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Drowning in Sorrow and Other Twilight Related Poems

Poems about Twilight. Rated teen just to be safe.

Disclaimer: Its all mine, unless there is some connection between it and one of Stephenie Meyer's lovely stories, then it is hers.

2. Chapter 2

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My life was once an eternal night,

A moonless sky, few points of light

When you came in all reason was lost

My carefully guarded life ruined, upgraded, but for a cost

Your blood it calls, like the forbidden fruit

I would have traded anything to be your death’s recruit

You were not afraid, my concerns dismissed

So against my better judgement I fulfilled your wish.

I let you in and my secrets out,

They say love is blind but I still had my doubts.

It was but in a flash that came a sudden strife,

Your mortality threatened, the price was your life.

With my sister and brother you fled back to your sun

Play time was over, the only choice - run

You fooled the phsychic, ran straight to the tracker

Protect you loved ones first and then your self after.

The struggle was hard but for you I’d do it over

Your blood I resisted, forced to sober.