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Vampires rule the world. we are their slaves, their pets, their lunch. but what happens when we become their lovers? Thank you Moonspinner. Your banner was voted top!

Vampire's have taken over the world. Also, the normal vampires are in this book but also the moonlight vampires (Moonlight, tv series). please don't think i'm insane. these are what they are like.

13. Chapter 13

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I couldn’t believe it. For years, I’d thought I was ordinary, and then I find out that I was supposedly some great ruler who had the power to control the world. It was a lot to handle.

“How do I stop Aro from using me as a weapon?”

“By bringing about the prophecy, the way he feared” Josef said.

“But I don’t know how to do anything! I’ve been stuck in the facility for most of my life, how am I supposed to stop Aro?” I shrieked.

“Calm down Kat” he said. I looked up at him and he smiled reassuringly.

“Now, we know that you have no idea what to do. Neither do I. but one thing we do know, is that when you’re a vampire you will have tremendous power. We also know, that if Aro finds out he’ll do whatever it takes to stop us”

“Us?” I said.

“I am not letting you try to take down hordes of vampires on your own. Okay?”


“So, first thing we do is, you and I need to stay away from each other. Hang around with Alice and Bella, and be careful with your thoughts. Try to act normal. In a week’s time you’ll be turned. After that we can sort out what we’re going to do” I nodded.

“Oh, and be careful with your emotions to. It may seem dangerous but try to spend a lot of time with Edward and Jasper. That way, they’re less likely to think you’re hiding stuff from them. Now, go. If Alice asks where you were, tell her you went to get something and got lost”

“Okay” he poked his head out the door and hurried me out. I wandered around aimlessly.

“Kat! Where did you go?”

“I went to get something from my room, and I got lost” I lied.

“You should have asked me for help!”

“Sorry” I apologized. She led me to the breakfast room.

“So, what do you want for breakfast? I think they brought some eggs and stuff”

“Just cereal please” she rolled her eyes.

“You are so boring! I mean, human food is boring but you could at least have something other then cereal every morning”

“I suppose animal blood is so much more interesting?” I asked.

“Oh yes. And it’s healthier to”

“How is it healthier?”

“Because you have to exercise to get the food. Meals on wheels!” she laughed. I laughed to, as I got my cereal.

“Alice! Kat” said Jasper coming in. He didn’t sound surprised to see me, even as I worked to stay calm. They hugged and I smiled.

“Hey Jasper. Alice. Hey squirt!” said the big vampire, Emmett as he too came in.

“Is this like a show for you guys? Is a human eating breakfast entertaining or something?” I asked. The exchanged glances.

“Guys…that was actually a joke?” I said.

“We know, we were just thinking about breakfast eating breakfast,” said Emmett. I felt slightly scared, but not for long as Jasper calmed me down. I put the milk away and noticed the lump of meat in the fridge. I understood how it felt. Dead meat.