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Forever After

Bella has a nightmare about her wedding day where her beautiful, but mysterious groom is attacked by a monstrous wolf. After she wakes up, she goes looking for the groom where she remembered she had noticed him in real life only a few days before. When their meeting is interrupted she wonders, why is everyone trying to make decisions for her? and why is Edward so dangerous? Banner courtesy of Eternitys_Charm Based off of the movies (and the book) Ever After, and Twilight.


19. Chapter 20

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The past few weeks had consisted of Edward almost constantly by my side, much more than my dad would be comfortable with if he was aware of it. Having Edward’s companionship made me utterly happy, there couldn’t have been a better situation for me, unless I was already married to him and knew that I would be with him forever. Since he still persists with keeping my soul intact, I have yet to know if I would be with him forever.

There was more than one reason to become a vampire. First, I couldn’t imagine a life without Edward, and if he loved me as much as he stated previously, I doubt he would be able to live without me either. If I were immortal, then I wouldn’t have to die and put him through that pain. Secondly, nothing would be the same once I was older; I wouldn’t feel up to much of anything especially once I became an old woman. In addition, it would be easier on my father to see me disappear, than to have him experience me living without remarrying and having any children and resisting any offers for no reason. It was simpler.

The only object in this that wouldn’t be simple is Jake. As a werewolf I knew he didn’t like Edward, or his family. Even though we weren’t the best of friends, I felt a connection to him in that week when Edward was gone, something that would forever hold me to him, and I knew I had to make things better.

As I stood on the bank of the river, I felt long icy hands wrap around my waist, interrupting my deliberating. I smiled in anticipation of hearing Edward’s velvet voice.

“Hello, love.” I held back the groan that apprehended in the back of my throat.


“And how is my fiancé today?” he sat us both down, holding my hand in his for my balance.

“It’s wonderful now.” I stared at our conjoined hands.

“The ball is soon, isn’t it?” he stared at the rushing water.

“Yes. Are you worried?”

“Of course not!” he seemed appalled, “I just hope that no one suspects anything.”

“I don’t think that they will. You don’t look much different than any other human. Just inexcusably pale. And no one will be able to feel your cool skin. I’ll be the only one touching you if you play your cards right.” I teased him.

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean, if you run away from all the other courtiers you should be fine. Those women are aggressive.”

“Aggressive they may be, but I will only ever have an eye for you, no matter how hard they fight.” He stared deep into my eyes, a slight smirk on his face.

“If it were up to me, I would think that you enjoy all the attention.”

“Only if it’s yours,” he laughed.

“I’m sure you’re aware that Alice made this a masquerade?”

“Of course. She hasn’t been quiet about the whole thing since you told her she could plan it. I personally think you did it, just to annoy me.”

“No, I did it because I’m a good friend. She helped to keep me safe. It’s the least I could do for her.”

“And the most you could do to drive me mad!”

“Fine, I did it just to drive you crazy. Are you happy?”

“Yes, thank you. I wonder,” he picked at the grass blades closest to his hands, “does the princess have to wear a mask?”

“I don’t think Alice would have it any other way.”

“And she’s probably picking our outfits out then.”

“Most likely. Who knows what she has in store for us?”

“I have a few ideas.” He smiled to me. “I just hope you’ll be able to find me while I’m in disguise.” That really made me laugh.

“You don’t blend in that well!”

Once our laughs settled slightly, we sat in comfortable silence. I leaned into his broad and hard body, eventually closing my eyes, letting the stillness overwhelm me. After what seemed like hours, Edward spoke softly.

“Are you asleep, Bella?” he whispered.

I shook my head, not wanting to hear my scratchy voice when compared to his silky tone.

“Do you want me to take you back? You seem tired.”

“No, I just want to enjoy this.” I snuggled in closer.

“Whatever you want, love.” He sat still, the perfect pillow, hard and cold. Edward.

We both knew that the moment couldn’t last forever, and he eventually took me back to the castle, through the gates instead of my window. We visited with Charlie, and he seemed to enjoy himself. I could tell that he didn’t really like the idea of me being married, but the idea of me marrying someone I love is probably more comforting than marrying someone like James.

“Did you two hear what happened to the Spanish prince?” speaking of the devil.

“I’m not aware, sir.” Edward was always a gentleman.

“It seems that they haven’t been able to find him in weeks. They think he might have committed suicide.” He cast me a sidelong glance, implying that it was my fault.

“He hadn’t even met me, dad. I highly doubt he was that depressed because I fell in love.” That was true, as far as he knew. I looked toward Edward. He seemed slightly worried and put together at the same time.

“Well, they aren’t sure he wanted to kill himself anyway. You lovebirds should go to sleep. The ball is in two days, and you don’t want to be tired, do you?”

“Thanks, dad.” I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll walk you to your room.” Edward held out his hand for me.

“Goodnight, dad.” I called back as we walked past the corner.

Edward let me get changed while he walked back out, and pretended to leave, for my dad’s sanity. He returned right as I was settled into my bed, kissing my forehead.

“Did he say anything to you about James?”

“Go to sleep, Bella.” He blew out the candles, showing me that he wouldn’t answer my question tonight, which didn’t bother me too much. I did need the sleep anyway.

The next two days went by rather slowly with constantly having to watch Alice run around to put up the decorations, and then come back to fit my dress, and change it so it was “perfect”. I didn’t know so much was possible in the short time we allotted her.

Alice had taken care of everything but some of the invitations. The one she had left up to me was Jacob Black; I hadn’t seen him in weeks either, nearly forgetting him because I was with Edward. I wasn’t entirely sure he would be up to coming to the party. Hearing everyone cheer once they heard their princess had chosen a suitable husband, when he knew that I felt Edward more than suitable, because I had explained to him that he was suitable himself and I loved him, but not as much as I was in love with Edward.

I set off toward his room, where I knew he would be expecting this. The ball was tonight, and there would be no other time.

The sound of my shoes hitting against the floor echoed throughout the halls, another signal to tell him that I was coming. I turned the corner and saw his door lurking at the end.

I hesitated for a moment, but knocked firmly. When I saw the door open, I looked up toward the ceiling. Jake had gotten even taller recently. It must have to do with him being a werewolf.

“Bella!” he said in shock, “What are you doing here?” I guess he wasn’t expecting this.

“Can I come in?”

“Of course.” He moved to the side, allowing me room to step through.

“Please, sit down.” He gestured to the large couch.

“Thanks.” I smiled to him, “Jacob, you’re aware of the ball tonight, right?”

“Yes, I’ve heard a little about it.” His mood turned piteous, his expression anything but exuberant.

“Well, I just wanted to extend you an invitation to it. You’ve been a great friend to me, and you deserve to go.”

“Yeah, friend.” He snorted.

“Look, Jake. I really want you to be there, I never said you had to, but I would appreciate it.”

“Fine, but don’t expect me to be happy-dancing. I’m not entirely excited the whole thing.”

“I only ask that you come. It’ll make my day.” I didn’t think it was needed, but I gave him my best puppy-dog face to lighten up the mood. It worked, and he smiled.

“Anything for you, Bells.” He gave me a big hug, his warm skin comforting, and nearly burning my skin.

“You’re hot!”

“Umm…” I knew what he was thinking.

“You know what I mean, Jake.”

“I’m not the one who said it.” He raised his hands innocently.

We both laughed. I only hoped that this would help things get better.