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Stranger in a strange place

How can you fit in when you are utterly diffrent? Kiara prided herself on being loner. She didn't want to fit in with the masses. After ripping herself from her mothers womb she was mentored by a vamp that has more self control then anyone of her kind and is also the most chipper being you'll ever find. Almost seventeen years after Kiara and Desiree find each other they find themselves in the small sleepy town of Forks. Follow as they find others that share their way of life and more.


2. The unknown

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“The unknown”

Supremely happy to have a door again, I sat in my room playing mind numbingly violent video games. Of course Dezzy had to screw that up by lopping gracefully into my room.

I glared up at her. “I thought we agreed you were going to knock.” I said before returning my attention back to the hooker I was beating to death for her money.

She walked back over to my door and knocked on it. “Happy now?” Shewassmiling happily.

“Extremely, now what do you want?” Pausing my game, I placed the controller on the floor next to me.

“You’ll never guess what happened at the hospital tonight.” She bubbled happily.

“Lets see, you worked on sick people.” The sarcasm in my voice was evident.

“Of course that silly.” She paused dramatically.

“Spit it out! Can’t you see I’m on pins and needles” Sarcasm again. I really did love being sarcastic.

“Another vampire doctor” She danced around my room happily.

“What? There is another vampire as masochistic as yourself.” This time I was actually curious.

“Oh, yes.” She said sitting Indian style between me and the T.V. “His name is Carlisle Cullen. His family is the one you sensed.”

I closed my eyes and my body automatically rose into the air as I began meditating. Seconds later my eyes popped open. “Were you followed here?”

She looked at me confused “No.”

I shook my head. “That unknown energy is strong about a mile into the woods behind the house.”

“Oh, who cares about that.” she said gesturing nonchalantly towards the window. “Carlisle wants us to come and meet his family.” she bubbled.

I lowered myself to the floor scowling “Do you think that’s wise? They're such a large coven of unknown vampires.”

“Relax K, they don’t drink human blood either.” This surprised me, in the past sixteen years we had never come across other vampires such as Dezzy. Now we find a large coven full.

“I still don’t like it. These vampires are strong and they are connected somehow to this other energy.” I whispered more to myself. I knew by the look on Dezzy’s face that reason would not work on her. “Fine, when do we head into the lions den?”

“This weekend, I explained that you’re in school and you have to fit in and all that.”

I glared at her darkly “You didn’t offer up too much information on me, did you?” That would be all we needed, people finding out what I was before we could explain how it happened. Something like that happened once before to almost deadly consequences.

“Against popular belief, I’m not stupid, Kiara.” Dezzy’s normal cheerfulness now gone only replaced by a scowl that trumped any of mine.

“I never said you were stupid, just careless at times. For a vampire of your advanced age it’s a wonder you lasted as long as you did before I came along.”

“You know what, you can be insufferable.” She said stomping out of my room and closing the door loudly behind her.

I laughed to myself, it was always so much fun to piss off Dezzy. Her Scottish heritage always came out in a brogue.

Over the next several days a few people joined Colin and I at our lunch table. One in particular I liked had introduced herself as Lisa. I had noticed that in gym she was clumsy, tripping over her own feet more often then not.

It turned out that we had Spanish together as well. I had never noticed that she sat next to me until that Friday.

She laughed uncontrollable when I corrected the teacher a little too loudly. That earned us both a trip to the principle’s office.

I finally spoke to her when we were out of the classroom. “Sorry about that, she just murders the language.” She was quick to smile, but not as quick to respond so I continued. “My sister Dezzy is going to be pissed. I haven’t even been here a week and I’m already being sent to the principle.”

“I don’t think it’s your fault that you’re smarter than the teacher.” Lisa had a high pitched voice that reminded me of Minnie Mouse. Her hair was so short it was hard to tell what color she meant it to be, but I guessed she was going for blue even though it looked almost as black as mine.

“For some reason I don’t think she will care.” I grumbled but managed a small smile.

“You never know, they may not call her.” She pulled open the office door and handed our slip to the lady.

“Have a seat both of you, Mr. Greene will call you in one at a time..” We both sat on the folding chairs she pointed to and awaited our punishment.

“Ms. Williams.” Mr. Greene called from his office. I followed the sound and stopped at the open door. “Come in and shut the door.” I did as he asked taking the chair in front of his large desk. “I hear your disrupting your Spanish class.”

“Not really, I just corrected Senora. She does not seem to like being told she’s wrong.”

“Your last school warned me that you had a discipline problem.” His face was turning red. Had I said something wrong?

“The teachers were dumb. I could have taught those classes way better, plus I kind of blew up the chem lab.” I laughed

“I’m going to be watching you Ms. Williams, now get to lunch.”

“I’m so scared.” I whispered to low for him to hear.. I had managed to get off with a warning. I was not going to push my luck.

I walked passed Lisa and gave her a huge smile and a wink before Mr. Greene called her name.

When I got to the cafeteria Colin was waiting outside the door for me. With the large boy that sat in front of me in Government. “I heard you got kicked out of Spanish.” He greeted me with a smile.

“News travels fast in this school.” I grumbled and walked through the door he held for me.

