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Continuation of "Alone" All Human Now that Bella and Edward are together, will their lives settle down or will there be more bumps along the way? There will be a lemon chapter here and there.


1. Chapter 1

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Bella's POV

Edward slipped the ring on and I wrapped my arms around Edward's neck as he stood and kissed him. I felt lighter than air and loved more than any other woman on the face of the earth. After a few moments Edward sat me back down on the ground. Alice was the first one to reach us.

"I told you everything would work out, didn't I," she asked as she hugged me.

"Yes. Yes you did."

"So can I plan your wedding," she asked.

"Can I catch my breath first? It hasn't really sunk in yet."

"This came for you today," Carlisle said as he handed me an envelope.

I recognized the return address: Seattle University School of Law. If my hands were shaking from Edward's proposal, they were worse now.

"I'm not opening this right now."

"Why," Edward asked.

"Because if they're telling me I didn't get in, I don't want it to ruin everything that you've done tonight."

"Speaking of tonight," Rosalie said, "who else feels like going out? It's still early."

"Sure," I said.

Alice and Rosalie grabbed my arms and pulled me towards the house. Once we were in my bedroom, Alice went into the closet to pick out my outfit while Rose and I sat on the bed, admiring my new ring.

"Wow, Bella," Rose said. "It looks like it came from a magazine."

It really did. The center stone was a larger emerald cut diamond, with two smaller ones on the side of it, and I assumed the metal was platinum. I was stunning, and I couldn't believe it was mine.

"Bella," Alice said from my closet, "I thought you said you went shopping?"

"I did."

"Well once again, you have nothing to wear."

"Yes I do," I said with a sly grin.

I walked into my closet, shoved Alice out and closed the door. Hidden in the back, was a bag from Victoria Secret and Hot Topic. In the Victoria Secret bag was a lace halter top that was very low cut, which I paired with a skirt from Hot Topic. I had bought them when I was in Florida visiting Renee and Phil. I grabbed a pair of strappy sandals from my shoe rack and walked out. Rose and Alice's mouths hit the floor the second they saw me.

"Oh. My. God," Alice said.

"What," I asked.

"Edward isn't going to be able to keep his hands off of you," Rose said.

"That's kind of the point."

"Wait a minute," Rose said. "Not 24 hours ago you were incredibly self conscious. Where's this coming from?"

"Well, the way I see it is, I hope we run into Tanya so she can not only see the rock, but also so she can see that it's me he wants."

"I thought I heard her friend say something about going to a place called CrowBar," Rose said.

"That's supposed to be a killer club, lets go there."

An hour later we were walking into CrowBar. It was large, loud, dark and perfect. Alice got us a VIP table and ordered us all drinks. Edward could not keep his hands off of me and it made me feel sexy. Alice and Rose knew what that felt like all the time, but for me, this was special. The waitress brought out drinks back which looked like shots of Jack Daniels.

"Now, before we drink, I thought we could do something special. I hope you don't mind, Bella," Alice said.

"No, it's fine. But I won't be drinking one."

"Why," Jasper asked.

"I'll be the sober cab tonight."

"To Bella and Edward," Emmett started, "may the two of you find eternal happiness."

The rest of the night was uneventful. I danced with Edward for a few hours, his hands never leaving my body. It was roughly 1 am when I decided I needed to go to the bathroom. Rose joined me, as did Edward, who waited outside the door. After I did my deed, I started washing my hands. The door to the club opened and I didn't think twice.

"Oh hell no," I heard someone say.

I looked up only to see Tanya.

"Well, I see they'll let anyone in this place," I said. "Hey Rose, it must be white trash night. Can we go?"

Rose walked out of her stall with a confused look on her face until she saw Tanya.

"They should really advertise that," Rose said.

"I know. Oh, did I show you the beautiful ring Edward gave me, Rose?"

Rose, sensing I was toying with Tanya, started playing along.

"How gorgeous. Tanya, you should see this. I think Bella's ring is a bit bigger than yours."

Tanya glanced over and scowled. Rose and I walked out laughing. I waited until Tanya followed and saw me, when I planted passionate kiss on Edward's lips.

"Where did that come from," he asked.

"I just wanted to show you how much I love you."

"Hey Edward," Tanya said.

"Wow...Tanya...how are you?"

"I'm okay. Of course, I'd be better if I was with you."

"I've had just about enough of you, Tanya. Edward is marrying me! He doesn't want you anymore and hasn't wanted you for quite a long time! Let it go honey!"

"It'll be just a matter of time before he comes back to me. He'll get tired of you like he did before."

"Honey, if you were any good in bed, don't you think he'd still be with you? Well obviously what you gave him didn't satisfy him. Only I can do that now. And, in case you wanted to know, Edward screams out my name when we make love, not yours."

Rosalie was laughing hysterically. Tanya stood there with her mouth open, clearly shocked at the words coming out of my mouth.

"See Tanya, Edward will never leave me again. In fact, I think he was with you because you were the first whore he saw. And, lets face it, once a whore always a whore, right? Such a ,-"

Before I could finish my sentence, I was knocked off my feet. Tanya was getting ready to deliver another blow, but Rose stepped in and smacked her away.

"Are you alright," Edward asked in my ear after he helped me up.


"For a girl with harsh words, Bella, you sure can't act on them," Tanya said.

"Well, see I was raised that you never put your hands on a pregnant woman."

"WHAT?!" Rose, Edward and Tanya yelled.

"See Tanya, not only am I the future Mrs. Edward Cullen, I'm the only woman good enough to have his children. And unlike you, I don't have babies to keep a man; I have babies because I love my man. And so help me, if I hear or see you anywhere near Edward again, I'll make you hurt worse than the car accident."

With that, I grabbed Edwards hand and walked back up to our table in the VIP section.

"Bella, did you say what I think you said," Rose asked.

"What? What we miss," Alice asked.

"Are you sure," Edward asked me.

"Yes. I found out today," I said starring into his eyes.

"Found what out today," Alice asked again.

"How fast can you plan a wedding, Alice," I asked, still looking at Edward.

"Depends, why?"

"Because I'm pregnant."

Everything around me disappeared the minute I felt Edwards lips on mine. I had been a bit worried how he'd take the news. I was still trying to figure out how I was going to make everything work, law school; med school, but my biggest worry was how Edward would react. Of course all that changed when he kissed me. Now more than ever I wanted to find out if I had been accepted to law school in Seattle so we could start looking at houses. I didn't want to burden Carlisle and Esme with more kids in the house, even though I knew they loved having them around. But these were things to figure out later, right now, all I wanted was to keep kissing the man who would soon be my husband.