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Sunrise, Sunset

AxJ. "I kept getting other visions, too, of you and I. We’ll be together forever, you know that, right?” Four-shot (is that a word? i really don't know.) Inspired partly by Romeo and Juliet, by J3nn.


2. Afternoon

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Alice and Jasper lay on their enormous bed; staring into each other’s eyes with such a degree of love it was frightening to any who witnessed it.

All through the long night, they merely gazed into the golden eyes across from them. As the sun rose up, still hidden by clouds, they reluctantly left their bed to get ready for another day of school.

As the five Cullen ‘children’ piled into Edward’s Volvo, Edward himself was on the phone with his love, Bella.

“Bella, you can’t talk on the phone and drive at the same time. You’ll run into a person, or a tree. Maybe even a werewolf!” He pleaded. “Alright. I’ll see you at school. I love you.” He snapped his phone shut as the car pealed out of the long driveway.

They were nearly to school when Alice went rigid, her eyes gazing over. Jasper froze as well. Edward growled and pulled over. Jasper’s eyes widened.

“What? Alice, what happened?” He asked her once her eyes had closed and she took a shaky breath.

“Bella. The Volturi…are coming for Bella.” Alice’s voice wavered.

Edward looked murderous. “They won’t get her!” He spat out violently.

“Hell no! If she becomes Bella Volturi, I wouldn’t have a funny human sister!” Emmet growled.

“Don’t worry, Edward. We’ll protect her. They will never get to Bella.” Jasper said, assuring his brother with a wave of calm.

The rest of the short ride was silent, interrupted only by quiet snarls coming from Edward.

“Edward! Edward? What’s wrong?” Bella asked as soon as she saw the five get out of the car.

“Nothing, Bella. Alice just had a vision.” Edward said soothingly.

Jasper could feel the anger and suspicion coming off of Bella.

“Don’t you try and trick me, Edward Anthony Mason Cullen. I know something bad is going to happen. And it most likely concerns me.” Bella snapped.

“Don’t worry, Bella. They won’t get you.” Jasper said quietly. Edward turned to glare.

“Thanks.” Edward muttered. “Love, it’s the Volturi. They’re…coming. To take you away,”

Bella’s angry expression quickly turned into one of smugness. “Well then, lover boy, I guess you’ll just have to change me sooner!” She smiled happily and took Edward’s hand. When he looked down, avoiding her gaze, Jasper felt the fear crash down on Bella. “Edward! You are changing me, right? You can’t just not!” She pleaded.

“Bella, you can’t be changed right now. The Volturi will suck you up into their family if you are. We need to fight them off.” Edward said. Alice grimaced.

“Edward, it’ll work better if you’ve changed her. Believe me, I know.” She said, tapping her head. Jasper looked at her, trying to determine how he felt. Alice felt weary, Edward felt angry and frightened. Bella was strange…she felt joy and fear and love and hope. All at once. Jasper shook his head to clear it of this strange mixture. And he himself, what did he feel?

“You really bug me sometimes, Jasper,” Edward said. “You aren’t scared at all for this little doom-fest. Get rid of the soldier attitude!”

Jasper groaned. “Can’t you stay out of my head for five minutes?” He focused. His feelings were a mix of love and fear for Alice, and also anticipation of the coming battle. That was the soldier in him.

The Cullen’s and Bella trooped off the class, each pondering what exactly was going to happen.

The weeks went by, and graduation was soon approaching, as was the battle with the Volturi. When graduation was a week and a half away, Alice saw them.

She and Jasper were running through the forest silently, enjoying the quiet of the trees. Alice stopped so suddenly, Jasper ran another mile before he realized she had stopped and he quickly backtracked.

“Alice, love? When are they coming?” He asked Alice worriedly.

“In 5 days.” She mumbled. “I guess Edward’s got to bite Bella soon.”

Jasper laughed grimly. “Right, love. We’d better get back and tell the others.” They clasped hands and took off, leaving the thick trees alone.

Edward did not take the news well. Jasper had to work hard for hours to calm him down, and Jasper went with Edward to go get Bella.

The two vampires jumped into her window, startling her. “Oh! Jasper! Why are you both here? Oh no…it’s the Volturi, isn’t it?” Bella’s frightened voice wailed.

“Shh, love, it’s alright. But…we need to bite you. Tonight,” Edward assured her. Bella turned slightly green but nodded her head and climbed onto Edward’s back.

Jasper went to work, grabbing Bella’s car and shoving it off of a cliff into the ocean, near the border with the werewolves. He ran back to Bella’s house and wrote a quick note and left it on Bella’s kitchen table saying,

Dad, I’m going to see Jake. I’ll be back soon. Love you. –Bella

Simple. Bella was going to visit Jake, and lost control of the truck. They would find her red truck at the bottom of the ocean, right by the beach.

When Jasper returned home, Edward was sitting with Bella on the couch. “Edward? You’ll want to hurry. They’ll be here in just a few days.” Alice called from upstairs. Edward grimly nodded. “We’ll be in the forest.” Alice flew down the stairs and grabbed Jaspers hand as she ran into the night.

“Thank you,” Jasper whispered, knowing he would have had a hard time dealing with Bella’s blood. He couldn’t shake the nervous look on her human face as they left her house. He felt sorry that she had even had to deal with the vampires at all. If only they had all died when they were supposed to. Then Bella would be human, sleeping soundly in bed, maybe looking forward to spending a day with Jacob.

“Come on, Jasper. Don’t feel bad.” Alice ordered him. She could read him like a book now.

“Alright, love. What should we do while we wait?” Jasper asked Alice coyly.

Alice smirked at him. “Well, Mr. Sexy Vampire…I guess we’ll be here until Bella stops bleeding from the bite…it could be awhile…” Her voice trailed off suggestively.

Jasper grinned and pulled her to him, beginning the night with a kiss that compared to other actions would be called tame.