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A Suicidal Romance

Name changed from 'A Beautiful Suicide'
Bella's suicide. But she's not so pathetic like in most stories. But there's a twist.....

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2. Goodbye.

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The wind blow wildly. My hair would have been blowing around in my face if it wasn't for the tan hat, my hair was pulled back into. The hat matched my tan trench coat. I walked right down the center of the the road. The town was completely bare. It was slightly raining. The town had a ghostly feel. All the time I'd spent in Forks, it was never like this. I walked through town, to the dirt road leading to my house. I kicked a few stray rocks, stalling. I looked up into the sky. It was blue, even know it was raining. Two birds flew across the sky, they flew close together, as if there were in love. I couldn't cry, but rain drops rolled down my face, as if taking the place of were my tears would be. I didn't want to walk into the house, but from what I could hear it was quiet. I walked slowly till I reached the front door. I took a deep breath before turning the doorknob. Jasper immediately rose from the couch. He walked towards me slowly. I didn't like it. I through off my coat and hat, letting them fall the the floor. I ran into his arms. He was so much bigger then me. I felt safe. I buried my face into his chest. He lifted me, so that he was cradling me in his arms. He sat down on the couch, I was still cradled in his arms, I buried my face deeper into his chest. At this moment I really wished I could cry, and just release all the emotion I was holding back. He stroked my hair. And repeatedly whispered "It's okay." After a little while he said something new and different. Looking for an answer.

"You could have stopped him." He said

"Yes, I could have. But what good would that have done?" He paused, he probably couldn't find the words. I wouldn't know what to say if I was in his position either. I continued on

"Edward would be miserable if we stopped him, and he would just keep trying again, and again."

"Bella shouldn't had done that, it-" I stopped him. He could not be blaming Bella for this!

"Jasper no. This is not Bella's fault. She loved Edward. He loved her. Their love was so magical, wasn't it? You felt the emotions more then any of us did."

"Yes I did. It was very strong, I don't think I have ever felt something so strong."

"I know." I sighed "Edward was head over heels for Bella. He loved everything about her, he loved all her flaws. I have never seen him so happy before. And Bella was such a lovely girl. She was my best friend."

"Yes she was very lovely. She loved Edward. Not once did she ever think about the monster we are. I never felt a negative emotion from her about Edward." Jasper said.

"We can only hope that they are together, somewhere, beyond us." I truly hoped that Bella and Edward were together, where they should be in the after life. Edward deserved Bella. She was everything for him.

They were truly star crossed lovers. I will miss them both so much. I will miss the smiles that crossed Edward's face when ever he saw Bella. Or the way Bella blushed and her heart started to beat faster when Edward touched her. Their love was like nothing I've ever seen before, it was magic, it was heaven. It was something only people dream about. I don't blame either of them for what they did. I just truly hope that Bella and Edward are happy, together, somewhere beyond us....


I stood in the meadow where Edward had brought Bella. I sat down on the grass. It was sunny out. My skin sparkled. I held in my hands a picture of Bella and Edward. I had never felt a sadness like I was feeling. I punched a hole right through me. It was painful. I dug a small whole, and laid the picture in it. I pushed the dirt over it. I stared down at the grass. My hands folded in my lap. Then in that moment, I felt a drop of water slash on my hand. I touched my face. Oh my gosh! I was crying!? I didn't think it was possible. Tear crashed from my face, turning the grassy dirt into mud. The emotion over took me. I felt to the ground. My head laid in a small patch of flowers.

The sky blackened and it started to rain, coming down hard. I let myself cry. Releasing my emotions. Grieving for the ones I loved and lost. I spoke slowly, and it was barely a whisper

"Goodbye Bella, Goodbye Edward. I will always love you, both. Be happy."