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The Secret Life Of A Rock Star

Edward and Bella have been best friends for years. They know each other inside and out, but Edward is hiding one huge secret. Suddenly he becomes a huge rock star over night, and he ask Bella to be his manager and personal assistant. Will there love blossom into something more?

This story is slightly inspired by my only other obssion, other than Twilight & Edward Cullen, Mr. David Cook. Also it's slightly inspired by the films Rock Star & Almost Famous. I'm also going to try and include a personal soundtrack to this as well = )

1. The Fight

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"She's the girl all the bad guys want"

Bella Swan and I have been the best of friends for years. Ever since the day I kicked the shit out of Mike Newton for trying to cop-a-feel of her breast, we’ve been inseparable. We know each other better than we know ourselves. In order to understand our relationship, it’s best to start at the beginning.

It was the first day of our sophomore year of high school at Forks High. My third class of the day was Biology, and I had made it to the class before anyone else due to the fact that my second hour class was just across the hall. As I sat there in my chair, I watched the class flood with other students. I begin to get lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly heard a rowdy group of kids come barging in, as they took a seats at the lab table next to mines.

It was Mike Newton and his football friends. They were cutting up, throwing paper, and just being plain obnoxious. They were holding a conversation about how “hott” they all thought the new history teacher, Ms.McKay, was and how she had such a “banging” body, and that they all wanted to “hit that”.

Really, I thought to myself, didn’t these dumb ass kids parents teach them anything about respecting women?

If Esme, my adoptive mother, ever heard me say anything even remotely resembling anything those boys had said about a female, she’d slap the taste right out of my mouth. I guess living with three females for the past several decades, you learn a thing or two about how to treat and respect woman of the human and immortal form.

Oh yeah, did I mention that I happen to be a one hundred and seven year old vampire, trapped in the body of a teen-age boy for all eternity? Were not the bad kind of vampires though. We have respect for human life and we don’t kill people, instead we have chosen a “vegetarian” lifestyle and we live off the blood of animals. It’s one of the reasons we’re able to blend in so well with humans. It’s also the one secret about myself that I’ve never told Bella, anyways back to the story.

So there I was, praying that the bell to start the class would ring soon so that the teacher would call the class to order and I wouldn’t have to hear Newton and his friends mindless bull shit anymore. Suddenly the bell begin to ring and I caught a whiff of Bella. Although we weren’t friends or anything I’d know her scent anywhere’s. She smelled like freesia, lavender, and strawberries all rolled into one. It was one of the reasons I enjoyed sitting next to her in one of the classes we had together the year before. She always smelled so enticing.

She was rushing into class at full speed, trying her hardest not to be late. It had been raining all morning, as it often does in Forks, and her shoes must have been wet. Her foot slipped on the tile flooring and hit the corner of my lab table, causing her to trip. I quickly tried to grab her before she hit the ground, but Newton had beat me to it. Mike and I glared at each other for a second, before I took my seat again.

I knew she was going to fall before she did, and had I used my vampire speed I would have left Newton in the dust, but I couldn’t do that with so many witness around. I think they’d become a little suspicious if they saw me move at the speed of light.

“Thanks,” Bella replied politely.

I saw Newton take a quick glance at her breast.Holy shit, she has got great tits, I have to feel them, He thought to himself.

Oh yeah, did I also forget to tell you that I can read anyone’s mind, except for Bella’s? I’ve never figured out exactly why I can’t read hers, but for whatever reason, I just can’t. It’s one of the reasons I like being around her so much, it makes me feel more human not being able to read her thoughts. Back to the story…

He wouldn’t! I thought to myself in utter shock, there’s no way he’s that much of a pig headed, jackass is there?

“No, problem Swan.” he replied, as he helped her gain her balance, and made sure he slyly slid his hand over her left breast.Oh my god, he would sink that low, what a complete and total fuck-tard!!, I screamed in my head.

That was just too far, just as I was about to speak up on Bella’s behalf, she beat me to it.

“What’s the matter Newton?” she asked, “Got tired of feeling on fake breast and wanted to see what real ones felt like?”

Damn, I didn’t think she caught that, Mike thought.

Really, I said in my head, how dumb does he think she is?

“What are you talking about Swan?” he asked.

“I’m talking about you just trying to grope me.” she snapped, “Are you really so dumb that you thought I didn’t notice? Oh wait I’m sorry, that was so incredibly rude of me, I completely forgot that you are that dumb.”

I chuckled a little at the fact that Bella was definitely able to hold her own against him, Mike must have heard me.

“You got something to say Cullen?” he asked, putting on his best tough guy act.

I knew I could take him, but I honestly didn’t want any trouble, so I just sat quietly.

“That’s what I thought.” he added.

“Whatever Newton, just get out of my way and let me take a seat.” she said, as she shoved him out of her way, and tried to make her way to her seat.

“Your delusional. It’s ok though, a lot of girls wish I’d feel their tits, your not the only one.”

“Hey!” a voice shouted, I knew immediately that it was Jessica Stanly, there was no way in hell I could not recognize that voice, even if I tried, and believe me, I’ve tried.

