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Emmett Cullen was changed in 1935 by the Cullens. But there was another, Isabella, who was also changed....but by another. Caught walking alone near the woods weeks after her brother's death, her life is changed for the rest of eternity.[AU]

I know, I should probably finish everything else, but there's a fire under my tush, and it doesn't go out, not to mention the copious amount of ants in my pants :) So sue me. The plus side of the fire? My bottom is never cold....

9. Author's Note

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Hello readers. I'm sorry if I don't get the chapter up today, I will try my hardest. I'm just really down right now, so the end of the chapter may sound like complete and utter crap. I don't want it to, so if I can't get it right, then I'll try for this weekend. The reason is because my oldest dog just died and everything keeps setting me off, especially when his half brother keeps looking for him. It's hard to even write this author's note, so many things remind me of him and then I think about how his last day was spent: basically alone while we were all out of the house, besides me other dogs in the playpen, then outside alone, and at the ER alone in an oxygen tank.

I'm sorry if I'm depressing you, I don't mean to, I just feel better getting it off my chest I guess, even if it hurts. So anyway, forgive me if there is indeed a delay.

Happy Halloween!

-- V --