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Emmett Cullen was changed in 1935 by the Cullens. But there was another, Isabella, who was also changed....but by another. Caught walking alone near the woods weeks after her brother's death, her life is changed for the rest of eternity.[AU]

I know, I should probably finish everything else, but there's a fire under my tush, and it doesn't go out, not to mention the copious amount of ants in my pants :) So sue me. The plus side of the fire? My bottom is never cold....

14. Time for Time Part II

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Bella POV

Theo took a step towards Emmett and gripped his hand in an embrace. "It was no problem at all, Emmett. She became my sister the moment she joined our family, she knows that. I would do anything for her."

Emmett smiled. "I can see that. Thank you anyway." Theo nodded in response.

I came and sat down in my previous spot between Emmett and Theo, everyone following my lead. A silence settled over us once more, although this time it was a much more comfortable one.

"Well," Alice said, once more the first to break the silence, "what about you, Theo and Raven? What are your stories?"

I glanced at my brother and sister to see them staring at one another. I knew they were communicating silently to one another. I knew they were communicating silently to one another as only two soul mates could, debating on whether or not to share. I saw them nod then turn to face the Cullens once more.

"For our stories, we need to tell you the beginning," Theo told them, "when our father Charlie was changed and throughout." The Cullens nodded in acceptance, urging him to continue.

"Charlie was twenty-seven when he was changed, in 1486 within Ireland. He was a landowner, unmarried, but that is mostly all he remembers from his human life." Theo paused, taking in the silence. "He was attacked by a vampire outside of his home late one night. The vampire thought that Charlie was dead, so he left him lying a few yards away from his door.

"Charlie has no recollection of who bit him because the change was so painful. He fed off of humans for sometime until he discovered he could feed off animals when he had gone too long without hunting."

"How did that happen? Why did he take so long before hunting?" Emmett interrupted, confused.

"He was traveling through a large expanse of forest with no villages surrounding it. You have to remember that Ireland during that time period was very rugged and woodsy. Many villages were cut off from one another." Emmett nodded.

"He traveled for a while through Ireland, then he finally came to England in the mid 1500s. I was the second to be changed, the first by Charlie. My family was poor and we lived on the poor side of London. I had three brothers, one older and the last two were younger than me." He smiled.

"My mother and father named me Theodore when I was born but I always hated that name. My brothers would call me by it to annoy me. That's actually how most of our fights started." He chuckled a little and I squeezed his hand. "I was nineteen years in 1580 when I fell ill. My mother was in a frenzy, especially because we couldn't afford a doctor." He sighed.

"My parents spent most of their savings to call a doctor, which turned out to be pointless. The man pronounced me ill with consumption, what people now call tuberculosis. There was no cure during that time period, and he told us that I would pass painfully within two weeks. He was a kind man and gave my father the money back." He laughed and smiled mockingly. "He told my father to save the money for my funeral. The old doctor was right; it was the most painful thing I had ever experienced as a human, horrible experience. I remember it feeling like at any moment my lungs would just stop working and collapse."

I looked up to see Esme with her hands over her mouth, ready to cry. If it were possible, she would have had tears running down her cheeks. Carlisle placed a comforting hand on her knee and took her hands from her mouth, taking them into his own.

I turned back to Theo as he continued. "Well, Charlie came upon our little hovel and could smell the stench of death emanating from our home. I was on the brink of dying, pale as the sheets beneath me, veins visible through my arms from the blood letting in an attempt to soothe the pain. So Charlie took me and changed me." He shrugged. "He told my family that I could live, but I would not be able to return. They accepted and allowed him to carry me from my room, limp as a rag doll and death so close, happy with the thought of me still walking the earth, even if it was not with them. After my change, we left England and I haven't been back since," he finished.

There was a silence throughout the room filled with shock and wonder at what everyone had heard so far, and it wasn't even all of it. Raven and I were the only ones who had heard all of this before.

Theo smiled. "Interesting reactions. We’re not even at the end yet, in fact, this is just the beginning." He turned to Raven and she nodded, then she turned to face the rest of the room.

"I was born an only child in 1583 in Venice, Italy. My parents named Raven due to my black hair. I had a happy childhood. We weren't rich nor were we poor, so I suppose we were middle class. I remember when I was a young girl," Raven laughed fondly, "my mother would call me 'Il mio piccolo corvo,' which translates to 'My little Raven'." She sighed sadly.

"However, we were Jews, Jews in the Renaissance within Venezia, so we were forced to live in the ghetto. When I was eighteen years old, a few Christians thought my father stolen from them, or cheated them in some way. Of course he did no such thing, but he was a Jew and Jews were known to be greedy," she said with disgust, "so it could only have been a Jew.

"They beat us outside of our ghetto; about ten minutes walk from it. Everyone was too afraid to intervene, especially other Jews, so they beat my mother and father to death." At that point, Theo's expression changed from its calm composure to fierce rage. His hands turned into fists while resting on his knees.

Raven and I grabbed a hand each, trying to soothe him. I knew this particular topic was one of the only ones that could get Theo to react like this. He gets angry about how my life was ended, but never like that. I saw him let out the breath he was holding and then he slumped against the back of the couch.

"I apologize," Theo told the rest of the room, "that's not the happiest event in my immortal life." He waited for the Cullens to respond.

"It's understandable, Theo," Emmett said to him. "I don't know how I would have handled it if it were Rose, most likely with violence and anger."

Theo nodded, then turned to Raven. "Go on," he smiled, "I'll behave this time." He kissed her forehead and Raven smiled as well, glancing one last time at Theo before she continued.

