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Vampires rule the world. we are their slaves, their pets, their lunch. but what happens when we become their lovers? Thank you Moonspinner. Your banner was voted top!

Vampire's have taken over the world. Also, the normal vampires are in this book but also the moonlight vampires (Moonlight, tv series). please don't think i'm insane. these are what they are like.

11. Chapter 11

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She fell asleep suddenly, and without warning. I sighed and carried her back to her room. I knew Edward and his brothers were helping her when she wanted to stay away from me. They never slept what would they do if they saw me? I sighed and placed her in her bed. I left.

“What the hell are you doing?” I turned. Edward flanked by his two brothers.

“Hello Edward. Emmett, Jasper. How’s Bella?”

“Never mind that. I asked you a question”

“No pleasantries? No, long time no see Josef. Or how are you today? Oh, fine. We’ll do it your way. I was walking”

“With Kat”

“Is that a crime?”

“Aro may buy your innocence act, but I don’t. You’re going to break her heart like you did every other one”

“No I’m not”

“And you know what will happen if the prophecy comes true!”

“Yes. But I know her. She won’t do anything to hurt us”

“Aro will never forgive you if you bring our destruction”

“Well, he won’t know. And besides, just talking to her isn’t going to bring about the vampire apocalypse. So just leave me and her alone” I said, striding off. I hear them muttering about me behind me but I don’t care. I don’t care about if the prophecy comes true, I don’t care if Aro finds out. All I care about is her, the sleeping girl I carried back to the room, who I am deceiving even now. I need to tell her, but if I do, she could be put at risk. A paradox. I headed back to my room and lay in my freezer. It was a long time before sleep came home.

Kat’s point of view

I woke up. It was quite early, I could tell but I felt wide-awake. I didn’t remember falling asleep. The last thing, I was talking to Josef, and then I woke up in my bed (still in the clothes I’d worn last night). I got up, stretched and started walking down the corridor. Alice had asked me to meet her in the kitchen when I woke up (she had replaced Josef as my meal escort). I carried on absentmindedly. I stopped, there were raised voices coming from a room. They were so loud the vampires inside hadn’t heard me approaching.

“I don’t care Carlisle! If Josef is planning, you know what it could lead to!”

“Yes, but you don’t know for certain Edward. If you go spreading rumours, she’s more likely to find out about the prophecy! And if that happens you know what Aro will do”

“But, what if he is? What then? Do we just wait for Josef to make his move and risk the end?”

“Calm down Edward. There are two things we are preventing; we want to stop the prophecy coming true. And we need to make sure Kat doesn’t find out” my heart thudded. What? Why me? I started walking, slowly at first but getting faster.

“Kat!” I heard Alice calling my name.

“Sorry Alice, I have to be somewhere!” I said to her, over my shoulder. Hopefully she hadn’t seen my look of terror that I was trying so hard to conceal. I wanted to be away. I realized my feet were carrying me to Josef’s room. But could I trust him?