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Forever After

Bella has a nightmare about her wedding day where her beautiful, but mysterious groom is attacked by a monstrous wolf. After she wakes up, she goes looking for the groom where she remembered she had noticed him in real life only a few days before. When their meeting is interrupted she wonders, why is everyone trying to make decisions for her? and why is Edward so dangerous? Banner courtesy of Eternitys_Charm Based off of the movies (and the book) Ever After, and Twilight.


1. Chapter 2

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Bella's POV

I never expected to fall in love, and I knew I never would. There is no chance because I am royal, and chances are, there’s no prince that’s exactly right for me. My true love is probably a peasant and we will both have to suffer through a life of loneliness because I would never be allowed to be with him, just one of the many consequences of being of high status. Another would certainly be all the attention, why would I want everyone staring at me when I fall all the time? But my father, King Charles, is very understanding of this little imperfection, I had to have inherited it from somewhere right? He also understands the marriage situation, and how I detest it, but there’s still no way out of it, just pity.

I finally got out of my overly-luxurious bed to face the day. At least I don’t have anything important to do today, I can just wander through the castle. Right when I got up I heard a very soft knock on the door, and saw it open. I watched as one of my many ladies walked in.

“The King would like to see you right away.”

“Alright, I’ll just get dressed, and come out.”

“You don’t want any help today highness?”

“Not, thank you.” I never wanted help; it made me feel more normal to dress myself.She left the room and I went about my business, putting on an expensive dress that was so gorgeous in itself it even made me look sort-of pretty. I went down the long hallways to my father’s quarters where he signed papers and talked to nobles, he stood there in all his glory looking official. That cannot be a good sign, I thought. Whenever he’s all serious, he is all business.

“One of my ladies said you would like to speak with me.”

“Yeah Bells,” There was my dad, “I spoke with Spain today…” Oh-no, he’s beating around the bush.


“Well, we made a deal that you would marry the King’s son, the Prince of Spain.” He backed away, knowing that I would overreact to this, and I was about to!

I am sick of being royal, and now an arranged marriage to some Spanish Prince?! This is the tip of the scale, I am leaving!

I started walking out of the room, but my father stopped me.

“Isabella, please tell me where you are going?”

“I’m just going to take a lap around the castle, I’ll be right back.”

“Alright, I’ll wait. Just remember that I love you when you’re thinking about this,”

“I love you too,” I spat, but I really meant it. I wanted those to be the last words he ever heard from me.

I walked outside, and once I was out of sight from the many guards placed around our castle, I bolted. Once I started I had to stop. The dumb shoes were digging into the ground, one more step and I will fall. I threw them off and started running again, but I knew my father’s men could easily catch me on their horses, so I would have to find one of my own and fast, he would have definitely noticed that I wasn’t back by now.

I didn’t see any wild horses, but I did see a small castle and…horses! I took one and started to ride off, thank goodness I knew how to ride side-saddle. Just as the horse started trotting I felt a boulder hit me, just my luck. In one instant I was on the ground, but I didn’t see a boulder, just a man bowing to the ground, oh great, he saw the royal crest.

“Forgive me your highness, I didn't see you!” His voice was strained as if he could die in the next two seconds.

“The way that you hit me says otherwise!” and that much was true, I would definitely bruise.

“My apologies.” He looked up and my head cleared of anything but his god-like face. He was truly amazing. He had a strong jaw, and bronze hair that was in a careful disarray, and his build was muscular, explaining the hurt all through my body. But his eyes made me jump, they were black as pitch, his pupil nowhere to be seen, and they looked deadly. “Please, you can take the horse and go.”

“Thank you.” I dropped money toward him. “For your silence, don't tell anyone that I have been here, I don't wish to come back here.”

“Highness, if you’re running away you may stay at this home.”

“Would it be safe?”

“I would bet it is much safer than sleeping in the forest.” At those words he arose, and I saw the most handsome face in all of England more clearly, every feature was intoxicating. I could not deny this man, he called to me. His face suddenly became relieved, he must be glad that I'm staying with him.

“Thank you again.”

“Princess! You put your father in such grief running away from him!”I turned around and made a face, it was my father’s advisor Robert Black, but we called him Billy, and he called my dad Charlie. I would play with his son when I was a girl, but my father told me I had to act like a lady once I was seven, and that was the end of that.

“Yes! Well he has put a great burden on my shoulders because of Spain!”

“Highness we have your carriage, and you made a promise to your father. Come. We leave.”

As much as I didn’t want to leave this beautiful stranger I knew I would have to, before I could turn around to thank him another time he was gone.

I got home to find my father pacing by the front doors. “Isabella!” I heard my dad’s cry of relief.

“Yes, I’m back,” for now, I added mentally.

“What was going through your mind?!” Great, now he was furious.

“I…why did you say that I would marry that Spanish prince?!”

“Bella, it’s what is best for our country,and as royalty we must do our best for the civilians, not us,”

I cut him off, “I know, I know. But why can’t I just have this one thing?”

He sighed.“I’ll tell you what Bells. You find yourself a man within a month’s time, and I mean a month, then you may marry him.”

“Oh, thank you Dad!” I started out walking toward my chambers.

“And Bells, I’ll hold a ball in one month exactly, and you can announce your wedding plans there, whether it be to the Prince, or your love. If you find him…” He added the last part under his breath.

“Understood.” And with that, I left him to find my love, on another walk to say the least.

I loved grazing my hands across the trees as I walked by them, today my favorite color was green, the color of nature. I thought of any romantic stories that I’ve heard, and compared them to the position I was in right now, knowing that there were romantic possibilities in my situation; such as my walking slowly through the forest. At any moment something terrible could happen, and my love could come and rescue me from whatever evils are in this forest, or he could also be walking as I am and our fingers would touch as we both stroked the same rough bark of a tall oak tree. Yes, how romantic that would be.

As I pictured how he would look, but all I could see was the strange man from just hours ago. His bronze hair blowing in the wind as he scooped me up onto his horse and we rode off into the sunset, the way his jaw would move as he kissed me, and his eyes, dark but intoxicating, capturing mine for an immeasurable moment. I couldn’t be picturing this man as mine though, I would probably never see him again.

I saw a break in the trees and saw my meadow, my favorite place in all of England to be alone. The grass was enriched from the rain, another beautiful green color, with wild flowers randomly spread throughout. It was well hidden, but I knew it well enough. It was like my own little world, my breathtaking world.

I lie down in the uneven grass and just think. How will I ever find my love? quickly turned into How will I find that beautiful man? And just when I sensed and epiphany coming on, I sensed I wasn’t alone. I sat up to just see my meadow, and no one else. I turned around, but no one was there. I never expected this to happen, but I was beginning to get freaked out here, I needed to get out, and fast.

I half ran back to the castle for the night, I can’t believe I had been there for that long. Of course my father was worried about me again, but he just figured I was searching for my future husband, and in a way I was, but I was just waiting for him to come to me. I guess this is where the fairytale doesn’t relate at all to real life; there’s no way things will happen the way you want them to, and I would have to be Prince Charming, after all, I was the Princess.