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Sunrise, Sunset

AxJ. "I kept getting other visions, too, of you and I. We’ll be together forever, you know that, right?” Four-shot (is that a word? i really don't know.) Inspired partly by Romeo and Juliet, by J3nn.


3. Evening

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Jasper watched Bella try to hunt. He laughed softly at his new sister’s tactics.

Edward sighed with impatience. “Bella, you need to do it quickly. You can’t just walk over to the animal, and you can’t be so hesitant to snap its neck.”

Bella frowned at him. “Well then, Mr. I can do everything, why don’t you just go home? I’m sure Jasper can teach me just as well.”

Jasper froze. “Nope. Sorry, Bella, but I really don’t want to help out. Newborns are crazy, and wild, and way to strong. I don’t like it.”

Edward laughed, as did Jasper. “Well, then, I’ll just do it on my own. Humph,” she said, turning away.

“Sorry, love, come back, I’ll help you.” Edward lightly grabbed her hand and pulled her back.

Jasper continued to watch Bella’s fruitless attempts to hunt. He was letting his mind wander when Edward stiffened. “They’re nearly here. We need to get back to the house.”

The three vampires ran to the Cullen mansion, where Alice, Rosalie, Emmet, Carlisle, and Esme were.

“They’re coming.” Edward announced as they flew through the door. The other vampires crouched and prepared themselves.

Jasper counted the seconds ticking by as they held their defensive stances. 43…67…79…85…

The door burst open, revealing Jane, Marcus, Felix, Demetri, Alec, and another vampire.

Carlisle spoke. “Greetings. I know you can see that Bella has been changed. We’ve kept to our side of the bargain, now please, leave our home.”

Marcus scowled. “Carlisle, Bella must consider joining us. We really need her abilities and protection against gifts.”

Jane giggled. “Not like she really has a choice!”

Bella glared at the tiny girl. “I have every choice. Marcus, I do not wish to join the Volturi. Happy?”

“Not much, although you have done what was required…” Marcus muttered.

Carlisle spoke. “Marcus, I have known you many years. We have become something akin to friends. Would you please let Bella continue her existence the way she wishes?”

Jasper could feel Marcus’s indecision.

“I must insist that Bella reconsider.” He said carefully.

Demetri stepped forward. “Aro was very specific…he wants her to come with us. We can do this peacefully, or not. Either way, Bella will be joining the Volturi.” His voice wavered with uncertainty.

“No.” Edward hissed, his eyes the darkest black.

Bella crouched low, glaring at the party of vampires. “I. Will. Not. Join. You,”

Jane smiled angelically. “Very well,” Edward started to crumple and writhe in pain.

“No!” Bella cried, and rushed at Jane.

Felix bared his teeth and leapt at Emmet, while Demetri snarled at Rosalie. Alec and Esme were suddenly locked in combat, and Marcus and Carlisle glared at each other with out moving.

“Marcus, my friend,” Carlisle started, “We must stop.”

Marcus grimaced. “I know, Carlisle…but that time has gone. We are now enemies…”After a pause, the once-friends attacked with remorse and guilt radiating off of them.

Jasper was everywhere, helping out whoever needed his help. Alice was dancing around the new vampire, whom they did not know.

“Ha ha, you can’t catch me!” She giggled and stepped out of his reach once more. The vampire snarled and attempted to bite her throat.

Jasper ran into him with a rage, shredding him immediately. The fight carried on.


Jane stood before the Cullen’s, growling viciously, the smoky air clouding around her.

“Come, Jane. Give up. Go home now while you can, or we will deal with you.” Edward said, his voice ringing.

Jasper felt the fear, anger, and the huge amount of grief coming off of Jane. Her dark red eyes were flickering around the group, never staying on one person for too long. In an instant, all her feelings were consumed with glee and the smallest bit of hope.

A blur of white, a keening scream, and Jasper roared with fury. He leapt at Jane, dragging her off of Alice’s ripped apart body, tearing an arm off. Jane retaliated by grabbing Alice’s piled limbs and throwing them into the hazy fire. Jasper watched them fly, slowly, gracefully, slipping gently into the blaze.

All this in a moment, and then Jasper turned slowly to look at Jane. He could feel his own dispassion, his own hate, his own viciousness. Jane’s eyes widened, her fear rising. The look on Jasper’s face was animalistic.

In less than a second, Jasper was holding Jane close to him, his bared teeth grazing her throat. “You killed Alice.” He said simply, and her head rolled quickly to the floor.

All was silent.

“J-Jasper?” Bella asked hesitantly, reaching to touch him.

Jasper flinched away from her touch, looking at his family. “I,” He gulped. “I need some air,” He bolted out the door.

The family looked sadly after him. Carlisle spoke first. “He’ll be back in his own time. In the meantime, we must plan what will happen next.” The rest of the Cullen’s nodded solemnly, and even Emmet had nothing to say. And life went on.