"The men made me watch, calling me dirty names before they started to finish me off." I heard someone gasp but didn't turn my head to find out who it was. "As they were in the process of beating me," she turned to Theo, "Theo and Charlie showed up."

"Charlie tended to her while I killed the filthy worthless humans and disposed of their bodies in the canal," Theo said. "They were found the next day by some other Christians simply floating on the surface. It caused quite a stir, while we were out of the city, Raven in the process of changing." He grinned maliciously. "I hate killing humans, that's why I chose to become an animal drinker and stayed with Charlie, but I don't regret that act in the least. God can damn me for all I care, but it saved Raven and they weren't able to attack anyone else."

"Well," Emmett began, "we all fall off the wagon sometimes, in one way or another." He grinned. Theo nodded and smiled as well.

"Should we continue our depressing family history or save the rest for later?" Raven asked the room.

"Why not continue?" Alice asked. "It's only the evening and it's not like we need t sleep!"

"Alright," Theo sighed. "The next to join our family was Charlie's mate, Renee. She was born and changed in Marseille, France. She was of lower noble birth and married, but her husband, Philip, had died the year before her change in 1703.

"She had no children and she's still unsure if she was actually able to have any at all. She could have been barren. She and her husband tried, but nothing ever came of it." Theo shrugged. "Well the year after her husband's passing, her estate caught fire. Renee's servants were able to get her out before she was caught the flames, but there was too much smoke in her lungs and she was dying.

"We were hunting in the woods nearby, so when we saw the smoke Charlie took off. We found Renee laying in the grass, coughing continuously, her servants fluttering about anxiously not sure of what to do. Charlie told them to go, that he would take care of her. They did as they were told, albeit reluctantly, and Charlie bit her."

"So much seems to have happened in your life, Theo," Jasper commented. Theo simply nodded.

Emmett looked thoughtful. "How did your family come across Bella?" he asked.

"Well," Raven began, "we were simply traveling through Tennessee on our way to find a place to settle down." Theo nodded once more.

"We smelled blood faintly being carried by the wind and followed it." Raven gave him a look. "Oh alright, I followed it." He shrugged. "Natural curiosity, and a good thing too. Otherwise, we wouldn't have found Bella and who knows where she would be. Anyway, I threw the vampire off of her and while Charlie and Renee took care of him, I grabbed Bella and took off, Raven following behind us."

"Did you kill him?" Edward asked, with a strange emotion running through his eyes.

Raven shook her head. "We only kill when it's necessary. Since Bella was out of sight, Charlie tore off one of the vampire's legs so as to hinder him. By the time he was healed, we were long gone."

"And you have no idea what he wanted with my little sister?" Emmett asked. My siblings shook their heads.

"Let's take a break from the past," Carlisle suggested. "I have my own question. Do any of you have powers?"

"Ah, the million dollar question," Theo spoke, smiling. "Only Raven and I have powers. I can see into the past while Raven has telekinesis." He glanced at me. "At one point, we thought Bella had a power. She unblocked and then once more blocked her mind, but never at will. Apparently, her mind unblocks itself unintentionally whenever she's severely panicked, depressed, or frightened."

"That's interesting," Carlisle replied. "Has it happened often?"

"Not really. It's only occurred no more than four times; which is a good thing. Bella's blocked mind probably stems from her being so private."

Carlisle nodded. "That makes sense. How did you realize it happened?"

"Well," Theo began, "the second time we took Bella hunting, she followed the scent of a bear. Once she finished, she didn't know where she was and she began to panic. Bella walked through the woods aimlessly, trying to find us, but because she was so scared that she wouldn't be able to, she couldn't concentrate. While feeding, I saw images from someone's past that I had never seen before. Later I realized they were Bella's, and that's how we came to our conclusion."

Edward's POV

I never could have guessed that Emmett's human sister would be showing up in his future when we first met, but then again, I never was a psychic. However, based on Alice's thoughts, she was completely shocked as well, which is unusual for her. She was happy for Emmett and Bella, but she was also angry that she didn't have a vision about their reunion.

Either way, everyone was happy and relieved, especially Jasper since Rosalie was calm instead of flying off into a rage about her husband hugging and unfamiliar vampire. It was a little overwhelming to find that the young woman who took my breath away was my brother's sister. It would be difficult to get his approval. What I gathered from his thoughts about her when he was first changed and now was that he was overprotective and thought no one could be good enough for her. What would make me any different than the rest of the male population in the world, human and vampire alike, even if I am his brother?

I thought that some of my family's past histories were filled with sorrow, but something like my story can't even come close to Raven's or Bella's I was dying and had no one left even if I did somehow survived as a human, but Bella was ripped from her family by another vampire while Raven watched her parents get beaten to death and then almost faced the same fate.

I wondered vaguely if Theo saw his power as a gift or a curse. Perhaps to him, it was like a combination of both. I looked at him as Carlisle finished his questioning.

"Theo, can you turn your gift on and off?" I asked him.

He nodded. "Yes. I can use it at will, like Raven. You can hear other peoples' thoughts, can't you?"

"Sometimes I wish it could be turned off at will, but I've learned over the years how to bring it to the back of my mind."

"It's actually a little frustrating," Emmett said. "When I want to annoy him with my thoughts it's sometimes impossible because he can just ignore me."

The room filled with laughter, but the laugh I heard at the forefront was Bella's lilting musical voice, like that of an angel's. What an angel at that, bringing heaven down to earth.