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The Secret Life Of A Rock Star

Edward and Bella have been best friends for years. They know each other inside and out, but Edward is hiding one huge secret. Suddenly he becomes a huge rock star over night, and he ask Bella to be his manager and personal assistant. Will there love blossom into something more?

This story is slightly inspired by my only other obssion, other than Twilight & Edward Cullen, Mr. David Cook. Also it's slightly inspired by the films Rock Star & Almost Famous. I'm also going to try and include a personal soundtrack to this as well = )

2. Dirty Little Secrets

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"I'll Keep You My Dirty Little Secret"

As we sat there listening to the dean go on and on about how violence was never the answer, I couldn't help by try to listen in on Bella's thoughts, but got nothing. Normally I would have agreed with the dean, I was not a violent person at all, and this was actually the first physical fight I'd ever been in, but Mike had it coming. I had gotten so lost in my failed attempts to hear her thoughts that I didn't even realize I was staring at Bella.

“Mr. Cullen, are you listening to me?” The dean said, stealing me away from my private thoughts.

I immediately snapped out of my daydream and answered him.

“Yes, sir, violence is never the answer. Got it.” I answered.

He looked at me skeptically.

“Well, seeing as nether one of you are considered a discipline problem, you wont be suspended from school.”

I heard Bella let out a breath of relief.

“However,” He added, “You will both have to spend this Saturday at the Forks Community Center, volunteering with the keep kids off the streets and away from violence program, it that understood?”

“Yes, sir.” I answered.

Great, I thought, I get to spend my Saturday with screaming eight year olds, perfect.

“You are both dismissed.” the dean added.

We both grabbed our bags and made our way out of the door. I knew I had to find away to get to know her a little better, I couldn't understand what drew me to her, but something did.

“So, I guess well be seeing each other Sat then?” I asked.

“Yeah, I guess so.” she replied.

“Do you know anything about kids?”

“Well, I've baby sat for my neighbor a few times, so I have some what of an idea.”

“Good, cause ...” Suddenly someone shouted from down the hall.

“Bella!” the deep voice shouted as we both turned around.

Thats when I saw him.

“Bella,” He called out as he ran towards us.

Who the hell is that? I thought.

I then saw Bella open her arms and hug him.

“I heard Newton tried to grope you and you ended up getting into a fight with Jessica Stanly and someone else took care of Mike Newton, are you ok?”

“I'm fine.” she answered as she hugged him. “Edward, this is my boyfriend, Jacob Black. Jake, this is Edward Cullen, the guy that took care of Mike for me.”

Of course she has a boyfriend, I thought, she's too pure and perfect not to.

Suddenly I caught a whiff of something that smelled god awful, almost like a wet dog. I then noticed Jacob had the same look as I did. I quickly realized what it was. Vampires smelled just as terrible to werewolves, as werewolves smelled to us vampires. Jacob was a werewolf, and he knew I was a vampire.

Oh my god, he's a vampire? I heard him think.

Does she know he's a werewolf? I thought.

“Do you guys know each other already?” Bella asked.

Lucky for Jacob, I was a good lier.

“Uh..yeah,” I answered, “We met once last year through a mutual friend.”

“Oh really, who introduced you guys?” she asked.

“Uh...Sam,” Jacob answered quickly.

“How do you know Sam, Edward?” she asked.

“Oh, we only met once, on La Push beach last year. I was spending the day out there with my family and Sam and I were both uh.. surfing and we got to talking and then Jacob showed up.”

“Wow, I didn't know you could surf Jacob.” she stated with a smile.

“Uh..yeah, I'm not very good at it though.”

Apparently Jacob was just as good of a lier as I was.

“So, how much trouble did you guys get into for fighting?” he asked.

“Not too much,” she said, as he put his arm around her, “Edward and I just have to spend the whole day Saturday volunteering with a community program.” she answered with a frown.

“But we were supposed to go to Port Angles this Saturday.” he pointed out in a disappointed tone.

What the fuck? I thought, his girlfriend was just violated by a douche bag jock and all he's worried about is not getting to go to Port Angles? What the hell is wrong with this mutt?

“I know, I'm sorry.” she said apologetically.

“It's ok,” he said, “I'll just get Sam and Phil to go with me.”

All of a sudden the bell rang, and we were all going to be late for class.

“Well, we better get to class.” Bella said.

“Yeah,” I agreed, “I'll see you Saturday.”

I need to talk to this leech, Jacob thought, so I slowed my pace.

Bella smiled and took Jacob's hand as she went to walk away in the opposite direction, but Jacob didn't budge.

“Aren't you going to walk me to class?” Bella asked curiously.

“Uh.. no, I have to go to the bathroom, so I'll just meet you after class, ok?”

“Fine.” she said in a sad voice.

It pained me to hear sadness in her voice like that.

She kissed Jacob's lips and headed towards her class. As soon as she was out of sight, Jacob called out to me.


I stopped and turned around and saw him jogging towards me.


“Ok, look.” he said once he caught up to me, “We both know your a blood sucking leach of a vampire, I can smell your stench from a mile away.”

“Hey, you don't smells so hot to me ether pup.” I pointed out.

“Look Nosferatu, just stay away from Bella ok. And if anything happened to her while she's with you Saturday there will be hell to pay, got that.”

“I can't believe your actually worried about her safety with me. I'm not the one who has violent mood swings and explodes in to a flea ridden mutt when ever I get pissed off.”

“Just returned her back safely Le Stat and we'll have no problems alright.”

“Is she even aware of the fact that your a mangy mongrel?”

He didn't answer, and had a look on his face as if I had hit a nerve. She was definitely in the dark about it.

“Heres whats going to happen Fido, I wont tell Bella about you being a wolf, you wont tell her I'm a vampire. After Saturday everything will go back to normal.”

“Fine, you just better keep your end of the deal, Dracula.”

“Same goes for you, Lassie.” I answered as I walked away and headed to class.

So much for getting to know her better.

I was fifteen minuets late for class, and now I had to write a paper on why being on time to class was of the essence.

Just peachy I thought.

The rest of the day went by just as slow as it had started and I couldn't wait to hear the bell ring to go home. When it finally did ring I remembered I had to go to my locker and get a few things for the paper I now had to write, before heading to my car and going home.

When I opened my locker door, a note fell out on to the floor.


I had Art class with your sister Alice,

and asked where your locker was. We need to talk, here's my number.

Give me a call tonight when you can. 595-8595

<3 Bella

I'm sure Jacob will love this, I thought as I grabbed my things and exited the building in order to make my way home for the evening.