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Heart on Fire

Anna Avery is a typical city girl, until she meets Alex Taren. Alex is the newest member of Jacob Blacks wolf pack and latest to imprint, on Anna.But an old boyfriend of Anna’s have other ideas for the two.

Itmy very first story

1. Chapter 1

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“Little Alex Taren goes to the big city” Leah teased.

I rolled my eyes “Little isn’t a word usually used to describe me”

“True, but Giant Alex Taren goes to the big city doesn’t sound as good” giggled Nessie.

Everyone was here to say their goodbyes; Jacob, Renesme (who was now fully grown), Quil, Claire, Embry, April (Embry’s imprint), Seth and Leah. It seemed like only yesterday when I joined the pack when it was really eight years ago. None of us had aged a bit, not even Leah who swore to stop being a werewolf at her first chance.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you’re going on a holiday” Leah complained.

“You practically bought the ticket before he even decided to go” Jacob commented.

Everyone laughed. The laugh was quick cut off by the announcement for my flight. I could have just run there but decided the do the trip the normal way.

“Well that's my plane” I sighed. Everyone’s face fell, even the abnormal perky Seth’s.

“Were really going to miss you man” Quil said.

“I’m only going for a few weeks” I told them for like to hundredth time.

“You better be back before Emily’s baby is born or she’ll pissed” warned Jacob. Emily was having her fourth child. This time she said I would be the godfather.

“Language” Quil exclaimed, he didn’t like bad language around Claire.

Jake rolled his eyes “You don’t care do you Claire”

“Nope” She replied. Another announcement came out of the speaker saying it was final boarding time.

“See ya man” Jake said steeping forward and giving me a quick hug. Embry, Quil and Seth followed.

Nessie glided forward and gave me a quick kiss on the check. Jacob gave a quick growl.

Claire waved shyly and smiled. Leah was to last to step forward.

“Remember, before you go get a super hot city girl friend you have to get my approval” She joked.

“Gonna miss ya Leah” I said.

She smiled “You too, who am I going to hang out with when it’s imprint time

“You still got Seth” she laughed and rolled her eyes. I gave her a hug then had one last look at my friends. The longest I’d ever been away from them was about three days. I was really going to miss them.

“Bye guys” I said walking backwards towards my boarding gate.

“Bye” they all said in sync. I turned to get my ticket scanned then started walking downs the ramp towards to plane. I had one last quick at them before getting on the plane.

Leah had a small tear on her check, I blinked and it was gone. Leah was my best friend. She was really going to miss me more than anyone else. I waved and took a deep breath. I was off to New York,


Just hours after landing I’d found my way to New York nightclub, eager to let loose. There were no nightclubs in La Push or Forks, only in Seattle but we’d only ever been once or twice. I got to the door of the club with music blasting out of the doors. The bouncer didn’t even ask for I.D, I looked about 25.

The club was crowded, filled with young people. It was one in the morning, the party was just beginning. I made my way to the bar slipping around the dancing people.

“What will you have” The bar tender yelled over the loud music.

“Your strongest drink” I yelled back. He raised his eyebrows then started grabbing out bottles.

“This will probably get you drunk with the first sip” He warned handing me a large glass, I just shrugged. It took a lot to get a werewolf drunk so I wasn’t worried. I leaned on the bar looking around hoping to find a hot available girl.

I though back to the last time I attempted to go to a club. We were all ready for a big night the bam! Embry had to go on imprint of the girl who worked in the local liquor store. Because Quil didn’t want to leave Claire and Seth was to you to go clubbing it was just me and Jake. In the end we didn’t go because we didn’t want to look like a gay couple. Leah put that thought in our mind

“Would you like to dance” I voice said from behind, she sounded drunk. I turned to see the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. Her long wavy dark brown hair was pulled into a high ponytail; her skin was perfect and exotic coloured. Her eye’s where huge and a glorious peacock blue and when she blinked her eyelashes touched her check and her lips were pulp and red. She wore a tight purple strapless that hugged her voluptuous figure perfectly and heels that were at least four inches.

It was like everything that had ever happened to me meant nothing. Everyone I’d ever meet was no one. Everything I’d ever felt was nothing. My whole world suddenly rearranged itself, with her binding it all together. She was the centre of my whole existence. I almost felt physical pain trying to hold my arms back from grabbing her and never letting go. This girl was my true love, my soul mate and my over half. Was it like this for everyone else, no it can’t be. No one could ever fell this way about a person as I felt about the girl standing in front of me.

I tried to hold my face from smiling, that didn’t last too long. “What is your name?” I asked

“Anna” She mumbled. Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, the name was repeated over and over in my head. I’d heard it thousands of time’s but now it seamed different

“I’m Alex, Alex Taren” I replied.

“Alex, I had a fish called Alex” her voice was unsteadying, defiantly drunk.

“You know what” Anna yelled.


Anne reached and grabbed my arm. Oh my god, she was actually touching me.

“You’re really hot” Anna let go my arm, wrapped her arms around my neck and leaned only inches away from my face. My heart was beating faster than ever and my body was craving for her. I wanted to pull her as close as possible and kiss her till we couldn’t breathe. No, she’s drunk, don’t take advantage of her, don’t. My arms lost the battle and found their way around her small waist.

“I don’t feel so good” She moaned

“Maybe you should go home?” I suggested.

“Yes please” she whispered letting go of my neck.

I was just going to take walk her home, that's it. I took my hands away from her waist even thought they longed to be there and took and steep back.

Anna started to walk to the door, but no very well, every few steps she would trip.

“Thanks” she muttered the third time I caught her.

“No problem”

I kept my arm around her waist for support as we walk to the door.

“So where do you live?” I asked when were outside.

“27 fifth avenue unit 20”. Wow, she must be loaded, but that didn’t matter to me.

“I’ll get a cab, you sit here” I relied seating her on bench. I’d never caught a cab before (there was no reason when you could run twice as fast as one) so I had no idea how to get one. I steeped on the road and held my arm out like they did in movies hoping it worked in real life. Luckily it did and a small yellow cab came speeding up to where I was standing.

“Wait one sec” I said to the driver and ran off to get Anna, only to see the bench empty and her walking the other way.

I ran after her “Anna were you going?” I called out. She stopped and turned her head “To the park” she yelled excitedly.

“No, you’re going home” I said finally catching up to her.

“Aww, don’t be a party pooper” She complained. I put my hand and her shoulder and turned her back to the cab.

“I won’t to go to the park” she mumbled her tone like a Childs. It made me sad not giving her what she wanted but I need to get her home. Wondering around a park filled with weird people in the middle of the night while drunk wasn’t the best idea.

“Sorry, you’re going home” I replied and started leading her back to the cab. I opened to door for Anna and she got in

“Sorry, 27 fifth avenue please” I said once I was inside. The driver nodded. I looked over at Anna who was barley awake. She looked up at me with her stunning blue eyes and gave a small smile. Anna moved slightly over on her seat and rested her head on my shoulder.

“You mind?” She asked closing her eyes.

“No” I replied. It was the greatest feeling have her so close to me. I looked over her face taking in as much as I could and wondered how I could imprint on someone so amazingly beautiful.