“A rebel and fine to boot.” The large boy said walking behind me in the line.

“Who’s he?” I asked Colin pointing at the boy.

“That‘s Jeff. He plays on the football team with me. He‘s the quarterback.” He said shrugging.

“Great, a jock.” I grumbled as I looked into Jeff’s eyes.

“You have the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen.” Jeff said in a husky voice. His flirting was just getting cliché now.

“Thanks, my mom gave them to me.” I grabbed a few things, putting them on my tray not caring what they were.

My solitude didn’t last longer than a few seconds, then they joined me again.

“We‘re going out this weekend, you and me.” Jeff said. He seemed harmless enough so I agreed to go with him before the bell rang.

Before I walked to the parking lot I gave Jeff my number and told him to call me tomorrow. “We’ll make plans to see the movie on Sunday.” I said

I got into the car with a very angry looking Dezzy. She glared at me all the way home.

I finally got tired of it. “What?” I asked as we walked through the door.

“You couldn’t even go a week.” she spat.

“So, they did call you. I hoped they wouldn’t.” I said throwing my backpack on the couch.

“Yes, of course they called me. Mr. Greene said you gave him attitude.” I rolled my eyes. “ Go change your clothes, Kiara, we’re meeting the Cullens tonight. Put on something presentable.”

I stomped up the stairs and slammed my door without touching it. I took a deep breath and pulled my legs up floating in the middle of the room with my eyes closed. I felt the unknown energy strong right outside just on the other side of the trees. I opened my eyes and drifted to the window.

Standing there a large wolf. Forget that, the wolf made a grizzly look like a cub. The wolf had gray and black fur. It stepped out and looked directly into my second story window. I was so shocked at the intelligence in the wolf’s eyes that I lost concentration and dropped to my floor with a loud thud.

“What the hell was that?” I asked myself after standing and seeing the wolf gone. I rubbed my backside deep in thought.

“Are you ready yet?” Dezzy yelled up the stairs.

I quickly changed into my favorite pair of cargo pants and a shirt saying “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.” I raked my brush through my hair and exited my room, sliding down the banister and landing lightly next to Dezzy.

“You call that presentable?” She pushed me towards the door. “Lets go.”

After getting in the car, Dezzy pulled out a detailed map and memorized it, then started the car. We drove fifteen minutes before she pulled onto a road that I had not noticed. It took another few minutes before a huge white house came into view.

There were four male vampires standing on the front porch. One reminded me of a bear and he had a wicked smile on his face, two were blond and the older one had to be Dr. Cullen, then there was one that had the most unusual color hair it was bronze.

I looked at Dezzy before returning my gaze to our welcoming party. “Are you sure?”

“Just behave,” she said as she put the car in park and got out.

“I will if they do.” I retorted, before exiting myself.

“You weren’t very forth coming about Kiara.” the one I assumed was Carlisle spoke first.

“I told you she is very special.” Dezzy replied smiling at me.

“We see that,” he said. “I’m Carlisle Cullen these young men are my sons, Edward, Jasper and Emmett.” He pointed to each one as he spoke their names.

“She thinks too much of me. As you already know I’m Kiara.” I said, offering Carlisle my hand. He shook it and stared into my eyes.

“You're only half vampire.” It was a statement, not a question.

“That’s what I was told.” I shrugged

“Well this is most unexpected.” The one Carlisle introduced as Edward spoke.

“Not many believe that my kind are possible.” I moved over to the porch and offered my hand to each boy in turn.

“We are all to aware that your kind are possible. I have a daughter.” Edward said.

I masked my shock and just nodded, not trusting myself to speak.

Dezzy did that for me. “You're kidding, we thought Kiara the only of her kind.” She walked over to us “By the way I’m Desiree Williams.” she offered them her hand.

“Why don’t we take this inside. There are others that would like to meet the both of you.” Carlisle said walking into the house in front of us.

There were five female vampires in the large front room and a small child that I knew automatically to be Edwards daughter. She looked distinctly like him and the women that was holding her.

How is this possible? This child obviously belongs to the woman holding her. I thought not really knowing how to broach the subject.

“It’s a long story on how Bella was changed.” Edward answered my unasked question.

I raised a black brow in question “Huh?”

He laughed “I can hear your thoughts.”

“Nifty trick.” Great, like I need someone else in my mind. “I got a trick of my own.” I pulled my legs up without thinking I closed my eyes and floated there. The wolf energy hit me like a ton of bricks it was so strong it knocked the breath out of my body and caused me to fall to the floor. I sucked in before I spoke. “Tell me your connection to that big ass wolf that I saw outside my window and why the energy is so strong here. Is there more than one?” I closed my eyes and I answered my own question. “Good God sixteen. What the hell are they?”

“Not these questions already, K, we just got here.” Dezzy wined.

“Hush.” I spat not opening my eyes. “They’re circling about a mile out but only four… no five of them.”

“The dogs are circling the wagon.” I opened my eyes to see who spoke and I seemed to be the gorgeous blonde sitting with in arms length of the child.

“Do I sense that you don’t like the big ass dogs?” I asked with a smile.

