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Emmett Cullen was changed in 1935 by the Cullens. But there was another, Isabella, who was also changed....but by another. Caught walking alone near the woods weeks after her brother's death, her life is changed for the rest of eternity.[AU]

I know, I should probably finish everything else, but there's a fire under my tush, and it doesn't go out, not to mention the copious amount of ants in my pants :) So sue me. The plus side of the fire? My bottom is never cold....

12. Time for Time

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Bella POV

What I was feeling at that moment could not compare to anything in the world. I had finally found my older brother again. Emmett was never dead in the way our family thought he was, he was just out of reach; well, but unable to return so as to keep us safe. I knew what he felt, so I couldn't blame him. I didn't return to the family either, the risk wasn't worth their safety.

With a sudden jolt, I was brought back where I was and ho was there. I lifted my head from Emmett's chest to find both my family and his staring at us. Most of them looked confused; his father figure had a curious look covering his face, while his mate seemed to be strangely happy. I would have thought that she would have strongly disliked a strange vampire sobbing into her husband's chest while he held her.

I heard someone clear their throat and turned to see both Theo and Raven looking at me expectantly, waiting for an explanation. I disentangled myself from Emmett's warm embrace and took a step back, though I kept a hold on one of his hands, not willing to let go completely.

He squeezed my hand lightly before turning his attention to our families. "I'm sure you all have more questions that you did before." His siblings and mine nodded. Emmett smiled. "Why don't we sit down? This could take some time."

We all walked into the living room and took a seat, most next to their respective mates, except for Edward and myself. Edward sat next to Alice while I was between Emmett and Theo, Emmett's wife and Raven on their other sides.

"So how do you two know each other?" Alice asked, breaking the silence first.

"Well," Emmett began, "this is my little sister, Isabella."

"From your human life?" broke in a blond haired man. Emmett nodded. The man then turned to me. "How old were you when you were changed, Isabella?"

"I was seventeen, Mr. Cullen." I wasn't sure what his name was, so that was the best I could do.

"Oh, how rude of me! Forgive me for not introducing myself beforehand. My name is Carlisle, and this is my wife, Esme." He motioned to the caramel haired woman beside him. She smiled kindly at me. "I was told you already met Alice and Edward. Jasper is the one sitting on the other side of Alice, and beside Emmett is his wife, Rosalie."

I nodded and smiled at them all. "You can call me Bella instead of Isabella. It's shorted and less old fashioned."

Suddenly, Emmett's smile dropped from his face and his hand grabbed mine. I turned to him, not bother to hide the surprised expression I knew I was wearing. In that moment, he looked so serious. I couldn't remember such an expression crossing his face when we were human, not to that extent anyway.

"Isabella," he said quietly," you said you were seventeen when you were changed. You never reached your eighteenth birthday then?" I shook my head and watched his face fall. "I didn't come back so that you could. You didn't even get close did you?" He didn't wait for a response, just continued. "How long?" How long what? Deciphering my confusion, he elaborated. "How long after I disappeared were you…changed?"

"Almost a month," I whispered.

He looked absolutely crestfallen. "I didn't want this life for you. I wanted you to grow old, have a family, not this. I am happy to see you, beyond happy, but it wasn't supposed to happen." He looked at me. "Not to you. This isn't the life I would have wished for my little sister. That's why I didn't come back for you, no matter how much I wanted to." He let his head fall into his hands.

"How?" he asked softly. For this question, I didn't need any clarification. I got up off the couch and walked over to the large window that took up an entire wall.

I sighed as I looked out at the surrounding woods, preparing myself to tell my story to my brother and his family for the first and last time. I wished this to be the only time I would share it with anyone.

"I remember it so vividly, one of the most vivid memories of my human life. Father, Nathan, John, and Henry went out to look for you when you didn’t come home from hunting while mother and I stayed at home. I ended up falling asleep on the couch, and when I woke up everyone was back but you. I walked in on them discussing the situation and overheard them talking about you being murdered." I paused before I continued. "It was too much to handle for me so I ended up passing out. Nathan stayed with me the entire night, not sleeping himself. When noon came, we all got up from bed and ate breakfast, after which Nathan went to sleep and father spoke to us about the funeral arrangements.

"The funeral was hard to go through, I could barely stand. The weeks following it, I can't remember too well because I wasn't really all there the entire time. I usually just sat there and I was never left alone. One day, Nathan had decided to come and talk to me about how I wasn't doing anything, and ended up snapping me out of the depression I had fallen into." I pressed my right palm to the glass, remembering what lead me to the present day.

"After he spoke to me, John and Henry came to sit with me, as well as mother and father. A little later than that, I had decided to go on a walk alone to just clear my head. I really needed it after the past month of locking myself in the house." I sighed. "I meant to be back at the house within the hour, but I never got the chance to get back." I turned around to look at them all, different expressions gracing all their faces.

"Bella." Emmett whispered. "You don't need to continue if you don't want to."

I shook my head at him. "It's all right. You wanted to know, and it's better I tell you now." I turned my attention back to the woods outside. "I walked the path that I always had in the past, and walked close the entrance of the woods. Without my realizing it before, I came to the spot where you had disappeared, Emmett. John marked it after they had looked for you so that he could remember where the spot was as well as show the investigators.

"When I turned away from the woods to walk back home since it was becoming dark, someone grabbed me and pulled me into the woods with their hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream. He whispered some things into my ear as he smelled me," I began, my hands curling into fists, "and then he bit me. I could feel the fire as it traveled through my body as he lowered me to the ground. To this day, I'm not sure why he bit me, but I know for a fact he wasn't going to kill me."

"I'm so sorry, Bella," I heard Alice say quietly behind me. I nodded to acknowledge she had spoken.

"How did you come to be with Theo and Raven?" I turned to look for the one who spoke and found it to be Jasper.

"They were the ones who found me with my creator. They saw what was happening and attacked him, then Theo grabbed me and ran me to his house, the rest of the family following behind." I took another pause, trying to swallow the sob that wished to bring itself forth. "I never got to see my family again, not my parents nor my brothers." I looked at Emmett. "I lost my necklace that day, the one that you, John, Nathan and Henry gave to me for my fifteenth birthday. I'm sorry Emmett; I didn't mean to lose it."

I broke out into sobs, wishing not for the first time that I could just let the tears out, but I knew they would never come. I felt a pair of arms come around me and draw me into a comforting embrace. Usually when something like this happened to me, it would be Theo comforting me, but this time it was my blood brother, which made it even more comforting in a way.

"Bella, shh. It's not your fault, you have nothing to apologize for. Do you hear me? You did nothing wrong," Emmett whispered to me. I nodded into his chest, feeling his fingers work their way through my hair soothingly, and started to calm down.

I felt Emmett loosen his hold on me and I looked up. He turned away from me and looked over to Theo and Raven, the people I have known as my brother and sister for the better part of seventy years.

My brother took a step toward them and smiled. "It seems I have a lot to thank you for. I am forever grateful to you and your parents for saving my sister from whoever it was that bit her and keeping her safe, making her feel loved, and giving her the comfort of siblings that she would have been lost without. Thank you."