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Stranger in a strange place

How can you fit in when you are utterly diffrent? Kiara prided herself on being loner. She didn't want to fit in with the masses. After ripping herself from her mothers womb she was mentored by a vamp that has more self control then anyone of her kind and is also the most chipper being you'll ever find. Almost seventeen years after Kiara and Desiree find each other they find themselves in the small sleepy town of Forks. Follow as they find others that share their way of life and more.


1. Stranger than most

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“Stranger than most”

The wind whistled through the tree tops. Looking up, little droplets of water hit my face, running down my neck and into my black shirt.

The sun never seemed to shine in this sleepy little town. It was a perfect place to hide in plain sight.

I stepped out of the woods, allowing my hood to fall from my head. I fanned my raven black hair out, letting the rain plaster it to my wet clothes.

"Kiara?" My older sister's questioning voice came from behind me. Although Desiree wasn't my real sister, she had taught me everything I now know. I turned, and her questioning topaz eyes wandered from my face to our new surroundings.

"Are you sure about this place, Dezzy?" I asked.

She did not answer, she just smiled and opened her arms, twirling around; a movement that would make any prima ballerina green with jealousy. I crossed my legs Indian style and floated into the air, meditating. Dezzy froze and glared at me. "I really wish you wouldn't do that in the open," she grumbled.

"This place makes me worry. The humans will be easy enough to charm, but I sense something big here." I lowered myself touching down lightly on the balls of my feet. "I think that we should find a house away from town."

Dezzy ran up the nearest tree, her straight auburn hair flying out behind her. "You know that no one is going to believe me to be your mother. We look nothing alike." she sang, swinging back and forth on a branch.

I smiled, my green eyes lighting up with humor. "Did you think that was my plan?" I raised myself up to Desiree, landing on a branch next to her. "No, my cover story is so much better than that. You see, you're my older half sister, from a different mother. After my parents died in a tragic car accident you got custody of me. We moved here because you just graduated from college and you're about to start at the local hospital."

"You're so lucky that I have had six hundred years to be able to control the bloodlust that plagues my kind." She pointed out.

"I sure am glad that you did. If you wouldn't have been in that hospital in Payson sixteen years ago and figured out what was going on with my mother, I wouldn't be here. I owe you my life." I finally levitated myself in front of her. "You are the only family that I have ever had. You love me even though I'm a monster that killed my own mother."

"No, you were created by a monster. Now repeat after me. I am not a monster I was just raised by one." She giggled girlishly and dropped to the ground.

I lowered myself slowly, hovering two inches above the ground. "There is no way that you are a monster, Dezzy. You made it the work of your immortal life to save these fragile dim witted creatures that make half of me."

She giggled again and ran back into the cover of the woods. I continued to allow the rain to wash the travel grime from my body. I would find Dezzy later. She was no doubt finding some large animal to sedate her thirst. It had been a year since I had hunted and killed for my food. I was hungry enough to let my more primal instincts take over.

I found Dezzy quickly in the middle of a small herd of deer not far from where she had re-entered the woods. I took off running, my eyes closed, allowing my other senses to guide me to my kill.

My eyes flew open when the scent of the buck ten feet away overpowered me. I flew through the air, pulling the large buck to me; floating as I sunk my teeth into the pulsing heat of his neck.

The thirst controlled me now, all my senses screamed out in pleasure as the first squirt of warm blood covered my tongue and flowed down my throat. I sucked hard as the buck thrashed in my arms.

Although the blood sedated me it never would taste right. It was woodsy. I had never and would never kill a human to quench the light burning in my throat. Dezzy had once explained her thirst to me. My own was nowhere as powerful or uncomfortable. The burning only happened when I hadn't eaten anything for some time. I tended to eat human food, keeping my stomach full. I really didn't care for the taste but I refused to kill just for something tasty. I was lost in my thoughts and had not realized that the buck was dry.

