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A Cullen Family Christmas

Hey Guys! THIS IS EDWARDSOUL!! The author of LOST and LOST 2.HOW IS EVERYBODY??? Guess what? I have taken over GW's story for a day and I just wrote the second chapter!!!!Come read about Alex. He's sexy, smart, a detective, AND a vampire! There will be romance AND adventure!!! GW is the COOLEST GUY EVER! He has some really great stories and I want you to come check out his stuff!You will be with the whole Cullen family, the Denali clan, and Alex - what more can all of us ask for!! See ya at the story...... The entire Cullen Clan (and I do mean the ENTIRE Cullen Clan!) is gathering for a Christmas celebration in Denali, Alaska. And things get a bit...awkward.

Yeah, so this was yet ANOTHER story pounding against my brain to be let out, and it too will be a bit shorter than most of mine. And never fear, those of you who actually care--I have not given up on my other stories! More will be coming from them soon, too. But for now, enjoy Tanya's happy ending! Or, will it be a happy ending for her??

1. Chapter 1: The Arrival

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‘My mind rebels at stagnation. I abhor the dull routine of existence. What else is there to live for? Stand at the window here. Was ever such a dreary, dismal, unprofitable world? See how the yellow fog swirls down the streets and drifts across the dun-coloured houses. What could be more hopelessly prosaic and material? What is the use of having powers when one has no field upon which to exert them? Existence is commonplace, and no qualities save those which are commonplace have any function upon earth.’

I sighed and shook my head, closing the book and setting it on the seat beside me. Mr. Sherlock Holmes was right, I thought ruefully. Existence is indeed very dull. And routine. And just downright boring! Or in my present case, extremely annoying. I looked out the windshield and stared at the house a few seconds. Then I shuddered. I absolutely hated coming here! Blast my brother for moving around so much. Whenever I got the urge to visit him, I had to show up here to start tracking him down. And I knew—I just knew—that woman would start flirting with me the second she found out I was here. It never failed. In fact, I was somewhat surprised that she wasn’t already standing by the car and inviting me into the house.

Yet what could I do? My brother had somehow managed to get a hold of me, (which was usually very hard to do considering that my job often took me to extremely far flung places) and invited me to spend Christmas with the family this year. And since the family whose house I was now parked in front of always stayed in the same place, while my brother and his family moved every few years, I was always forced to show up here and begin the hunt for my brother. I didn’t have to come, after all. No one forced me to. But I wanted to see all my nieces and nephews again. It had probably been about ten years since I’d last seen them. And he had mentioned that they had a surprise for me, which intrigued me. I was a very hard person to surprise. But why did they have to move so darn much?

Of course, I couldn’t fault them for that. I moved every few months, after all. As I’ve said, my work took me to various and diverse places around the globe. My cases could take anywhere from several months to less than a day, hence my very frequent moving about. But that didn’t really matter, because I had no family tying me down. And also because I tended to get bored very easily. They called me a “Nomad”, but the term wasn’t entirely accurate. I owned a couple of nice, small houses. Not that I stayed in them much, but I did have them. I just got the urge to travel a lot. Could I help it if my mind stagnated if I stayed too long in one place? No, if anything I was a loner, not a nomad.

I sighed again. Might as well go in. I couldn’t very well sit idling in the car all day. Besides, the faster I got inside and found out what I needed to know, the faster I could leave. I turned off the engine, and slowly got out of the car. A blast of icy wind hit me in the face. Oh, how I hated Alaska. I put on my very dark sunglasses, which I always wore when I was around my brother’s family, and began to trudge slowly up the long driveway, feeling somewhat like a prisoner heading to his execution.

I was no more than ten feet from my car when, sure enough, the front door flew open, and that darned strawberry-blonde woman was flying down to meet me, curly hair bouncy on her shoulders, huge smile on her face. I ground my teeth together, and tired to smile. She was very attractive, after all. And very friendly. But still—she just tried way too hard, you know? What was her deal anyway? I had nothing personal against her, really. I just had no interest in relationships outside of extended family and a few friends. A woman would just slow me down, hold me back, and keep me from doing what I wanted to do. No, what I needed to do—brain work. Solving mysteries and crimes that no one else seemed to be able to was what kept me going. And like my hero, Sherlock Holmes, I certainly had no time for women or romance.

“Well, what a surprise!” She trilled as soon as she reached me. “Alex! Oh, it’s been too, too long!” She threw her arms around me, and I flinched, awkwardly hugging her back. I wasn’t really much of a hugger, either. “What are you doing here? How long are you staying? Wow! I love your suit! Oh, everyone will be so happy to see you! We’ve so much to tell you! A lot has changed since you were last here! We could have used your help a couple years back. We were down visiting your brother and his family, trying to help them out with a…problem, when those damned Italians showed up, causing havoc and nearly ruining everything, as you can imagine.”

