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That first week

That first week Edward left Bella was kept a dark secret, stuffed in a box and shoved into the corner of an attic, never to be thought of again. Here is my version... Image

This is my first fanfic EVER! I hope you all enjoy it! So please review! Flames welcome! Disclaimer: I own NOTHING! All these characters belong to our most beloved Stephanie Meyer, I just play with them XD!

2. Day Two: Nothing.

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I sat there for hours, waiting for the pain to come, but it didn't. But as the time passed, I could not sleep, instead I just sunk deeper and deeper into my comatose state...

Charlies POV

I woke up tp a dim grey light streaming through my window. I just wanted to lay there, not moving, begging for conciousness to evade, until yesterdays event flowed back into my mind. With a sigh, I looked at the alarm clock on my side dresser; it read 6:30. Bella would be eating breakfast and getting ready to leave for school. If she's going, I thought to myself.

Last night, as soon as I found Bella, I called the station; one, to let them know she was no longer missing; and two, to let them know I would be coming in late today...you know, keping an eye on Bella..

. I slowly crawled out of bed and walked down the stairs; if she was going to school, I wanted to see her off and wish her good luck. She needs all she can get. As I rounded the corner I peeked into the kitchen.


"O-kaaaaaaaaaaay..." I mumbled walking into the living room.


The laundry room?


She must not be going...

With a great yawn, I started up the stairs; I slowly crept up to her room and knocked gently.


"Bella?" I whispered. I crept her door open and poked my head into her room.

She lay curled up into a ball beside her bed and in front of her dresser.

Is she asleep? I questioned myself. I walked up to her and sat on the foot of her bed. Her head was propped up on the scrapbook Renee and I had gotten her for her birthday a few days ago.

Well.....her eyes are open...so she has to be awake... I argued internally for a few minutes unti the silence was just too unbearable.

"Bells, honey. Are you going to school today?"


She just continued to stare at the side of her bed, not blinking, seeing nothing; her eyes had this scary distant look, like she was far far away. A shudder rippled through my spine at the sight.

"Well...do you want me to make you some breakfast?" I continued

. Nothing.

"Or we could go out...you know, get some pancakes or something?" My voice was rising as I desperatly tried to get a response out of her.


"Bella. Baby, please talk to me."


"Bella. Say something. Anything."


She just continued to stare, ignoring my presence. I sighed, and slowly got up from the bed and made the door, returning one last glance to the empty shell that was once my daughter.

Bella's POV

I had this strange feeling I wasn't alone, though I couldn't tell why. I didn't see what was in front of me, couldn't tell where I was; it didn't matter, I was empty. the light in my eyes would never return. I had nothing to live for. Nothing.