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The wolves didn't arrive. Laurent raped and kidnapped Bella. she is his slave. WARNING: READING THIS FANFIC COULD SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Rated Teen for slightly graphic desrciptions.


12. Chapter XII

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We took Kyna home and gave her some food.
"Jason, what are we going to do?"
"We can say we adopted her and that her parents died in a car accident"
"That wasn't actually what I was talking about. I was talking about Victoria and Laurent"
"Oh! They'll probably come back and we can kill them" I raised an eyebrow at him.
"What? We can! Relax Bells!" he said. Kyna came back in.
"Thanks for looking after me. My mum and dad were in a car accident and they didn't love me," she said it like a matter of fact.
"Who was that little boy?"
"My half brother, Michael. My mum and dad got divorced"
"But you said your mum and dad were in a car accident?" Jason asked.
"Yes, he wasn't my real dad. My mum always made me call him dad. I hated her after she left my dad, he was the only person who cared about me" she seemed so small and sad.
"Well, don't worry, we'll look after you" Jason promised.
"What was your name again?"
"I'm Jason Green, and this is my girlfriend Bella Swan" Melissa and Daniel came in.
"Who's this?" Melissa asked.
"This is our new adopted daughter Kyna"
"Hey Kyna, I'm Melissa and this is my husband Daniel" Melissa said. The doorbell rang. Jason went over and opened it. It was Alice.
"What do you want Alice?" I asked, wearily.
"I came to talk to you Bella. Because we're friends!"
"Were friends. Before you, guys abandoned me, without even saying goodbye. Right now I have more important things"
"You said that last time I came over"
"Well, this time I'm busier!"
"Who's that?" asked Kyna.
"Who is that?!" asked Alice.
"That's my adopted daughter Alice. We recently acquired her, and she's going to be staying with us. Kyna this is an old friend of mine, Alice"
"Hello!" Kyna said, smiling. She looked so sweet.
"Hello" said Alice coldly "Bella, I need to talk to you privately"
"Okay Alice, let's go" she led me outside into the cool air.
"I've had a vision" she whispered to me "People are coming looking for you"
"Who Alice?" her eyes blanked as she searched her vision.
"It was Victoria. She went to the Volturi and told them about you. They're going to come and get you and insist you are turned or killed!"
"Who are the Volturi, Alice?"
"Italian vampires, they're like vampire royalty. There are three main ones, Aro, Marcus and Caius. And their guards"
"Alice, when are they coming, and where will they arrive?"
"They've left already. They'll be here in an hour. They'll arrive in the forests and follow your scent trail" Jason and Daniel came outside.
"Bella, we're going on a long distance hunting trip, with Melissa. Will you and Kyna be okay on your own?"
"Yes" I said. Alice looked stunned that I wasn't telling them.
"Thank you Alice. Now, leave. They won't hurt me," I said confidently. She looked shocked, until I hugged her. My skin was the same temperature and texture.
"But in case they do, tell Edward that I loved him. Tell him, that I really loved him. And tell Jason, that while I only knew him for a short time, he healed me" I told her.
"I will"
"Goodbye Alice. You will always be my friend, my sister" she smiled, and was gone.