “Edward, there’s no need to apologize!” I exclaimed, smiling broadly. I lowered my voice. “After all, this IS Bella we’re talking about—I love her dearly, but she can be…rather clumsy sometimes.”

Edward chuckled. “Yes, she can.”

“Well, no harm, no foul,” I said as he stepped outside. “I’m sure you didn’t mean any of this to happen, and she’s going to be ok now, so everything’s cool. I mean, as long as we keep her away from ballet studios, right?” I said, smiling and winking at him. Oh it was worth it—his eyes widened, his mouth dropped open in shock, and I almost thought he might faint, vampire or not.

“What? How did—“he began, but I quickly shut the door. Leaning against it, I laughed till the tears ran down my face. I didn’t care that he could hear me…it was too funny.

Eventually I heard his car screech out of the driveway and roar off down the road. No doubt on his way home to tell his family what I had just said. Ah well. But then I got serious, as a thought struck me—the book, and movie, were nearly over…what then?? Would I wake up back home? Would I get zapped home? Would I just go poof? Or something else entirely? Frankly, I didn’t really want to be around for the next book…that’s where Johnny…er, Jacob comes into the picture, poor kid. How would I handle all that? Try and use my knowledge of things to make Eddie see the error of his ways in leaving? Try and keep Jacob and Bella apart? Not to mention her run to Italy…boy, that Edward sure was a drama king—“My love is dead, therefore I, too, must die!” Gah…what’s a guy to do? Personally, I was hoping for the “wake-at-home” one to come true. This had been a crazy couple of days, and I could hardly wait to see what would happen…..