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The wolves didn't arrive. Laurent raped and kidnapped Bella. she is his slave. WARNING: READING THIS FANFIC COULD SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Rated Teen for slightly graphic desrciptions.


10. Chapter X

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“What’s your game?” Edward asked, blocking my path. I had been out hunting and was heading back when he appeared.

“What are you talking about? I’m out for a walk Edward, is that allowed?”

“A week ago you were being held prisoner as a vampires slave. How come you’re now living it up?”

“I’m not. I live with him now because I was in a car accident, Jason met me and we fell in love. Get over it”

“You don’t love him”

“Jealous much?” it was childish but true.

“And, you are just out for a walk here?”

“YES! And now, I’m going back to the house”

“Bella, when will you stop lying to me?”

“EDWARD! I’M NOT LYING! UNLIKE YOU!” I was so angry. He abandoned me and then he decided to take me back. I felt rage consuming me. I heard thunder echo above me. A flash of lightning.

“I’m going Edward” my voice wasn’t loud anymore; it was like ice slipping over my tongue. The thunder and lightening continued but snow began to fall. I walked back to the house.

“Jason! Melissa! Daniel!” I called.

“Bella, remember there is no need to shout. We are vampires too”

“I know, but I think I’ve done something. I got angry and it started a storm. And then it started to snow”

“Bella” said Jason. I spun around and he kissed me. I was used to Jason being very forward and sudden but I was still taken by surprise. But I kind of enjoyed it.

“Jason, you can stop now” he stopped and I noticed that the sun was now streaming through the window.

“Looks like your emotions can affect the weather Bella” said Daniel.

“You got to be careful then” said Melissa “or you could end up having a hurricane if you get to angry” there was a knock at the door. I went and opened it and was startled to see Alice.

“Bella, what the hell are you doing? You know Edward loves you and yet you’re tossing him aside for some bloke you don’t even know!”

“Alice. I care about you very much, but you don’t know anything and you can’t boss me around anymore. So please, please push off. I’m busy” I told her, shutting the door. I didn’t enjoy being rude and nasty to Alice but there were more important things then Edward at the moment.

“Okay then. Jason, please keep an eye on her”

“I don’t need a babysitter!” I protested.

“I’m not a babysitter. I’m just looking out for you Bells. Like any boyfriend would” I rolled my eyes.

“Jason! I thought that was just to get Edward to leave me alone!” but while part of me clung to that knowledge, part of me wondered what it would be like to be Jason’s mate. I knew he would never abandon me; he’d take care of me forever.

“But why? I can tell you want to”

“I think your ego is running away from you, Jason,” said Melissa, dryly.

“C’mon Bella. I think you’re my match! Please?” he gave me puppy dog eyes.

“Jason…I’ve had my heart broken to many times. Edward, Jacob. I can’t break it again”

“I wouldn’t break it. I’d mend it. I’d do anything for you” his eyes were filled with sincerity.

“Please?” I could barely whisper my reply but I managed.