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Drowning in Sorrow and Other Twilight Related Poems

Poems about Twilight. Rated teen just to be safe.

Disclaimer: Its all mine, unless there is some connection between it and one of Stephenie Meyer's lovely stories, then it is hers.

1. Chapter 1

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Stony face and hard eyes

Crawling through the lands where secrets lie

Can’t stand the pain that’s pulling him down

He’s lost and needs to be found

Because he’s drowning in sorrow

Brocken angel who’s lost his grace

Wants’ to go back but can’t find the place

Lost in the world and he can’t get back

Walking in a rope that’s become to slack

Because he’s drowning in sorrow

Sticks and stones and broken bones

Grubby couches and dead phones

Noose to the neck, blood flows red

Can’t escape the horrors inside his own head

Because he’s drowning in sorrow

The golden angel that fell from the sky

Wasn’t there to see those that cried

So lost in the dark he was unable to see

So hidden by shadows he forgot about me

Because he’s drowning in sorrow

No longer hidden, free of pain

Rescued by saviours, fears washed out with the rain

Pulled back from the edge by a ray of light

Someone to guide him out of the night

Because he was drowning in sorrow