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Emmett Cullen was changed in 1935 by the Cullens. But there was another, Isabella, who was also changed....but by another. Caught walking alone near the woods weeks after her brother's death, her life is changed for the rest of eternity.[AU]

I know, I should probably finish everything else, but there's a fire under my tush, and it doesn't go out, not to mention the copious amount of ants in my pants :) So sue me. The plus side of the fire? My bottom is never cold....

13. Author's Note III, My Apologies

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I'm so sorry I'm taking eight years for the next chapter. I had some writer's block that I just broke through on Friday after my International Relations final essay. Then I was going to write more today, but I had to make up some IR work that's missing, I only have a United Nations Resolution to write that I never did due to being sick. I've had tons of work to do since I was out for two weeks in December because I was lucky enough to get the stomach flu twice. So I was in school for like a week, then out, then in, then out right before the holidays. Bad business I tell you.

So today I found out my LOVELY AP English teacher put in the grades and from that class I still have all my missing work, and I have a bloody F!! A spankin 56.something percent…! I just about threw something across the room when I found out today in the library during second block, and I cried a little. I mean an F? That's not acceptable, not to mention there would be no second semester because my mom would kill me! I asked all my other teachers and they said that grades don't actually go in until next week…what the fuck?! So I emailed the bitch when I got home and she allowed me to make up my shit tomorrow after our midterm. She kept saying "your absence" like I was on freaking vacation. No miss, sorry, I was on my damn toilet. If that's a vacation to her, then god damn she needs to get out more.

Anyway, rant over; on to the next thing. Did you hear that Heath Ledger died?! I started crying when I found out. I mean he was only 28 and his life had barely begun, not to mention the fact that he has a two year old daughter. His last movie was The Dark Knight where he played joker. I can't believe he's dead, it was so sudden. I haven't cried when a celebrity died since John Ritter and Sir Richard Harris. It's not because I'm his fan girl or anything, but he was just such a young person and in my opinion a really good actor. RIP…

On the upside, Sweeney Todd was beyong amazing...

Alright, I'll try to have the next chapter up fast. I'm aiming for this Sunday, but we'll see. Tomorrow I have my AP midterm at 7 30 am until 9 and then make up work, then home. So I'll try to write a bit after I finish my work that's due for AP this Friday, it may not work because I know I'm going to end up crashing and taking a bat nap. So Thursday when I come home at 11 after my International Relations and math finals I'll try to write a nice portion of the next chapter. Let's see what happens. I'll make no promises therefore I won't tell any lies. I'm sorry about the author's note, but I didn't want you thinking I decided to just lay around and do nothing. Cheers!