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Vampires rule the world. we are their slaves, their pets, their lunch. but what happens when we become their lovers? Thank you Moonspinner. Your banner was voted top!

Vampire's have taken over the world. Also, the normal vampires are in this book but also the moonlight vampires (Moonlight, tv series). please don't think i'm insane. these are what they are like.

15. Chapter 15

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Edward had frozen in the doorway. He turned and I let out a whimper. His eyes were deep black with desire. In a way, I actually hoped he would attack me. Then there would be no weapon, no prophecy. And if he didn't kill me, then I would turn and the prophecy would still vanish. Plus, Edward would probably be killed which was a bonus. He snarled and crouched. I was petrified. He prowled forwards. And sprang.

"Edward!" Bella appeared and shouted. She leapt in front of him and blocked his way. He stopped, not wanting to hurt her and closed his eyes.

"Are you okay Kat?" he asked. I nodded. What scared me more then his anger and his attack was how quickly he could stop. He could switch from nice person to killer vampire in a second. If it weren't for that, I would have said something.

"I'm going to my room"

"Not wise. If someone else smells that" he strained the last word "they might not exercise the control I did" I had to force my eyebrows to stay down. Control? What the hell? If that was control, I'd hate to see when he wasn't in control. Bella went over to a green box on the wall and pulled out some bandages. She wrapped up my hand and smiled.

"There you go" I don't think that Edward had taken a breath since Bella had turned up. I walked out, trying to ignore the fact that Edward was staring at me. I headed down the hall to my room. There was a knock at my door. I opened it.

"Josef!" I hissed. I glanced around before pulling him into my room.

"What are you doing here? It was your idea to stay away from each other"

"I was careful. I wanted to see you" he held me bandaged hand.

"What happened?" he asked, angrily.

"It was an accident. A bit of my bowl broke and got imbedded in my hand"

"It was Edward wasn't it? I hate him!" he said with undisguised venom. There was no use trying to hide it from him. I bowed my head.

"Right. I'm going to find him and I'm going to..."

"No Josef" I interrupted. He looked at me, as if he'd forgotten I was there during his rant.

"Sorry" I put a hand on his shoulder.

"Its okay" I looked up. His face was closer to mine then I'd thought. His lips were on mine. I was so stunned I couldn't react. He must have seen something in my eyes, which were locked with his, because he pulled away.

"Sorry...that was out of line"

"Its okay" I replied.

"Sorry" he apologized again.

"Josef, I don't really care what you do. Right now, I only want to survive and if that involves you, I don't care"

"Kat, I'm not trying to use you for anything"

"Its fine" I said, looking away. I was adamant that something was up. He'd randomly turned up at my room and then he kissed me? Coincidence? Hmmm. He put a hand under my chin so I had to look at him.

"Katherine, I am not using you"

"Why then?"

"Kat, I've been watching you since that night. Your blood appeals to me and it's only the fact that I've been watching you for six years that I can bear to be this close to you. And I think that six years is long enough to decide that you love someone"

"Hmm...decide?" I asked.

"Yes. I wasn't sure if I was feeling love or indigestion"

"Great" I kissed him again. His arm wrapped around me, locking me forever in his embrace.

"Josef. I think we just fulfilled the prophecy"

"Yes" he said.

"I don't care about that either" I muttered, kissing him again. When I paused for breath, I said, "You watched me for six years? Does that not say STALKER to you?"

"Oh well. Better now then never" he said, impishly.