By this time she had her arm around me and was herding me towards the house. Once inside, it’d be forever before I got to leave. So I stopped, half way tempted to dig my heels in. But I didn’t want to be rude either, so I started talking. “Um, actually I was just looking for my brother, and I was wondering if y’all knew where he was?” I blurted frantically.

She waved her hand dismissively, and started us walking back towards the house. “He’s working at the hospital down in Anchorage. He’ll be home this evening.”

I turned to her. “He—he’s living with y’all now?” I gulped. Oh, he wouldn’t do this to me, would he? Making me spend Christmas here…that had SO better not be the ‘surprise’ he mentioned!

She laughed lightly. “Yes, he and Esme. And Alice and Jasper. The rest of them have scattered for the time being. But they’re all going to be here with us for Christmas. And now you’re here! Carlisle didn’t mention anything about that! Oh, what a lovely surprise!”

Yeah, real lovely. Thanks a lot, Carlisle.

“Oh, and Kate has found a husband finally! His name’s Garrett. Oh, you’ll love him—he’s an adventurer, just like you! And he used to be a nomad, too, so you guys should have lots in common!”

“I’m a detective, not an ‘adventurer’.” I corrected her, making air quotes with my fingers. “Nor am I a ‘nomad’, so can we please just…” Then I stopped walking again as her words sank in. “Wait—did you say Kate is married to this guy?” Thanks again, Carlisle. I vaguely remembered hearing that Edward had gotten married a couple years ago, which meant that…oh crap—now Tanya and I would be the only “unmatched” pair in the place! Gah. I found myself grinding my teeth again, my hands balled in to fists at my side. What in the world had I done to deserve this? Was this some kind of payback for being gone so much? Was Alice or Esme trying to play matchmaker? Well, it wouldn’t work! Tanya and I were…well, we were too different, like oil and water. Good grief, all I knew was that someone sure was out to get me.

Tanya giggled like a school girl…which was rather incongruous, considering she was just over a thousand years old. “Yes, and they’re so cute together! It’s fun to see Kate so deeply in love after all these years! She deserves the happiness she’s having.” I could tell that she was genuinely happy for her sister, and yet I detected a slightly wistful undertone in her voice. She shot a sideways glance at me. “How about you? Any special women in your life?” Talk about loaded questions…I could hear the anxiety underlying the curiosity in her voice, but I sure couldn’t figure out why it was there. Here we go—Russian roulette with Tanya. Just what I was looking for…not!

I shook me head. “Nope. Don’t think there ever will be. My work is my passion. My brain needs problems to solve, my mind rebels at stagnation. I could never just settle down in one place, either. Women want stability, they want permanence, and I move around too much for that. So there’s really no room for a woman in my life.” I figured it was best to put her out of her misery fast. No sense letting her get her hopes up again. And yet, when I glanced at her, I felt a pang of regret as I noticed a flicker of intense sadness deep in her golden eyes. We both looked away quickly, and she resumed her incessant talking.

“But anyway, I’m so glad to see you again, Alex!” she went on. “Silly boy—you don’t have to wear those sunglasses! Your red eyes don’t bother us. So how long can you stay? Oh, I do hope it’s a while! We’ve heard rumors that those damn Italians are concerned because of our family Christmas. They think that we’re plotting something against them, because our joint covens are so big now. But they daren’t try anything now that the most powerful vampire in the world is here!”

“I am not the most powerful vampire, Tanya,” I said wearily. “Why do we always have to go through this? It’s embarrassing.” Then I frowned. “And if anything, my presence here will probably only confirm their suspicions that you are up to something.”

“Well, perhaps, but those damned Italians are still scared of you, you know!” He voice was bitter, but the bitterness wasn’t directed at me.

We were on the front porch now, and I turned to her. “Why do you keep calling them, ‘those damned Italians’? I mean, I know you don’t like them—who does, the way they lord it over all the other vampires?”

She looked at me and smiled slightly. “They don’t lord it over you, Alex.”

I shrugged. “Like you said, I suppose they prefer to just leave me alone after our last…little encounter. Besides, like I said, I move around a lot so I figure it’s probably hard for them to get am accurate fix on me. But seriously…you never used to call them ‘damned’ before. What’s the story with that?”

Tanya bit her lip, and looked down at her hands, wringing them. I raised an eyebrow as surprise swept over me. Tanya not sure of what to say? Since when had she ever been at a loss for words?

She finally looked at me, with both sadness and hatred burning brightly in her eyes. “Remember when I told you that we had been down at your brother’s? Well, while we were there, those Volturi…those bastards…they—they killed Irina!”