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Spring Scent

When werewolves imprint, their hormones go wild during spring. Unforgiving mating season now torments Jacob, knowing he can't have the one driving him wild. Jacob x Bella


1. Prologue

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Jacob's POV

"Stop whining Jake," Leah nagged, "If you told her the truth from the beginning you'd never would have had this problem."

"Shut up," I snapped agitatedly, if she wasn't a member of the pack I would tear her throat out for bringing it up - again.

"Then stop moping and get a life," She snarled back.

I let the sigh escape me; I had a life.


Too bad that leech would take her rosy colour and turn it into cold stone. I growled at that thought. Honestly if she realized the truth after he'd changed her, I'd still take her, then and there; cold and heartless. Of course, I'd prefer her soft and fragile human state. The truth was, regardless of who she was with, I'd never be able to get her off my mind. I'd never be over her or be able to smell any other scent sweeter.

I loved Bella, it pained me just to sit here waiting for her.

"Jacob, honestly I don't want to start thinking about kissing that leech lover's lips again," She shouted through our minds.

"Whatever," I grunted back.

I was running, and hard. No amount of distance seemed to ease the pain, and I never seemed to be alone out here.

I phased back, spitting my pair of jean shorts out of my mouth and quickly threw them on my tall body. I stood on a cliff, looking out over the water. My feet felt good against the earth, it felt real for once. Nothing else did these days.

A cool breeze tousled my hair, in flaring my nostrils hoping to catch another sweet scent of her, nothing. Every inch of my body craved to hold her, kiss her down her neck and body. It wasn't just that I wanted to take her, I wanted more, I wanted her to be happy. I guess I got what I wanted now, she was apparently happy with that leech, or at least she'd convinced herself she was. That was the problem; she was so god damn stubborn.

'It doesn't change anything...'

The words rang through my head. God damn it, Bella. It had already taken me long enough to make her realize she loved me, and that love wasn't something she could just ignore. How much longer would it take for me to convince her I was the one? It was decided long before she was even born; though would it be too late, she was getting married and changing in a matter of weeks. That wasn't enough time and I knew regardless of how dirty I played back in the day I would never tell her the truth. She still needed the options. She had to realize it on her own why everything had come to this. It was hard enough not to think of it when the mind reading leech was around, but with the amount of time.

I had imprinted on her the second I saw her in the valley with that blood sucker. Nothing that strong had every come over me like that moment. And still to this day, nothing would come close to that feeling of belonging and devotion.

I had loved her long before. That only makes things so much harder.

And worst of all; the middle of mating season was my only chance to win her back. I could barely be with her before without craving to kiss her. Now kissing her was the least of my problems, the very breeze of her scent was enough to make me rip off her clothes and claim her.

I wouldn't.

I would have Bella, but I would make it by her choice.

My Bella, my beautiful, beautiful Bella.


I told you it was short, but its just a glimpse.

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