"K, I don't think the heart is going to start again and pump more blood in your mouth." Dezzy put her hand on mine and I dropped the carcass.

I continued hovering several feet from the ground, my eyes closed again in meditation. "There are other vampires here." I said pointedly. Not bothering to open my eyes. "A powerful coven, their number is large." I furrowed my brow in concentration before I continued. "There is another unknown energy entwined with them."

Even though I couldn't see her, I knew Dezzy was shocked to hear my revelation. My vampire father had left a gift in the blood that pulsed through me veins. Well, multiple gifts. One I had not realized I had until recently; the power to move things with my mind. I had always been able to sense other beings and decipher what they were. Whether human, vampire or the unknown being I was sensing now.

"We can worry about all that later. I think it is time to head back to the motel. We have another long day tomorrow. Registering you for another school, finding a house that suits us and my first night at the hospital.."

I opened my eyes sighing. "I suppose you're right, traveling has not allowed much in the sleeping department." I set myself on the ground and followed Dezzy as she led the way back to the car. The wood whipped by as Dezzy sped down the highway back to the run down motel we had chosen to stay the night at.

I unzipped my soaked hoodie, pulling it off and throwing it into the cluttered backseat. "We should really clean this thing out. It is so starting to smell funny in here. I'm betting there are a few things growing back there that could win an elementary school science fair."

Dezzy giggled and pulled quickly into a space in the motel parking lot. "That would be your fault. I don't eat food you can get from a drive-thru window."

I rolled my eyes and pulled myself out of the car slipping the key into the lock of our room. The door creaked loudly as I pushed it open. I flopped myself on one of the ratty twin beds, closing my eyes. I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.

The next morning Dezzy woke me before the sun was up enough for it to fill the room with light. "Go away the sun isn't even up yet." I grumbled, pulling the blanket over my head.

"Please, it's almost eight in the morning." She pulled the blanket off the bed and threw a towel at me. "Go shower. Today is your first day of school. I have to meet the realtor, she called ten minutes ago and said she has a few houses I might like."

I pulled myself out of the bed. I cursed Dezzy under my breath for keeping me out all night as I walked into the bathroom. The spray of the shower woke me the rest of the way. Although the hot water did not last long I hardly noticed when the water turned ice cold. I reluctantly turned off the water and pulled myself out.

Today was not a day that I was looking forward to. I would be starting at the local high school. In a town this small there couldn't be more than three hundred students. I was going to stick out. I patted myself dry and dressed in a pair of khaki cargo pants and a plain black t-shirt. Slipping my feet into ankle socks and my black and gray board shoes, I walked out of the bathroom and grabbed my skateboard. Opening the door to the gray outside world I scowled at the non-existent sun. I climbed into the car next to Dezzy turning around and grabbing my now dry hoodie.

"Let's get this show on the road." I motioned for her to start the car.

"K, you don't have to be such a grump about this." Dezzy's always chipper attitude did nothing for my dark mood.

"We can't all be morning people." I grumbled and pushed my hair behind my ears. There was absolutely no point in drying it, plus I didn’t own any modern day torture devices such as a blow-dryer.

Dezzy parked in front of the small house-like building that had a sign indicating it was the office. "If this school didn't have a sign I would never have thought this was it." Dezzy was already pulling papers out of her briefcase.

I opened the glove compartment and pushed the yellow button, popping the trunk. I pulled myself reluctantly from the car and yanked my backpack out of the trunk. Dezzy was already in the office filling out paper work when I walked in. Sitting down in one of the padded folding chairs I rolled my skateboard back and forth with my feet.

"Thank you Ms. Williams, I hope Kiara will be happy here at Forks High." The lady behind the front desk said. "Here is her schedule, a map of the school. Oh, and please make sure she has all her teachers sign this and returns it to me at the end of the day."

Dezzy took all the paper and walked the few steps over to me handing me the papers. "You heard the nice lady." she said "and try not to get kicked out of here on your first day." She whispered the latter part only loud enough for me to hear.