To say she had a crush on me is putting it mildly, it’s more of a very unhealthy obsession that she should really seek some serious professional help about. She asked me out several times before, and I always turned her down in a very gentlemanly fashion, but she was relentless. She was very small and petit, with dark blond hair, blue eyes, and a nose job. She was the type of girl who was friendly on the outside, but being able to read her thoughts, I knew that on the inside she was just a heinous bitch. She held absolutely no appeal to me. She was more of the type of girl Mike would go for, which is why what happen next was no shock to me.

“What?” Bella shot back at her.

“I don’t appreciate you pushing my boyfriend!”

“Well, I don’t appreciate your boyfriend trying to feel me up!”

Jessica walked over to Bella and they were now toe to toe.

Girl fight, girl fight!!, one of Mikes friends shouted in his head.

“In your dreams,” Jessica replied, “He was just helping your clumsy ass up. You should be thankful he was nice enough to stop you from falling!”

“That’s right, you tell her babe.” Mike chimed in.

“Besides, why would he want to feel on your boobs, when he can feel on mines?” Jessica said smugly.

“Because mines are real, and not some botched up boob job like yours.” Bella replied.

I’d had enough, it was time to call Mike out on his bull shit.

“Mike, you did try to feel on Bella’s breast, I saw you.” I interrupted.

Bella looked at me almost as if she was shocked that I had spoken. I shot her my best smile and winked.

“Why don’t you stay out of this Cullen?” Mike said, stepping up to me.

“Why don’t you stop groping innocent girls, and go date rape your mom or something?” I shot back, “Or is that the only way you can get any action?”

I heard Bella giggle a little.

“So what if I did cop-a-feel, it’s her own damn fault. If she wouldn’t dress like such a damn slut, and would stop being such a fucking cock tease, it wouldn’t have happened.”

How dare him call Bella a slut because of the way she was dressed! She was wearing jeans and a pink long sleeved flannelled shirt that met at her waist, with the first two buttons undone, but it was tasteful, not sleazy. His girlfriend was the one wearing a mini skirt and tank top when it was forty degrees outside! That was it, I lunged from my seat tackling him to the ground with so much force that we slid into the lab table, moving it a few feet.

We were going blow for blow, me with the upper hand when suddenly I heard Jessica yell.

“Hey, get off of him!”, as she jumped on my back and begin to claw at me.

“You get off of him!” Bella shouted.

As she grabbed Jessica by the hair and yanked her off of my back, she then gave Newton a quick stomp to the groin before turning her attention backto Jessica.I knew it Jessica and Bella were yanking and pulling at each othes hair and tussling.

The fight ended with me not having a scratch, and Mike with a bloody nose, and a twisted ankle.

There goes his football season, I thought quietly to myself.

As I sat in the principles office with Newton I couldn’t help over hearing his thoughts.

Christ, my nuts hurt, he thought, I can’t believe that fucker Cullen hit my in my junk, doesn’t he know the guy code? You never hit another dude in the nads!!

A smile creped upon my face, if only he knew it was Bella that delivered that crushing blow, and not me.

I started to wonder if they had finally broken up Bella and Jessica’s fight. They had broken Mike and myself up rather easily, however the girls were still going at it while Newton and I were being drug into the office. I had hoped Bella was ok.

Just as that thought popped into my head I looked up to see two deans and a coach dragging the girls into the office. Both girls hair was disheveled and wild, their faces red with welts and scratches, the fight had obviously ended in a draw.

“Have a seat next to Mr. Cullen over there, Ms. Swan.” the dean commanded, “Mr. Newton and Ms. Stanly in my office, now.”

Bella looked at me and I watched her walk over, as the dean closed the door after Mike and Jessica were in her office. She took a seat next to me and we sat in awkward silence for a few moments.

“I’m sorry,” I said apologetically.

She looked at me confused.

“Sorry, why are you sorry?” she asked.

“For getting you into trouble.”

“You didn’t get me in trouble, I should actually be thanking you for sticking up for me.”

I smiled at her.

“Anytime,” I said.

“Your Edward Cullen, right?” she asked.


“I’m Isabella Swan, but everyone calls me Bella.” she said, as she shook my hand.

“Yeah, I know, we had a few classes together last year.”

“I remember.” she said, with a smile.

We sat in another awkward silence, Bella finally broke it.

“So, do you get into fights often?” she asked with a cute little smile.

I laughed a little.

“No, actually this was my first, other than rough housing with my brothers.”

“Oh, how many brothers do you have?” she asked.

“I have two brothers, Emmett and Jasper. I also have two sisters, Rosalie and Alice.”

“Wow, you must come from a big family.”

“Well, were not blood related, were adopted.”

That was the story we told everyone in town. Despite being over one hundred years old, Carlisle and Esme looked far too young to have four children of our ages. We just told everyone that they couldn’t have children of their own, so they adopted us.

“Oh..” she replied.

“What about you, do you have any siblings?” I asked.

“No,” she said as she shook her head, “I’m an only child. My parents divorced when I was just a baby.”

“Must be hard.”

“A little, but there’s no use being upset over it, I can’t change it so I might as well live with it.”

We were quite again.

“So, Edward Cullen, what do you do when your not rescuing innocent girls from pig headed jocks?” she asked with a smile.

Before I could answer, the dean interrupted us.

“Mr. Cullen and Ms. Swan, in my office.” she barked at us.

We both stood up, prepared to take what ever consequences we received.

“Ladies first.” I said, as I let Bella walk ahead of me and lead the way.