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Continuation of "Alone" All Human Now that Bella and Edward are together, will their lives settle down or will there be more bumps along the way? There will be a lemon chapter here and there.


8. Chapter 8

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Edward's POV

The new year came and brought with it a lot of snow, not to mention colds, mood swings, crying fits, temper tantrums - and that was just Bella! I think stress of finishing school, looking at houses in Seattle and the fact that she's getting bigger was taking a toll on her. Usually on her days off she would spend time with Rebecca (but only when Charlie was working), the twins or study. Now days, she spends her free time in bed with her feet up. Even though she's only carrying one this time around, she says some days are just as hard to move around. Lately, she's been having me rub a tennis ball against her lower back. Sometimes she would cry when I do it; not because I was doing it too hard, but because she said she hurt that much. This was new to her, since the last time she was pregnant, she never made it to her due date. She was still beautiful, even though she would complain that her face is puffy and that her ankles were the size of grapefruits.

Ever since our wedding, Bella has barely spoken to Rebecca and Charlie. She told all of us what had happened and what had been said and asked that we support her decision. We all did of course and agreed not to say anything negative around the twins. She's brought them over to see Charlie a few times, and usually when she returns not only is she worked up, but so is the baby. That usually leads to a night where she's up crying because she's uncomfortable.

Rosalie and Emmett were outside in the snow when she slipped, fell and broke her ankle. Thankfully it was a clean break and didn't require surgery.

Alice and Jasper went on vacation to Paris. Jasper had arranged a meeting with a famous designer to give Alice some tips on taking her clothing line further. They went to Paris with three pieces of luggage and returned with five and three UPS shipments. Everyone loved the gifts she brought back. The twins, however, were more interested in the boxes and packing peanuts than anything else.

Carlisle and Esme had quite scare in February. Esme had found a lump in her breast and everyone started freaking out at the thought of breast cancer. After testing, though, she was found to be free and clear, which made us all thankful. The thought of Carlisle loosing his Esme took a toll on everyone. It's something that none of us ever thought about. How would we be able to move on without her? She's our rock, and without it, I think we all would crumble to the ground.


It was a week until Bella's due date. At yesterday's OB visit, Dr. Danielson commented that Bella had 'dropped' quite a bit and that maybe we should pack our bag and keep it close to the door. When she checked Bella, she said that she was already dilated to two centimeter's, and guessed that she would deliver rather soon. Bella was having contractions every now and then - nothing consistent and they didn't last long, but she said she could definitely feel them. Every position was uncomfortable for her: sitting, standing, sleeping. It was pure hell for her and there was really nothing I could do to make it better.

It was Friday, which meant family game night, something Maddy and Masen loved.

"Mommy, can i sit on your lap," Maddy asked.

"Sorry hun, it hurts too much to sit right now," Bella said. She was standing and rocking side to side on her feet.


"Because Mommy's going to have the baby soon and her back really hurts," Carlisle said.

"Did your back hurt when we were in your belly," Maddy asked.

"Not this bad," Bella said.

The rest of the night went on. Maddy, the queen of "Go Fish" won four games, which made her happy.

After the twins and Bella were in bed for the night, I knocked softly on Carlisle and Esme's bedroom door.

"Come in," Esme said.

"Am I disturbing you," I asked after I walked in.

"Not at all. What's up," Carlisle asked.

"Can I talk to you guys?"

"Of course son. What's on your mind?"

"I'm...I'm scared that something's going to go wrong again. Bella's so uncomfortable, and it scares me."

"Being as pregnant as she is and how low she's carrying is perfectly normal," Esme said.

"I just wish there was something more I could do for her."

"You're doing everything exactly right: you're listening to what she's telling you; you're trying to keep things as calm as possible."

"I didn't think it was helping."

"She may not say it, but it is."

Around midnight, I had just dozed off when I felt our bed shift. I didn't think anything of it, because Bella tossed and turned a lot these days. When I heard the shower turn on, I knew something was up. By the time I got to her, she was already had the warm water running over her belly.

"Everything okay," I asked.

"...fine..." Bela said.

I knew something was wrong though. I could see it in her face and in her body language. She was grasping on the shower curtain, her knuckles turning white.

"Are you sure? Are you having a contraction?"

"...yes... "

"Should we call the doctor?"

"No. It's too soon. There not that consistent yet."

"But love, with all the pain you've been in today, maybe they'll tell you to come in."

"Damn it, just listen to me! If you call them now, they'll only tell you to call later. Besides, I don't want to wake Dr. Danielson."

"What can I do?"

"Just stay with me."

While in the shower, her contractions ranged from five to ten minutes apart. Something kept telling me to call the doctor, but Bella wouldn't let me out of her sight. My fears of something going wrong resurfaced. Seeing the pain in her eyes, listening to her muffled screams and cries, scared me and I actually started shaking at one point.

After about a half hour in the shower, she decided she'd rather walk around. I dried her off and helped her change into something somewhat comfortable and walked around the house with her. A hard contraction hit just outside of Carlisle and Esme's bedroom. She tried to keep her cries as quiet as she could, but a few seconds later, they were both at their door.

"Are you alright, dear" Esme asked.

"Bella, love, please let me call the doctor," I begged.

"Doctor? Is it time," Esme asked.

Bella didn't answer, but gabbed onto me. I balled my hand into a fist and ran it across the small of her back.

