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Vampires rule the world. we are their slaves, their pets, their lunch. but what happens when we become their lovers? Thank you Moonspinner. Your banner was voted top!

Vampire's have taken over the world. Also, the normal vampires are in this book but also the moonlight vampires (Moonlight, tv series). please don't think i'm insane. these are what they are like.

14. Chapter 14

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It was easier then I expected to get lost in mindless activities. I kept my mind of Josef and focused on negative emotions. I also felt grateful for Alice and Bella looking after me. The week had nearly passed without anything-bad happening. However, I knew that my birthday would be exceptionally hard so I formed a plan. Two days before I ‘decided' that, I was going to tell them not to make a fuss. So when Alice escorted me to breakfast I wasn't surprised that she mentioned.
"Look, I know you are going to tell us that it's your birthday in two days and that you want no fuss but it's a waste of time. We are doing something fun and you can't stop us!"
"By us you mean...?"
"Me, Bella, Jasper, Edward, Emmett, Esme, Carlisle, Beth and Mick. I mean I know Beth wanted a child and so did Esme. So birthday's mean a lot to them" I actually felt guilty! I mean, I knew what they were planning but still...I stopped thinking that as Edward and Bella came in.
"Did you tell her?" Edward asked Alice. She nodded and busied herself getting my breakfast. Edward scrutinized me and I felt fear tingle down my spine.
"Who's scaring the human?" said Jasper. I sighed. I couldn't even have breakfast with Alice without half a dozen other vampires.
"Edward. He keeps staring at me and it's freaky" and then, longing for a chance to get one over on the vampire I said "I mean, if he's interested in me I'm flattered and all but he's got Bella and I'd prefer my blood to remain in my body" Edward looked startled. All the others laughed (including Emmett who'd just arrived).
"She's got you pegged Ed!" he said. Edward forced a laugh but I noticed a peculiar look in his eyes. Something was up.

I was halfway through breakfast when I found out what. A small vampire came in.
"Excuse me, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, your immediate presence is required" Alice looked at Edward worriedly.
"Can't it wait, I mean, we're busy"
"No Alice. Go. I'll be fine on my own"
"No, I'll stay with you. Don't worry Alice" Alice still looked worried but she nodded and left. We sat in silence for a bit as I munched my cereal.
"I know what's going on," he said suddenly. I concentrated on staying calm but a lump formed in my throat and it was hard to swallow.
"No idea what you mean Edward"
"Yes you do"
"If this is about the joke, I'm sorry it was just that..."
"Forget the lies!" he pounded the table with his fist, standing up and sending my cereal flying in one movement. I stood up too, deciding to have one last go at persuading him I knew nothing.
"Edward I..."
"Shut up!" he knocked me back into a wall "I know what you a Kostan have planned. Well, some of us have our own plans. I want you just keep your mouth shut and if you even think of doing something, I will kill you myself. Screw Aro's plan!"
"Edward...please" tears were streaming down my face as he turned away. I felt something sticky on the palm of my hand and my eyes widened in fear as I looked at it. The bowl had been shattered on the wall and a shard was stuck in my hand. I was bleeding. In a castle full of vampires. Hell.