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Broken Soul

Bella has a bad night and needs a release. Her shiny blade looks appealing. for once...bella does not die in my one shots.... i got sick of my mother complaining that my stories are too depressing cos Bella dies...most of the time... this story proves that i am trying lol.


1. Broken Soul

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She held the knife as if it were a pen, ready to write and carve her desires into her arm. She chose a relatively unmarred patch of flesh just below the crook of her elbow, dragging the blade over her skin, twisting the knife this way and that as a low hiss slipped between her lips, the sound made in neither pleasure nor pain, it was simply a sound, a sound almost representing what the tearing flesh could not.

And then came the delicious sting. She had barely begun before the blood started pooling up and drizzling over her skin. She knew she was carving to deep but she didn’t care, it felt too good. She ignored the blood and the dull throb of pain as she carved letter after letter until she was finished the task she was set out to do. A few tears leaked from her eyes in grief but just as quickly she wiped them away with her bloody hand, causing blood to smear along her cheeks. She relished the nip of pain that steadily grew worse as she dipped her head to kiss the mutilated skin.

She moaned in pleasure and fell back onto her bed; she ignored the bloodstains on the blankets beneath her. There so much blood, too much blood, though the flow had slowed considerably, the blood was still pooling upon the skin where it usually would have started to clot and stop on its own. She could seem to bring herself to care; her breathing was heavy, lips stained red of her own life essence.

Her eyelids began to droop as she stared at the newest addition to her collage of scars, her eyes both appraising and scorning the slightly jagged lines and curves, she ran a cautious finger along the lettering and an additional spike of pain raced through her body in protest of the action.


The letters, large and angry ran across her arm, a bold declaration of the depth of her emotion. She pulled her arm to her chest, cradling it against herself as she began to shiver. Memories began to flitter through her mind.

E… Edward leaving her in the forest… D… The lasting internal darkness…W… A knife carving into flesh…A… blood washing down a drain…

R… … The first time Edward kissed Bella… D… A name carved so deeply it fails to heal…

“Edward” she moaned, unable to stand the grief that plagued her, but terrified to lose it should she in turn forget the loss of her soul mate. “I’m sorry Edward”

Her eyes fell shut even as she blinked to keep them open; she had to clean up after herself. She tried to process her broken thoughts but was interrupted by a shuddering yawn that carried her over the edge of consciousness and into the land of the doze, where only haunted dreams and aching memories awaited her.

She would deal with everything in the morning, a morning that would come all too soon in her opinion.