"As you wish." I mumbled kicking my board up and catching it with my right hand before walking out the door.

I peeked at my schedule. "Great P.E first thing in the morning."

Flipping to the map I traced the best path to the gym with my finger. This school should be easy enough to navigate. I sighed, dropped my board, stepped on it and kicked myself forward. "Have a good day." I heard Dezzy say behind me.

The gym was easy to find. When I walked through the doors there were already several volleyball games going on. I approached the teacher indicated as Coach Clapp on the schedule.

"You're supposed to sign this." I murmured, thrusting the paper in his general direction. The paper had my name across the top of it and several lines where the teachers were to sign.

Coach Clapp scribbled his name on the paper and handed it back to me. "You can sit on the bleachers today."

I threw my backpack and it hit the bleachers with a loud thud. Those students that weren't already looking at me sure were now. "Not like I'm not already a freak." I grumbled and stared off into space until the bell rang.

I took off out the gym with my bag and board in hand.

My other morning classes went by slowly. Math was okay, numbers were always easy. Spanish on the other hand was a totally different story. That woman was infuriating. She butchered the language, her dialect was all over the place, and her pronunciation was horrible.

In English I hadn't read any of the boring books that were required. That was going to make for some sleepless nights, or some really good sleep and cliffs notes.

I went through the lunch line and found a empty table. Propping my feet up, I pulled out my worn copy of "Deathly Hallows". I had managed to get through most of the day without talking to a single person other than teachers.

"Harry Potter fan, huh?"

I sighed and dropped my book looking at the person who just spoke to me. The voice came from a dark skinned boy who was smiling at me.

"What was your first clue?" I retorted before popping the French fry in my mouth that I had been holding for the last several minutes.

"Names Colin Crowley." he introduced himself and I suppressed a chuckle. That was far too close to Colin Creevey for me not to.

I quickly composed myself before speaking. "Kiara Williams." Taking the hand that he offered me and, I shook it once before dropping it and returning my attention to my book.

"What's your favorite part?" He asked, taking a seat in the chair across from me undeterred by my lack of interest.

"The end is the best part." I said, not looking up.

"When Voldemort gets what's coming to him?"

"No, old moldy balls was always going to get it in the end from the Gryfindork. I like Molly Weasley, she shocked and amused me." I sat forward when I heard Colin laugh.

"I never heard anyone call Voldemort that." I smiled at him. At least someone here would get my sense of humor.

"What about you?" Finding something in common with the boy made him slightly more interesting.

"I personally like the part where Crabbe, Goyle and Malfoy get it." he smiled wider and it made his whole face light up, which I decided made him much more handsome.

"I think Draco is just misunderstood. His dad is a pansy that is basically Voldie's bitch. Draco had to do something, plus I think he failed so many times on purpose. No one can be that incompetent."

He sat, thinking for a moment. "I don't know you're known by the company you keep."

The bell rang and I closed my book, pushing it back in my bag.

"What class do you have next?" He asked excitedly.

"Biology and then Government."

"Cool we have our last two classes together." This didn't surprise me and I had no idea why it did him.

"Well I guess I will allow you to walk me to class then."

Colin chattered happily all the way into class. We parted ways at the teachers desk. Mr. Banner, as he introduced himself, gave me a seat next to Colin anyway. I took notes while Mr. Banner lectured, ignoring Colin as much as possible.

Government went by quickly only because I chose to read my book instead of listening to the teacher. I sat in the back of class, blocked from the teacher view by a large boy.

I skated back to the parking lot after the final bell rang I guided my skateboard around the other kids on the sidewalk. When I made it back to the front office I jumped up and grabbed my board before landing on my feet. Entering I put the signed slip in the basket and exited again. Dezzy was standing outside her parked car in the misting rain, practically busting at the seams to hear how my day went and to tell me about hers.