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Twisted Reality

What would you do if you suddenly stepped into a world that wasn't your own? What if reality itself became--twisted?

This idea has been boucing around inside my brain for several weeks now, trying so hard to get out that I finally had to let it! It's probably going to be a short story, only a few chapters. But I had to get it written, so it would leave me alone. It is vaguely similar to "The Man Who Was Not Jasper", but not too much. Read and enjoy!

3. Chapter 3: A CUllen Iterlude To Connect Twilight With New Moon

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Edward’s POV:

I sped down the street and skidded around the corner onto the road that led out of town, towards our house. My mind was spinning—Charlie knew!! He knew! How did Charlie know?!? How could he have known? It was impossible! Had it been a strange coincidence? But if so, why had he laughed so loudly about it? There was no possible way he could have known! Like I told Bella, we have done such a good job making the “accident” scene real, that she probably could have sued the hotel. No one suspected anything…so how in the world did Charlie know?

Carlisle would know what to do. He always had good ideas. He was very insightful. I had been tempted to call him as soon as I drove away, but thought it would be better to have everyone in on this. Rose would be thrilled to death about it, but oh well. He and I had been disturbed by Charlie’s actions the night Bella called us to say he was acting strangely. He had been so cavalier about Bella leaving the night of the baseball game…and then another thought occurred to me--he had warned me about “spectators” coming to the game, and specifically referred to there being three. How did he know?!? Was Charlie some how in on it with the Nomads? I shook my head. No, that’s impossible, I thought. He wouldn’t have warned me if that were the case.

When I reached the house, I didn’t even pull into the garage. I was out and into the house before the engine even stopped. “Carlisle!” I yelled, causing everyone to stop whatever they were doing and stare at me.

“No need to shout, Edward,” Rose said, frowning at me.

“What is it?” Carlisle asked, also frowning, but his was from concern, not anger.

“We need to talk,” I said. Everyone gathered around—Rose with a huge sigh and roll of her eyes.

“Charlie knew about the Ballet studio,” I told them. Alice gasped. Carlisle’s eyebrows rose. “Oh dear,” said Esme, putting her hand over her mouth. “Great, another one!” Rose muttered. Emmett laughed, and then looked confused, and Jasper just stood there silently…as usual.

“Are you sure?” Carlisle asked. I nodded. “I’m positive…he knows.” I then proceeded to tell them the entire story about what happened at the door after I dropped Bella off, how Charlie had slammed the door and laughed, about my suspicions concerning the comments he made about the baseball game, and then I really dropped the bomb.

“And…I can no longer read his mind,” I said quietly. “Well, at least not nearly as well. I can get random thoughts everyone in a while, but that’s about it.” My family exchanged glances.

“When did this start?” Carlisle asked.

“It started the morning Bella called us over because Charlie was acting strangely. So much happened starting that night that it just got pushed to the back of my mind! I didn’t think of it again until he made that comment about the ballet studio. Then I tried to read his mind again, but I couldn’t.”

“What exactly did he say about the Ballet Studio?” Esme asked.

“He said Bella would be ok now, as long as we keep her away from ballet studios. Then he winked, slammed the door, and stared laughing.” I paused, letting that sink int. “Add that to the fact that he knew about the three ‘dangerous spectators’ at our game the day he started acting weird, along with the casual way he let Bella leave without any fuss…it just all seems weird. Also the way his personality seemed to change that morning as well. Bella said he was looking for hidden cameras, and calling her Kristen. It’s just all too weird! I don’t really know what to make of it all. I mean, is Charlie dangerous? Is it a coincidence that he started acting strange the very day the Nomads showed up? Victoria’s still out there… should I bring Bella here to make sure she’s ok?”

Rose hissed, and I glared at her. Carlisle thought a moment, and then shook his head. “I don’t think so, at least not yet. I mean, he hasn’t really done anything dangerous as of now. You spend your nights there with her, so you could get her out in a pinch if you had to. That way it will also give you a chance to discreetly observe Charlie. As you said, if he were really out to get her, he wouldn’t have said anything about the Nomads coming. Maybe he was afraid to say anything…after all, the three of us were thinking he was perhaps going crazy. And if he has somehow become an enemy, and we take her out of there, he could cause even more trouble for us—he is the police chief, after all.” He paused a moment, then shook his head again. “No, for now we just wait and watch. Alice, have you had any visions concerning Charlie?”

“Well,” she said hesitantly. I spun to face her. “Come on, Alice! If you saw something, why haven’t you told me? Bella could be in danger!”

“Well,” she repeated, glancing from me to Carlisle. “It wasn’t much, just a quick vision. And like you I kind of dismissed it, with everything going on. It was Charlie grinning at that tracker, and the tracker was mad, and Charlie was standing in his doorway, and…and daring him to come across the street and fight him, but the tracker ran off after you and Bella. It was from the night we took her away, so I kind of figured it didn’t really matter, since it was over.” Her voice got softer as she spoke, and she looked heartbroken. Jasper put his arm around her shoulders to calm her, and then glared at me. I flinched. “I’m sorry, Alice, I didn’t mean to get so upset. And you’re right—it’s past now, and everything seems to be ok. And I know how you feel—with everything that’s happened, I don’t blame you for forgetting to mention it.” I smiled, trying to reassure her. And Jasper, who was still glaring at me.

Carlisle sighed. “As I said, for now we watch. Edward, I don’t even think you should mention this to Bella, unless she mentions something first. We don’t want to panic her. Just continue with your plans to take her to Prom.”

“I was going to ask Charlie to help me with that,” I said. “What should I do now?”

Carlisle considered it a moment. “Yes, go ahead and approach him about it. It will give us another chance to observe his reactions.”

“Told you this human was dangerous,” Rosalie muttered.

I sighed and went outside, breaking into a run back to Bella’s. I would certainly watch Charlie, I promised myself with grim determination. I would find out what was going on, no matter what!