"These hurt so bad," Bella said.

"Please let me call," I begged again.

I heard Bella gasp then look down at the floor.

"What is it?"

"I think my water just broke," she said.

An hour later, Bella was checked into Labor and Delivery and had an IV started. Carlisle and Esme were with us for support. Since it was so early, we left a note for Alice and the others telling them we'll call later. Bella was laying on her left side waiting for her nurse to come in and check her.

"Tell me again why I wanted to do this naturally," Bella asked.

"Because you wanted to."

"Can I still change my mind?"

"I don't think so, love."

A tap at the door and in walked Dr. Danielson.

"Was I right, or what," she said as she walked in. "How are we doin'?"

"Just take it out," Bella said as a contraction started.

"Breathe, baby," I said and I rubbed her back.

Once the contraction was over, Dr. Danielson had Bella roll onto her back and checked her.

"My, my. You're already to six."

"Drugs, give me drugs!"

"Are you sure? That wasn't in your birth plan," she said.

"Oh screw my birth plan!"

A few contractions later the anesthesiologist came in and gave Bella her epidural and about a half hour after that, she was still in a lot of pain. The anesthesiologist was called again, and they tried resetting the epidural a little higher, but that didn't work either. I felt totally helpless. Here she was, in an obscene amount of pain and I couldn't do a thing for her.


At about seven that morning, Bella's nurse said she was complete, and paged her doctor again. Since the hospital was considered a teaching hospital, there were a few extra people in Bella's room observing. Bella grabbed my shirt and pulled my face close to hers.

"If you love me, you'll get those people out of here."

"They have to learn somehow," I quietly said.

"Not by me! I'm in too much pain to have an audience. Please, get them out!"

I looked up at Carlisle.

"Is there anything you can do?"

"I can ask, but I don't think so," he said.

I felt the grip of Bella's hand on my shirt tighten and saw that her face was tensing.

"Love, you need to breathe through the contraction, not hold it in."

Dr. Danielson arrived and broke the bed down and got everything ready.

"Feel like pushing with your next contraction?"

"I'm having one now," Bella said.

"Go ahead and push for me," Dr. Danielson said.

"Pull you legs up, chin to your chest, and curl around your baby," her nurse said.

Three pushes in, I knew there was a problem. More nurses and another doctor came in.

"What's wrong," I asked.

"Bella, don't push with your next contraction, okay?"

"Why," she asked.

A nurse hooked up an oxygen mask to the wall and placed it over Bella's face. It was all happening so fast. Before I knew it, I had scrubs on and was sitting next to Bella in the OR.

"Are you okay," I quietly asked her.

"yeah, just a little scared."

"Me too."

"Bella can you fell anything," the anesthesiologist asked her.


"You baby will be out in a matter of minutes," Dr. Danielson said. "Have you two decided on any names?"

"I don't think we ever really talked about it, did we," Bella asked looking at me.

"I think you're right. How'd we miss that?"

"Oh I don't know..something about having two kids and a house full of Cullen's?"

I think that was the first attempt at cracking a joke in over a month.

"You're going to feel some pressure, but that's normal, alright? Just another minute!"

"You ready for all of this again," I asked her.

"Sure am. I doubt it'll be any easier, though."

"At least this time we won't have to leave this one behind like the last time."

"True. Do you think Carlisle has called everyone?"

"That's probably a sure thing."

Then, we heard a tiny cry, followed by a louder one.

"Well hello there!"

I looked down and saw tears in Bella's eyes. I wiped them away and kissed her forehead softly.

"Is everything okay," Bella asked.

"Yes! The chord was wrapped all around your baby. Edward, would you like to tell everyone what you have?"

I stood and peered over the drape in front of us. There, in Dr. Danielson's hands, screaming their lungs off, was my newest, and probably last, child.

"It's a girl!"

An hour later, we were back in Bella's room. I had poked my head out after the C-section and saw my family anxiously waiting and told them everything was fine and that I'd come and get them once Bella was settled.

"Edward, she's so beautiful," Bella said.

"Just like her mother."

"Masen's going to be mad. He kept telling everyone he's having a brother."

"He has Mad to keep him occupied, so I think he'll be okay."

"So do you like the name we've chosen?"

"I do."

"You don't think she'll mind?"

"No. Are you ready for them to come in?"


I left Bella and my new baby girl and walked out to my family.

"That's a good look for you, bro," Emmett said.

I didn't realize I still had my scrubs on.

"Look Daddy! Look at my shirt," Maddy said.

Both she and Masen were wearing shirts that read "I'm a Big Sister/Brother." I can only assume Alice had ordered them.

"Very nice. Do you want to go see Mom?"


Maddy grabbed my hand and I lead her and my family back to see Bella.

"Hey guys," Bella said when we walked in.

Both Masen and Maddy ran over to her.

"Gently," I said.

"So do I have a brother," Masen asked.

"Sorry, buddy, you have a sister."

"Another one?!"

I couldn't help but laugh. Masen sulked off and sat with Emmett. Maddy crawled on the bed and sat with Bella.

"She's small. Was I that small when I was born?"

"No, you were smaller," Bella said.

"So what did you name her?"

I saw Bella steal a quick glance over at Carlisle and Esme, then looked at me.

"We named her Charlotte Esme Cullen," Bella said.