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Lovers' Rain

"‘I know when it happened to me,' Emmett reminisced, going back a half a century, to a country lane at dusk, where a woman was taking her dried sheets down from a line strung between apple trees... The sky was purple overhead, orange over the western trees. Emmett would have continued up the meandering cart path and there would have been no reason to remember the evening, except that a sudden night breeze blew the white sheets out like sails and fanned the woman's scent across Emmett's face. ‘I didn't even think about resisting' Emmett said." Lies! Her face flashed across Emmett's mind and he quickly pushed it away so that Edward wouldn't know the truth: that Emmett had resisted his own la tua cantante. So that he could keep his one and only secret safe. The beginning is an excerpt from Stephanie Meyer's Midnight Sun (Emmett to Edward)

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2. Bloodlust and Tears

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10 Years Later...

Emmett meandered down the winding cartpath on an arrand for Rosalie. The warm wind blew against his face, ruffling his long curly hair. Emmett took a deep breath, filling his lungs. Immeadiately his legs bent slightly into a light crouch and his eyes darted to the woman.

It didn't even take half of a second and he was there: standing across from her. Only the thin fabric of a white sheet separated the intoxicating woman from a very thirsty vampire. He unpinned the sheet from the clothes line and folded it up quickly, perfectly. Venom pooled in his mouth as he breathed in deeply, swimming in her scent. His throat burned, painfully dry, and crispy... possibly coated with a layer of dust too, he mused exaggeratedly. It would be assuaged quickly enough. For right now all he needed or wanted was to soak up the intoxicating aroma. Involuntarily, his hand swept across the woman's collar bone, catching the curtain of her hair and tucking it up and away. Emmett ducked his head into the crook of her neck, finding that spot. Here the blood pulsed and pooled just below the skin. Here the scent was strongest. His nose rested against her thin, membranous skin, sucking in the tainted air through his mouth and nose simultaneously. His head spun, drunk on the purest wine. The best wine, deep, dark, rich, the perfume assaulted his nose and throat.

“Mmmm,” he purred, his body coiled tightly. His tongue moved restlessly inside his mouth, even licking his lips because, suddenly, they felt all too dry.

The pain swept in again, and it was much too much to bear any longer for the spell-bound vampire. His body begged him to answer the calling that pulsed, like a steady drum beat, just under his lips. So close, he thought. He listened to the woman's blood swoosh, swirl and then pause only to repeat, tempting him past any limits. It dances for me; he thought wrly, laughs at my hesitation. He swallowed against the venom.
Why did he hesitate? This certainly constituted a suspension of the Cullen coven rules. He’d never smelt anything, or rather anyone this… divine. However, the woman's hand, which had been smashed between the two of them began pressing against chest. And… he obeyed, shifting a couple inches away.

She hadn't registered anything more than a blur before realizing that a man was crushing her to him, too tightly, and nuzzling her neck. He had been moving too quickly for any human to comprehend and only now did the woman's heart begin to pound rapidly in acknowledgement. Emmett pulled away and grinned widely, attempting to dazzle the woman with his caramel eyes.
They gasped synchronously.
Aitana stood stunned by the man who towered over her, sure that he was her prince charming come to whisk her away. He fit the part. Tall, broad shouldered, and covered in muscle, but that paled in comparison to his face. Curly brown hair fell against his forehead, his generous light pink lips stretched against his flawless ivory skin in a smile that showed off a dimple in each cheek. His caramel eyes gazed into hers worriedly. He was utterly adonic, sculpted just for her. She instantly felt possessive of the mysterious stranger.

He ignored the calling - it didn't matter at the moment. She needed him more than he needed her. Big alligator tears spilled over her cheeks, even though her thin floral dress was already soaked around her neckline. The left eye was swollen and ringed in color. The purple and yellow bruise only added to his unexplainable need to help her. To fix her.
Her chocolate eyes glittered up at him and suddenly he was dumbfounded. What did he say to the woman? Maybe, nothing. Just end it. But he couldn't. She was too sweet, utterly endearing. It wasn't just the perfume of her blood that enchanted him but the woman as well.
She's heartbroken. Her spirit strained, breaking. Aitana caught the look of pity in Emmett’s eyes and glared back, daring him to coddle her, but he just held his smile.

She was all flowing chocolate and cream. Her chocolate eyes were matched with nearly black hair. To thick to tame, it waved down of its own accord to just below her small, rounded shoulders. The only place on her body that wasn't all curves was her nose: aristocratically long and straight. Her pure creamy skin enchanted him even further. It curved perfectly over her chin, where there seemed to be just enough space for him to fit his thumb sideways.
He did so, hooking his forefinger underneath Emmett tilted her face up to look at him again. "It’s going to be alright, sweetling." He murmured.
Emmett tossed the crumpled sheet into the basket at her feet and pulled the girl into his arms, where her silent tears turned into sobs. "I'm here now," he added in a whisper, unsure of whether she had heard him or why he had even said it. Emmett squeezed her lightly, hoping it was light enough for a human, and swayed his body to rock away her tears. He’d never cooed to anyone before. Not even a baby. Never a woman. Yet the words flowed from his mouth. Later he wouldn’t remember what he had whispered in her ear, long streams of comforting words and sounds. Aitana had pressed the curve of her cheek and the hollow of her swollen eye into the hard plane of Emmett’s chest, unconsciously using Emmett’s icy skin to soothe her black eye. And so a menacing vampire had been reduced to a humming, murmuring, rocking ice pack by a little slip of a girl. Emmett bent his knees until the woman’s feet touched the ground. Aitana unwrapped her arms from around Emmett’s neck and wiped away her tears, conveniently covering her now blushing face.“Ahhh, I’m very sorry about that. I don’t know- I, well.”“Who are you?” Emmett wondered aloud. He sucked in another bout of air to remind himself of the sweet torture. She was unlike any other human.