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A new begining

Edward and Bella have a child and are faced with the regular chalenges of an everday parent, pouting, temper-tantrums, assasinatin attempts. See what Edward and Bella go through top remain a family with a little one. I changed the title and the summary...tell me if you like this beter or if you have better ideas. I am open for suggestions.

Stupid! My best friend told this story to me forever ago and I felt like making Charlie tell it.

1. LIAR!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 417   Review this Chapter

Charlie Swan, age 64, sits his grandchild down to explain the value of hard work and money.

"Dear, when I was 7, I couldn't afford an alarm clock so I had to wake myself up at 4:30 every morning to get to work. First I had to brush my teeth but I couldn't afford a toothbrush so I had to use a sasafrass root to brush my teeth but I had no running water so I had to run outside in snow that reached my chin all the time because it snowed 4 feet everyday, and get a handful, put it in my mouth with a homemade mint because we couldn't afford toothpaste and brush my teeth. Then I had to go milk the cow barefoot because I couldn't afford shoes so I hopped on one foot to keep the other foot warm. But I couldn't afford a bucket so I would squirt the milk into my hand and hop back to the house and put it in the churn for my mother to clean later on. I did that for 6 hours everyday and only got paid 7 cents a month for it. Then I had to give 5 cents to my parents so they could afford to keep me and I kept 2 cents for myself and I saved up for years and sold my father beer cans because he was an alcholic for 5 cents each and thats how I paid for my first car."

Charlie's grandchild just stared at him. Then, because she couldn't hold it in anymore, Bella burst out giggling. "LIAR!" she laughed at her dad.

Charlie just smiled at his precious girl and said, "Bella dear, you haven't changed a bit."

Bella giggled some more and Edward came to get his daughter.

Charlie glared at him and said "still here are you?"

"Yes." was all Edward said.

"Bye-bye grampa!" Chrissy said over her fathers shoulder.

"Bye Chrysan-Chrissy." Charlie said correcting himself.

Bella just rolled her eyes and said "I can't believe you named her Chrysanthemum!"

"Its my favorite flower and you said I could name her if I quit telling you to leave that boy."

"I know, I know." Bella said.

"Atleast I used her nickname!" Charlie retorted.

"Thank god there is a nickname for her name."

Charlie laughed and kissed Bella good night.

"You're cold dear! You should put a sweater on."

Bella laughed and ran to her beloved husband and dear daughter for a short talk on the REAL value of a dollar.