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Forever After

Bella has a nightmare about her wedding day where her beautiful, but mysterious groom is attacked by a monstrous wolf. After she wakes up, she goes looking for the groom where she remembered she had noticed him in real life only a few days before. When their meeting is interrupted she wonders, why is everyone trying to make decisions for her? and why is Edward so dangerous? Banner courtesy of Eternitys_Charm Based off of the movies (and the book) Ever After, and Twilight.


12. Chapter 13

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I couldn't imagine why Edward insisted on meeting my father today, it wasn't that big of a deal. I continued walking down the large hall, finally meeting the huge double-doors where inside lingered my father. The guards immediately opened the doors, not letting me gather my thoughts totally. I guess I would just have to make it up as I went along because Edward never gave me a real reason to introduce him to Charlie. He looked up and I walked forward.

"Hi, Bells. What's up?"

"You're in a good mood." Not for long, I added mentally.

"Yes, I guess I am. So what did you want honey?" I really didn't want to be the one to break his mood, but I would have to be. I was caught between a vampire and a hard place.

"Would you like to meet the man I'm planning on marrying?"

"Of course! Where is the lucky fellow?" It was odd, he wasn't even fazed.

"Umm." I realized then that he was my room, where Charlie definitely wouldn't approve of his presence. Right on cue the doors opened behind me, Edward appearing in all his beauty.

"Right here, sir." He bowed and Charlie wrapped his arms over his chest, and for a moment I thought he was reacting normally, but a smile played across his lips.

"I would like to formally introduce myself. I'm Edward Cullen." A smile appearing on his face too, probably approving of whatever Charlie was thinking of.

"Hi, Edward. So, I hear you live pretty close by."

"Yes, only a few miles or so."

"How fortunate, you can visit often then."

"Yes, only if you would like, sir." It was too bad my father didn't know that Edward had spent the last few nights in my bedroom.

"I think Bells here wouldn't mind the way she talks about you."

"And how is that, sir?"

"Firstly, call me Dad, and she has only said nice things about you." All I'd told him was he was the one I wanted to marry, but I guess he can see right through me. We are alike in the way we express our emotions.

Edward gave a side-long glance my way, smiling a crooked grin. "I'm glad."

"Well, kids. Go have some fun." He through his hands out, almost the same way Edward had only a minute ago.

"Don't worry, I'll keep her safe, Dad."

"Alright, now go!" He chuckled.

We did as he said; the guards closed the door behind us. Once we were around the corner Edward picked me up, cradling me like a baby, he starting running but stopped at the window.

"Do you trust me?" I considered that for a moment.

"In theory."

"Then hold on." I did as he said, snuggling into his chest. My eyes were still open so I saw everything rush by as he jumped out the window. We were stopped in mere seconds.

"We're here."

"And where exactly is that?"

"My house. Remember?" He set me down then.

"Oh, yeah." I took a deep breath as he guided me toward the large castle, covered in vines and flowers, his middle finger lingering at the small of my back.

"Don't worry, they will absolutely love you."

"One can only hope." He laughed musically at my comment, opening the door.

At first all I could see was the large and open entry. It was large, and I knew large. To my surprise the vines continued on the inside of the castle, even more of the flowers blooming.

"Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful."

"Thank you." I looked around for the source of the voice, finally met by a caramel haired woman standing at the top of the staircase. She stood with another man, his blond hair swept back as if he was always running his fingers through it. They walked slowly down the stairs.

"Bella, these are my parents for all intents and purposes. Esme and Carlisle." He gestured to each of them as they nodded to me when their names were called.

"Welcome to our home." It was Carlisle who spoke to us now. "The rest of the family will be down in a moment." He smiled. All I could conjure up was a nod, and everyone else was suddenly there.

"You've already seen everyone else. Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie."

"Hi." Alice came up to me and to my astonishment hugged me.

"Edward's right. You do smell good." That was even more of a shock, but it didn't really bother me like it should, her upbeat mood was too infectious.

"Alice, what are you doing?" Edward was becoming irritated.

"Its okay, Bella and I are going to be excellent friends." I just laughed; I knew she would be my best friend.

"I'm going to give you a tour of the rest of the house." Edward rushed me out of the room before anything else could be said.

"Sorry about that, Alice can be a little strange."

"No, I like her. I think she's right that we'll be friends."

"Maybe I'm wrong then; I think you might be the strange one."


"I'm just joking, love." He laughed again. It was the truest sound I'd ever heard. It invoked the best feeling inside of me.

We walked up the flights of stairs as he pointed out the separate rooms. We never went into one until we reached the last room, his room.

"Here we are." He stopped in the doorway. I looked intently into his eyes, I could tell he was nervous. I had lingered a little too long in the topaz glow of his own gaze because I couldn't remember where we were anymore. All of a sudden he broke our fixed stare, closing his eyes as he turned away.

"How do you expect me to have a coherent thought when you look at me like that?" It was amazing that it was him who said this and not me.

"I feel the same way, but I think you're over-exaggerating."

"We're not going to have this conversation again. I love you, and I don't want to waste any time arguing about who dazzle's who." I turned away stubbornly, looking at his room.

There was a large piano in the middle of the room, and couches lining the walls. A long shelf full of what I assumed to be journals dominated the wall straight across from us.

"You keep a journal?"

"Yes, many. But I wouldn't read them if I were you. At least not for now."

"What? Are there other women in them?" I knew I was just teasing, but I really didn't want him to say yes.

"No. There's never been another woman. It's just vampire things." That I could understand, there were many things in that, that wouldn't be the best for my pondering mind.

"Ah." I wanted to change the subject, so I settled for the piano. "You play?"

"Yes. Would you like me to play you something?"

"Of course." He walked me over to the piano, and we sat down on the bench.

He began to play a soft song, sending an echo through the room. It was indescribably beautiful, with each note came a different and powerful emotion that I could only relate to love.

I didn't notice that I was crying until after, when Edward wiped a tear off my cheek.

"I wrote that for you."

"I love it, Edward." We sat there for a long time, enjoying each other's presence. That was until Alice came in.

Edward immediately stood up. Apprehension written across all of his features. They stared at each other, having a silent conversation.

"Bella, come with me." Edward practically dragged me out of the room.

"What is it?"

"James. He's coming for you."

That was enough to strike fear into my core. He was going to come, and possibly take me away, not to mention hurt someone in this family. I wouldn't be able to stand it if any of them were hurt because of me. It was hopeless, this family would have a loss of some sort, and if it had to be me before all of them, I would willingly go.