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Burn for Me

AU | New Moon His dangerously black eyes looked up at her desperately, a painful cry left his throat as he collapsed to the tile floor, her thin arms still fiercely clung to him. She traced the scars on his back. "Bella, I need you to say it..I can't..please..." His fingernails dug deeper into her bare thighs as the rest of his body started to tremble. Silence JasperxBella


2. Chapter 2

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I separated the dog's head from its spine and grimaced as I heard its last whimper. The pathetic creature had been barking at me for a minute too long. I lazily ended its life with two hands, hoping the blood wasn't as repulsive as its scent. His execution itself exhausted me, and I took a moment to rest my head against the brick wall behind me. I closed my eyes, and was met with amber and crimson shapes floating behind my eyelids, momentarily distracting me from the useless mutt I found too heavy to keep holding up on my own. I cursed at how weak I had become, and took a deep breath with my mouth in an attempt to avoid the stench. My teeth grazed over its neck momentarily, before I frantically pulled the meal closer to my mouth, penetrating the thin skin with my teeth. As soon as the blood reached my tongue, my throat tightened in protest, and my venom stopped surging.

I hadn't fed in almost 4 weeks, and each day was more and more detrimental to my health; I was faint, my eyes burned, my throat was constantly scorching, my muscles were painfully sore, and I had distanced myself from humans because of the murderous rage that filled me if they were only feet away. Exposure is the last thing I needed, and I knew that if I dared to see any human- maybe alone, the perfect opportunity, a quick death... I could feed on criminals or muggers. They only harmed society, took the lives of innocents, they wouldn't be missed, their sweet nectar would bring me back to my strength and then I would stop. I would stop.

Would you? The nagging voice in my head whispered.

I stopped at one before, I pleaded with myself, why not again? I would revel in it this time, I would take the time to puncture numerous veins in order to drain their lives completely, the blood would drip down my face and the floor only to be lapped up eage- No, no, no. I swallowed the venom that pooled into my mouth, and reminded myself that murder was not an option. Not when I had come so far. Not when I had lost so much.

Then now what, monster?

I winced. In Canada I had regular access to buck and grizzly bear, which helped keep my energy up, but here, with nothing more than domesticated pups to catch, I knew I was doomed to fail. I'd only come to this town to escape the watchful eye of Carlisle, who I knew had followed me through numerous towns until I had escaped him and entered the city. I knew he wouldn't consider this place twice- he knew I had always tried to stay away from large populations. The plan backfired. As I started hunting animals less and less, I found that leaving this disgusting alley was almost impossible. Not with thousands of people surrounding me in all directions, sweet crimson blood pulsing through their-

I grimaced at the thought and my throat started to tighten again. I can't even control myself with these thoughts, what if a human's scent- I forced the thoughts out of my brain, and focused all my energy on the task at hand. Despite my attempts to swallow as much as much of the blood as I could, my body rebelled, not wanting to accept this garbage anymore. I snatched the dog away from my mouth and catapulted it against the far wall. The smell of the blood that continued to seep from its open wounds was nauseating to my nose. So it was no surprise that my body lurched forward and turned out what I had digested of the sickening liquid. Wiping my face with my hand, I trembled in anger. Hearing the subway train coming closer, I took my chance to roar out my frustration. Snarling and growling angrily, I pulled at my hair, muttering words to no one in particular. What am I going to do? This wasn't how this was supposed to happen.

A bitter laugh bubbled from my chest loudly. What more was I expecting? I'd been on the run now for a year, ever since Alice caught me, eyes re-

Swallowing the venom that poured into my mouth, I started shaking my head from side to side like a madman. I muttered obscenities as I slowly got up. Running a hand through my hair, I decided to walk up the road beside this alley and find something else to consume. My nose sniffed the air, and was hit with a mixture of scents - garbage, sewage, rats, gasoline, and...blood...

It wasn't sweet enough to be human, that I knew for certain, but with another sniff I determined it to be pig. A butcher's, perhaps? I quickly decided that this was a risk worth taking, I could only smell a handful of humans who I would undoubtedly bump into, but as long as I stopped breathing surely I could resist...at least for long enough to break into the butchers...

Pulling at my jacket I had stolen days before, ripped at the sleeves and covered in small holes, I knew my image would be unnerving to those unfortunate humans I'd see on my way uptown. I threw it on the ground, a lame and half-hearted attempt to cover up the mess; my head spun at the wretched smell. It's not like the cold would bother me.

I made my way up the street and turned at the corner, the scent was all I could think of. I lifted up my head, loudly sniffing the air again, startling the young woman across the street. I smiled at her. Her fear was suffocating me, and the hint of attraction was repulsive. She was a plain girl, with the most unremarkable features I had seen in her kind- but her emotions were strangely spiraling out of control at the sight of me, and the desire was only escalating. Stupid girl. Snarling at her, I continued walking across the traffic, keeping my speed to a minimum. No need to hurry, I was in full control.

The scent was starting to make my head swirl, but as I came closer to the block, I was sure the butcher was at, I allowed myself to breathe freely. Big mistake. The scent of alcohol quickly hit me, along with pheromones, perfume, cologne...and the emotions weren't much better: They ranged from anger, jealousy, and joy. But the worst was the stench of human lust.

I eyed the bar door curiously, my fingers twitching at my restraint to human blood- there had to be over 50 people in that bar. Intoxicated, alone, it would be all too eas- No, no, no...

I shook the idea out of my mind, and swiftly turned my head.

A human girl, her scent a delicious mix of plum and huckleberry, opened the door to the bar. The stench of alcohol and pheromones was seeping from her pores, and a luscious line of sweat was dripping down the arch of her exposed neck. The metallic bangles in her hand clacked loudly, as she ran a hand hastily through her hair, attempting to remove the hair band keeping her hair up, the friction only escalating her scent. I gazed at her, mesmerized at how wonderfully she was moving her hips, the porcelain skin exposed by her low rise jeans. I whimpered as she got closer, oblivious to the growing purr growing in my chest. Her golden hair was now flying in the icy wind, and as the breeze from the opened door reached me, my nostrils flared and the monster inside my growled.

Then an unforgettable scent of someone inside the bar...a scent that I could only compare to freesia...a scent that I had never let leave my mind, slammed into my awareness.