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Sunrise, Sunset

AxJ. "I kept getting other visions, too, of you and I. We’ll be together forever, you know that, right?” Four-shot (is that a word? i really don't know.) Inspired partly by Romeo and Juliet, by J3nn.


4. Yep, it's Sunset.

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It was rainy, as was usual in Northern Idaho. Jasper stood at the edge of the field, letting his eyes wander across the waves of tall grass, his mind wandering much farther.

“Oh, Jazzy, let’s get a dog!” His memory of Alice said.
“But, Alice dear, we’re vampires! How is that going to work?” In his mind, Jasper saw Alice pout and cross her arms.
“I want a dog, Jazzy.” And so Jasper had gotten her a dog, only for it to be eaten by a very thirsty Edward.

Jasper’s insides were writhing; pain was beating him from every pore of his body.

The frigid drops of water peppered his face, but he was numb. The wind, though it whipped violently around, made no difference to his still form.

“Mr. Whitlock, I must protest!” Alice giggled, dancing out of his reach.
“Excuse me, ma’am, but your beauty cannot be resisted.” Jasper smirked.
Alice grinned and walked slowly over to him. “Are you certain? Will you at least try to resist?” She kissed him sweetly.
“No, I can’t say I will,” He growled, and with a laugh lifted her off her feet.

Esme and Carlisle, Rosalie and Emmet, Bella and Edward, Jasper and…nobody.

They didn’t see much of him anyways. What would it matter?

He was alone. Everyone was busy. Nobody would notice until too late.

Jasper lifted his face to the raging storm above. Would if hurt? Would she be there?

“Where are you?” He asked. His pitch black eyes searched the clouds for anything. “Where ARE YOU?” He roared.

He dropped to his knees.

The pain was simply unbearable. He knew this more than any other would know themselves, for aside from merely feeling his pain, he felt it with acute clarity.

The silver phone hidden in his pocket vibrated silently, and it was at his ear in the same instant. “What?” Jasper asked.

“Hi,” Rosalie’s voice came through.

“Rosalie?” Jasper asked, confused.

“Yeah, it’s me,” He heard a sigh. “I just wanted to check in.”

“Why?” Jasper asked dispassionately.

Another sigh. “I just…missed having my twin.”

There was a pause.

“Yeah, I said it. I miss you.” Rosalie’s voice was harsh, but the hidden emotions were felt by the empath.

“Jasper?” Her voice crackled through the speaker of the phone again.

“I’m here,” He said quietly. “I miss you all as well.”

“Then come back home. Please, Jasper,” Rosalie’s voice could not be considered begging, it was too sophisticated for that. But there was something very akin to it.

“No, Rosalie.”

“Who’s supposed to be my twin now? I’m the only Hale at this new school. It’s dreadful.”

“Sorry,” He whispered. He flung the phone into the blustery sky. It spiraled downward some forty feet away, and the slight noise made by the impact was lost on Jasper’s ears.

His feet were flying before he knew it. Land was eventually gone from under his feet, and his arms propelled him though thick, salty water.

Brushing past delectable people, he only stopped when he was facing the tall impenetrable walls.

He simply couldn’t have told Rosalie that he wouldn’t be her twin again.

There were no guards patrolling on this day.

He snuck quietly into the fortress, and appeared before the two ancients in a moment.

They seethed with anger. “Why have you come here, you should have known that you would be welcomed with death,”

Jasper nodded.

This threw them for a loop. “Well…we shall only kill you if you do not leave immediately.” The leader said, unsure. A kinder side was beginning to show, or so it seemed.

Jasper’s voice was as cold as his heart. “Oh, but I insist.”