“They smell. I’m Rosalie.” she introduced herself.

“Nice to meet you. What are these dogs as you call them?” I finally stood and looked out the wall sized window.

“Shape shifters from the reservation.” she answered

“Hmmm… so many of them and they are getting closer.”

“They mean no harm.” Another of the women said.

I turned and looked at her she had caramel colored hair and she was now standing next to Carlisle. “And you are?”

“Esme, Carlisle is my mate.” she answered sweetly she had a motherly quality about her.

“Kiara” I relied. “What do they have to do with you?”

“Allies and friends.” This time I saw that the one Edward had called Bella who spoke.

“Well, I guess none of this is my business just tell the grey and black one to stay away from my window.” I said before I turned around.

“That would be Embry. He’s curious about you.” Edward was now standing next to me.

“Not much to know.” I finally smiled and turned to introduced myself to the last of the women. “I’m Kiara. What’s your name?”

She was smaller than me and her features were pixie like. “Alice.” she was just as chipper as Dezzy.

“Oh you and Dezzy are going to get along well.” I winked at Dezzy.

“We should be great friends.” Dezzy said bouncing up and down.

I shook my head and knelt next to the small child on the floor with her mother. “And do you have a name little one?”

Her answering smile was stunning. “Renesmee.” She didn’t look more then five or six but from my own experience I knew she couldn’t be more than a year old.

“Such a pretty name for a pretty girl.” I said playing with one of her curls.

She reached up and placed her hand on the side of my face. Pictures of several Indian boys flashed across my vision and then what I assumed were their wolf forms. I shook my head when she removed her hand.

“She wants to know if you’re going to hurt them.” Edward explained.

“I have no desire to harm anyone.” I answered her unspoken question.

She placed her hand back on my face and this time the picture were just slightly different.

“I didn’t think they wanted to hurt us.” This time I figured out what she was telling me without Edward.

She smiled again and then placed her hand on her mothers face.

“I don’t know if Jacob is coming over.” Bella answered.

“Please don’t let us keep your friends away.” Dezzy said, smiling and bouncing her way to the couch to sit with Alice.

“Yeah, sure, why not. I’m already here you can point out this Embry and I can tell him to stay away myself.”

Emmett shrugged and walked out of the house laughing to himself.

Several minutes later only four very large boys walked through the door.

“I must be slipping, I thought I sensed five.” I said standing from my spot next to Renesmee. “Which one of you is Embry?”

No one answered my question the tall burly one laughed and then smiled impishly.

“Are you he?” I asked

“Oh no way. My name is Quil.” he answered.

I raised my brow and then returned his smile warmly. It was hard not to his smile was infectious. “Names Kiara, nice to meet you.” I offered him my hand and he took it. The temperature of his skin was off for a human just far too hot.

“I’m Seth.” the younger looking one piped up.

“Hello.” I said he was happy like Dezzy as well.

I looked at the largest one who had made his way to Bella‘s side. “And you are?”

“Jacob” he said

I turned to the last one he was tall, slender and the best looking one. “That would make you Embry, right?”

He just stood there quietly his brown eyes seemed to look through me to my soul. It was too intense to stared at him so for the first time in my life I lowered my gaze to the floor.

“Yeah, that’s Embry.” Seth answered I shifted my gaze looking into his smiling face.

“Oh” I said and quickly peeked at Embry under my lashes. “Do you mind not spying on me.” I turned my back on him.

“I-I wasn’t spying on you.” he sputtered

I turned to him my temper flaring “What do you call it then, reconnaissance?”

“Basically.” He gave me a smile and my heart skipped.

I shook my head “Well, stay away from me.”

“I would love to.” He grumbled

“And what is that supposed to mean?” I growled.

“Nothing I won’t bother you.” his answer confused me.

“Good” I said before turning my attention to Seth. “You look younger than the others.”

“That’s because I am.”

“Makes sense then.” I shrugged “So what is there to do around here for fun?”

“Not much. Go to Port Angeles.” Seth answered

“Yeah I have a date on Sunday for a movie there.”

Embry made a noise I could have sworn was a growl and stormed out of the house.

“What’s his deal?” I asked as I watched him leave.

“He’ll explain it to you sometime.” Quil said smiling again.

“Why can’t you explain?”

“Not my place.” His face was serious now.

“You are odd.” Dezzy had made herself comfortable with the others. She was chattering happily. “Well have I met everyone that I need to? Can I now live a happy existence?”

“You have met everyone in this family.” Edward informed me.

“Good. Can I go home now Dezzy?” I asked as I headed for the door.

“I am enjoying their company. Can’t you just wait for a while longer?” She pleaded with me.

“I can find my own way home. It was nice to meet all of you.” I said as I opened the door.

“Can we accompany you home?” Quil asked

“I don’t need an escort.” I rolled my eyes. “But if you really want to watch me play my Playstation 2, you're more than welcome.”

“Right on, she has video games.” Quil said, following me out with Seth behind him.

“So are you going to change?” I asked

“Nope I think we can keep up with you in human form.” Quil answered.

“Good, it kind of creeps me out the whole changing into wolves thing.”

“It’s really cool.” Seth said

“To each their own.”