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Emmett Cullen was changed in 1935 by the Cullens. But there was another, Isabella, who was also changed....but by another. Caught walking alone near the woods weeks after her brother's death, her life is changed for the rest of eternity.[AU]

I know, I should probably finish everything else, but there's a fire under my tush, and it doesn't go out, not to mention the copious amount of ants in my pants :) So sue me. The plus side of the fire? My bottom is never cold....

10. Never Ending Pattern

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Bella POV

After decades of being a vampire and being with my family, we had moved to a small town in Washington by the name of Forks from our previous home of Swansea, Britain. I never did return to Tennessee knowing there was nothing left for me there. The day my funeral was reported in the paper was the day we left, sworn to never return because it would cause too much pain.

I did check the records with Theo's help and found that all of my brothers were deceased. Henry was the last to pass, and it was but a few years ago. As much as I thought it may hurt my human family, I would never go to visit their graves, especially knowing that they sat beside both mine and Emmett's empty graves.

I found that my brothers had had children, and grandchildren. Theo was able to find me some pictures, which I somewhat regretted looking at afterwards. They had beautiful families, something I could never have. It made me a little depressed thinking about how I never got to meet my nieces and nephews. Did my brothers tell them what happened to their youngest brother and only sister? Did the children care? Did they wish to know me as I did them?

There was a knock on my door followed by Raven inviting herself in, throwing me from my thoughts. "How do you like your room?" she asked.

"It's okay, I guess." I smiled. "I still have to put my books out." She nodded.

"Bella, what's that look for?" I raised an eyebrow in question. She came and sat on the edge of my bed, then sighed. "You know what I'm talking about; you do it just about every time we move." She looked down. "Is it your past?"

I nodded and she took my hand for comfort. We sat in silence for sometime, never speaking. Theo came into my room soon after, took in our positions, then came to my other side, throwing his arm around my shoulders. My family knew what these silences meant, and the silence was better than meaningless words.

The day was brightening as Raven made the first movement in hours. "We need to get ready for school," she told us.

I sighed and uncurled myself from Theo's chest, sitting up. He removed himself from my bed and walked to my door way.

"Are you going to be alright?" he asked.

"Always." I smiled at him.

Edward POV

I stood by my Volvo, waiting for my family to come out so we could get to the high school. It would be another tedious day among the humans. I knew Alice was keeping an eye on Jasper, lest he should slip. He was trying so hard, but I knew that he could do it.

When my brothers and sisters joined me outside, we got inside the car and I drove off to the school. The new students were supposed to be there today. From what I could gather from everyone's thoughts, there were three of them, al adopted, though two of them were actually brother and sister through blood.

The entire school had been talking and thinking about it all wee. The smallest things seem to excite them. Apparently, the father, Charlie Swan, was a police chief in the previous town they lived in, but they moved here so that he could take a break.

I pulled into the parking lot and my usual spot, receiving the usual stares as my family and I walked to the school. As I made my way to my first class, I picked up a new scent. Looking into the parking lost, I noticed a car that I had never seen before. It was a newer model, a deep blue Audi A4, and getting out of it were three vampires.

One of the females had black hair, as did the male. Judging by their thoughts and movements around one another, they were mates. I moved my attention to the third vampires. I heard my breath hitch in my throat as I gazed at her, three reasons being the cause of it. To being with and to put it simply, she was an angel on earth.

Her brown colored hair had a red tint to it, making it shine brilliantly in the sun. Her face and body were altogether perfect, no flaws. There was nothing about her that I would have changed. Her topaz colored eyes were warm and full of depth, making me feel like I could into them.

Her scent was tantalizing and attractive, smelling predominantly of freesias. The last reason she caught my attention and the most confusing, was the fact that I couldn't hear her thoughts. It was like hitting a brick wall when I tried, unyielding.

I couldn't tear my eyes away from her, even though I knew class was soon starting. I watched all three walk towards the office, presumably to receive their schedules. As I lost sight of them, I couldn't help but wonder: Would she be in any of my classes?

Bella POV

I really despised going to high school multiple times over the years, but I supposed it gave us something to do. At least I didn't have to pay any attention in my classes because I had already learned all the material over and then some.

I was getting the same reactions as always from the humans, but I just ignored them. I was thankful that I couldn't read minds; I would really loathe having to listen to their constant barrage of thoughts. Who could stand it all anyway?

I had smelled the scent of vampires when I came to school with my family, but none of them were in my classes. Raven and Theo were posing as seniors since they were a few years older than I was, while I was a junior. From what I could sense, there were more of the other vampires than that of my family.

I snapped my head up and gathered my belongings as the bell rang, ready to meet my brother and sister for the lunch break. When I met them near the cafeteria doors, there was a pixie of a vampire standing with them. They turned to me as I came closer and I noticed that she was also a vegetarian, with the typical pale skin and short black hair that stuck out.

“Hello, I’m Alice Cullen,” she told me. I nodded in acknowledgment, smiling at her warily as she grinned at me. “I’ve spoken with your brother and sister a little and I was just wondering if you would like to join us for lunch.”

I looked over to Raven and Theo as they looked to each other, then at me. I could tell that the three of us were feeling wary of this new vampire. Just how many were there in her family, or coven if that’s what they went by?

“It’s quite alright, we weren’t planning on going into the cafeteria anyway. But thank you for the offer, Alice,” Theo told her. She nodded, but then a look crossed her face that told all of us she was thinking.

“That’s fine. Since you won’t come and meet my family for lunch, maybe you can come to our home and meet all of us, instead of just my siblings. Is it just the three of you?”

