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The wolves didn't arrive. Laurent raped and kidnapped Bella. she is his slave. WARNING: READING THIS FANFIC COULD SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. Rated Teen for slightly graphic desrciptions.


14. Chapter XIV

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"What the hell?! I haven't answered!"

"Yes but the daring rescue by your friends has made your choice clear" Jason and Edward were looking confused.

"You are free to go Bella. Perhaps we will see you in the future under less grave terms" he walked off and I was left with Jason and Edward. Edward moved first, sweeping me into his arms.

"I thought I'd never see you again!" he kissed me. Jason coughed and Edward let me go.

"Er...sorry" Edward said as Jason wrapped an arm round my waist.

"Curious" said a dead voice. We turned to see that one of the milky-eyed vampires was still there. He looked slightly perplexed.

"Indeed" said Edward "Bella, you know each vampire has a mate. A perfect match just for them?"

"Yes..." I said, unsure of where he was going.

"You have two" said the other vampire. I was stunned.

"Maybe there is a force that controls the world. A God or something. And when I left you it gave you a new mate, to protect and comfort you" said Edward.

"I can't be without you Bella. I've only known you for a short time but I'm in love with you already. If you want Edward, then I don't know what I'll do. I'll surrender you because it will make you happy, but I'll miss you everyday for eternity. I'd share you if I had too" said Jason.

"And so would I. I may have already blown my chances with you but if you still want me I will care for you for ever" Edward gave me his crooked smile. Jason smiled too.

"I just wished he was uglier" said Jason. We laughed but I wanted to cry. Edward must have realized as he carried me to his vanquish. He drove while Jason cradled me in the back. I wanted Kyna back! I'd got attached to that little girl. Even when I'd been planning to stay, at least she would be safe. It was my fault! Rain tapped on the roof, illustrating my sorrow and replacing my tears.

"What's wrong?" Jason asked.

"They took Kyna. We'll never see her again" I sobbed without tears, into Jason's arm. There was silence as one thought pounded in my head until it became imprinted on my brain.

Your fault! Your fault! Your fault! It consumed me.

"It's not. It's ours, there's but never yours Bella"

"How can you read my mind?" I asked miserably.

"It seems when you manipulate the weather in a negative way, your shield drops. I think if you really focused on it then it would raise again" Edward said. I thought about how I loved Edward, how I'd felt when he'd left, Jacob, Laurent, Victoria, Charlie, Jason, anything.

"I'm sorry Bella; I didn't want to hurt you. I only wanted to protect you"

"At least you got me out of it" said Jason. Even though I was sad, I laughed and rolled my eyes. The rain lessened.

"C'mon Bella! Be happy!" said Jason.

"I'll sing" he threatened. He started singing don't worry, be happy, very loudly and off key. I laughed and the rain stopped completely. Jason smiled.

"See. There is life again!" he said. I knew he was right but I could still only think of Kyna. Edward groaned.

"I can't hear you now" he complained, glaring at Jason. This would be hard even though they declared to ‘share' me; they would annoy the hell out of each other. But deep down they were like each other. Loving, sweet, overly protective and a tiny bit arrogant. I knew it wasn't fair on them to have to share me and that each time I touched the other it would hurt but if I chose it would hurt more. But I knew what I had to do.

"Jason...I‘m sorry. I care about you, but I‘ve never stopped loving Edward. I know it will hurt you, but I need him. I can‘t be without him, ever" I felt the rain start again on the roof.

"Please forgive me...I just can‘t"

"Bella, there‘s nothing to forgive. I love you as much as is possible and I want you to be happy. If Edward is what you want, then stay with him. I‘ll never forget you...and if you ever need me...I‘ll be there" I laid my head on the windowpane and cried without tears.

I knew what I had done was right...for me at least. I hoped Jason would be given a second chance, like I had. He deserved better then me. I hoped Kyna would be okay and I vowed to find her one day.

For today, I am Bella Swan. Prisoner no longer.

Sequel preview

I had finished my chores and was heading to my room in the basement of this dark and draughty castle. I reached the dorm and quickly made sure no one was there. I was in luck. I lay on my bed and opened the chest at the end, which stored my clothes. I lifted the plank of wood, which hid my stuff in it. Pictures from when I was seven. Me, Bella and Jason. Bella and Jason. For me, those two names meant mum and dad. No, they were better then mum and dad. I'd only known them a short amount of time but they'd loved me and if I thought of home, I thought of them. The door opened and I looked up guiltily.

"You shouldn't do that," I said to my best friend, Alana.

"What? Sneak up on you? I didn't"

"Never mind" she sat next to me and I put my pictures away.

"Are you ready for it?" she said. She was referring to the selection. When I turned sixteen, Jack the ruler of the castle would decide if he wanted me as one of his many brides (he had one in each castle he owned). If he decided yes, he would present me with a necklace with a diamond heart on it as a sign to other vampires that I belonged to him.

"He may not pick you," said Alana.

"He probably will"

"It could be worse, rich, powerful, beautiful and eternally young"

"Yes, but I'll never have kids! Never get married to someone I truly love because even if I do escape, I'm going to have to either turn them which I don't want to do or I'll end up killing them"

"Don't worry about it. Live for now while you can. Let's go meet the new stable boy!"

"How will that cheer me up?"

"He is way hot"