Raven shook her head. “There are also our parents, Renee and Charlie.”

“Alright,” Alice said brightly, “so our house then? You can call Charlie and Renee, and follow us home.” She looked so hopeful and was almost pleading, that I couldn’t say no to her.

Theo sighed in defeat. “We’ll come. Let’s just meet out in the parking lot after the last period.”

Alice nodded and danced through the cafeteria doors. Wordlessly, my siblings and I turned from the cafeteria and walked towards the vacant picnic tables, sitting on the table surface. We still kept our silence, though I vaguely wondered what Theo and Raven actually thought of the arrangement we had agreed to. On the one hand, part of me wanted to meet the rest of the Cullen family, yet on the other hand, I wanted to keep my distance, unsure of their character as a whole, vegetarian or not.

Emmett POV

Getting away from all of the annoying humans during lunch was a Godsend. Their boring chatter was more than I could take for a whole day, so at least there was the lunch period that I could spend with my family and Rosalie, even if we couldn't really eat the human food. Alice came into the lunch room looking extremely pleased with herself and walked over to our table since Jasper had already gotten food for the both of them.

I raised my eyebrow at her as she sat down. "What's up, Alice? You're looking chipper than usual."

She nodded. "Have you seen the new vampires?"

"Hmm, I think there's a black haired girl in my class. Her names…"

"Raven, yes," Alice cut me off. I glared at her but she just shrugged it off. "Then there's her mate, Theo, who also had black hair, and the third is a brunette, but she never told me her name. She was beautiful though, there's no denying that."

"So how will we know?" Jasper asked.

"Well, I asked them to sit with us at lunch, but they refused," Alice began, but I cut in before she could continue.

"They didn't want to sit with us?" I scoffed. "Snobs."

She rolled her eyes and continued. "As I was saying, they declined to sit with us but they did agree to come to our house after school." She looked around at us, noticing some of our wary expressions. "What? They're really nice and polite!"

"Alright Alice, if you think it's a good idea," Jasper told her.

I sighed and agreed as well. I couldn't wait for the day to be over so we could get home and meet these new vampires. Maybe Edward would take a liking to the vampire without a mate, but I wasn't getting my hopes up. For all I knew, Edward could have been a celibate priest with the way he rejected every girl that wasn't one of his sisters or Esme.

Bella POV

I felt a light touch on my shoulder and turned to see Raven’s hand resting there. “You alright, Bella?” I nodded.

“I’m fine.” I gave a small smile.

“Do you want to go today? We don’t have to if you’re not up to it.”

I shook my head. “It’ll be okay. In a way, I sort of want to go, to see how big their family really is.”

“As do I, but I don’t want you to get upset,” Theo replied.

“Theo, I may not be a man, but I’m still a vampire. I’m not as fragile anymore.”

My siblings nodded and stood as the bell rang, Theo offering his hand and then wrapping his arm around my shoulder. All of our classrooms were in the same general direction, so we walked at a slow pace while all the humans rushed by us, anxious to get to their classes. Theo let go of me only when we reached the doorway of my biology room, giving me a smile, then walking towards his own class with Raven.

I walked towards the teacher so I could give him my slip to sign, after which he pointed me to a seat next to a pale boy with bronze hair. As I took a few steps toward my seat, he looked up and our eyes locked, topaz meeting topaz, and I could swear I felt time stop.

His face was flawless, the perfect image of Adonis. His bronze hair fell carelessly into his face, needing nothing to enhance it. His eyes were perfect gems, saying everything in their depths yet keeping everything hidden at the same time. He sat straight up, letting his slim yet muscled body show. I could see the muscle definition of his arms and chest through his white long-sleeved shirt.

His eyes bore into my own and I could see nothing but him, the world fading away around us…until I came back to it forcefully. A far off high pitched laugh brought me out of the frozen world I had fallen into, breaking the connection between myself and the male vampire, most likely a Cullen.

What felt like hours were really only seconds, a few moments. I shook my head slightly and resumed my walk towards my seat next to the vampire, trying not to stumble or draw attention. Once I had taken my seat, I could feel his gaze upon me, but I kept my own focused on the teacher, not wanting to get lost in his eyes again.

The period seemed to pass very slowly, while the rest of the day passed by as a blur. I was absolutely pleased when the school day was over, and I tried to keep myself from running to my car. I stepping into the driver's seat, Theo and Raven following a few minutes after with Theo in the passenger seat and Raven in the back.

I watched Alice get into the silver Volvo with Edward. She turned to us and winked, then they sped out of the parking lot as I followed them, not troubled at all by their speed. They took the lead and after about five minutes, we came to a turn off point covered by several trees. We took the road that led up to a large white house that looked impeccable from the outside. I could only imagine what it looked like from the inside after seeing its outer appearance.

I looked up to see Alice bounding over to the car, followed by her opening the door for me and pulling me out. I smiled at her enthusiasm and let her drag me over to the front door and through it into what looked like a living room. Most of her family was standing, and there was a large looking one with curly brown hair. I couldn't see his face because his back was turned toward me. He was talking to a tall blonde, and I could have sworn that his build and hair were familiar features to me.

I thought back to anyone I knew or met in my past, and only one person could fit. But it wasn't possible, he was dead, killed in the very woods that changed the course of my life. All of my close family were dead now, I was just being a fool for hoping.

I made a noise in my throat that sounded like I was choking, catching everyone's attention. They all turned to face me, Theo coming forward, a look of concern covering his features. I looked up at him, then over to the brunette and blonde as they both turned to face me. What I saw, made my non-beating heart freeze yet warm at the same time, making it impossible for me to breathe as my throat closed in on itself.