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The Secret Life Of A Rock Star

Edward and Bella have been best friends for years. They know each other inside and out, but Edward is hiding one huge secret. Suddenly he becomes a huge rock star over night, and he ask Bella to be his manager and personal assistant. Will there love blossom into something more?

This story is slightly inspired by my only other obssion, other than Twilight & Edward Cullen, Mr. David Cook. Also it's slightly inspired by the films Rock Star & Almost Famous. I'm also going to try and include a personal soundtrack to this as well = )

5. Conversations

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"It's like a knight in shinging armer from a long time ago."

The morning wasn't unlike any other morning. I woke up, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and got dressed just as I did in my dream. And just for laughs I even chose to wear the same jeans and t-shirt I wore in my all to real dream the night before. Once I was finished getting ready I made my way down stairs and was greeted by Alice.

“Good morning Edward.”

“Good morning Alice.” I replied as she handed me my keys and smiled.

“Did you sleep well?” she asked with a giggle as we made our way to the car.

Normally having a sister who could see the future so vivid and accurately was awesome, but at this moment I seriously sucked ass.

“Not a word.” I demanded as we climbed into my car,

Alice just smiled as though she wanted to laugh, as I hit the gas and took off like a bat out of hell.

We made it school, or as I liked to call it purgatory, in record time. Maybe I wouldn't have despised school so much if I hadn't repeated it for the past ninety years or so. It never changed through out the decades. Ok maybe it had changed a little bit over time, but not significantly.

Although I must admit that it did amuse me that all of the teachers thought we Cullen kids were so bright and smart. I mean how could they not think that, we never got a question wrong and we all made straight A's. If only they knew that the reason for this was not that we were intelligent, but that we had repeated high school over and over again.

I mean don't get me wrong we were all smart individuals, but when you've repeated four years of high school over and over again for damn near a century you're bound to learn a thing or two.

The bell rang signaling us to go to our first class of the day. I decided to make a quick stop at my locker before I headed to class. As I begin to place my things in it, I heard a voice.


Of course, I thought to myself as I turned around to see Bella walking towards me with a bright smile.

Visions of my extremely vivid dream popped into my head, I was starting to think maybe Bella Swan was an angel sent by god to remind me of what I could never have. God, why are you taunting me like this?

“Hello Bella,” I finally responded as she approached me.

“What are you doing in this building?”

I smiled and pointed to my locker.

“Oh, right silly question.” she replied.

She looked back at me and blushed with embarrassment caused by the question. Seeing the blush on her cheeks brought back memories of the dream and I could feel myself becoming aroused.

Dead puppies,dead puppies,dead puppies, I chanted in my head, Jacob Black making love to Bella. And that did the trick, erection terminated.

“So.. what brings you over here?” I asked.

She smiled and pointed to the class room next to my locker.

“This is my first hour class.” she answered.

I peeked my head to see who the teacher was, and recognized him immediately. It was my Math teacher from last year, he was moved from freshmen classes to sophomore classes this year, and he was a total pain in the ass.

“Ew.. Mr. Owens.” I replied.

“Yeah, I see you already know him.”

“Yeah, he was my math teacher last year, before he got moved to tenth grade classes. He's a jerk.”

“Yeah, I've already noticed that.”

We both laughed.

She's out in the hall talking with boys, if she's not in this class before that bell rings she will be serving a two hour detention after school with me, I heard Mr. Owens thinking.

“Well, I better let you get to class before the bell rings.” I said.

“Yeah, wouldn't want to be late to Mr. Owens class.” she said sarcastically with a laugh.

“No, you wouldn't, trust me.”

I've had detention with him before for being late. The speech he gave for the whole two hours was painful.

“I'll take your word for it.” she answered, “See you in Biology.” she added.

“Yep.” I responded and watched her walk into the class as the bell was ringing.

She made it just in a nick of time, I on the other hand was going to be late and in trouble...AGAIN!

Every time I'm near this woman trouble follows me. Maybe she's more like a devil woman sent her to taunt me and get me into shit loads of trouble, I joked to myself as I ran to my class.

Luckily for me we had a sub in my first class of the day, so I wasn't in trouble. Our regular teacher hadn't left any assignment for us so I took out my i Pod and decided to listen to some music and sleep for the remainder of the hour.

Music was a huge part of me, even in my human life. I've always loved it, I liked everything from blues to rap, from hip hop to country, from pop to punk, but my favorite was rock.

Just as I was starting to drift off into sleep I was awaken by the bell ringing for us to go to our next class. I popped my head up, threw my I Pod back into my bag and walked across the hall to Biology, my one and only class with Bella.

I took my seat at my lab table by myself and waited for Bella to arrive. I watched the door impatiently until I finally caught her scent and knew she was near. I got a little dizzy from her sweet scent filling the air as she walked into the room. She walked over to my table and pulled up a seat.

“Wanna be lab partners?” she asked

Who was I to say no?

“Sure,” I answered with a smile.

She smiled back and let out a sigh, as if she were relieved I accepted her invitation.

“I want to thank you again for what you did yesterday.”

“No problem, it was my pleasure.”

We both giggled a little

“So how did your first class of the day go?” she asked,.

“It was great. We had a sub so I got a nap in, and I didn't get into trouble for being late because of you.” I teased playfully.

She flashed her bright smile that would put the sun to shame.

“Hey I didn't make you late, you were the one carrying on the conversation.” She teased back.

I smiled at her and was rewarded with a giggle from her.

“We'll both take some blame, deal.” I said.

“Deal.” she replied.

We both looked into each others eyes and smiled. The bell rang for class to begin.

“Well class,” the teacher, Mrs. Keller begin, “Seeing as what happen yesterday, I think we all need to have a talk about why we should never use physical violence."

Bella let out an annoyed groan.

Not again, I wined in my head.

Mrs. Keller spent the whole hour preaching to the whole class about “using our words instead of our fist”.

The whole class was annoyed by it. Their thoughts ranged from “Whatever lady” to “God I wish this bitch would shut the fuck up!” No one cared at all what she had to say about the fight, myself included.

It was excruciating having Bella right next to me and not being able to hear her soft, perfect voice. I kept peeking glances at her and a few times I could have sworn I caught her taking peeks at me as well. During one of my quick glances I noticed she had her eyes shut and her breathing was relaxed. She was obviously falling asleep.

She looked so beautiful and peaceful. Much like I would imagine Snow White would have looked when she laid sleeping her coffin. Only Bella was much prettier. Although it pained me to wake her, I didn't want her to get in trouble for sleeping in class I nudged her foot. Her eyes quickly popped open and she looked towards me.

“Wake up.” I whispered

She adjusted herself in her seat so that she was sitting straight. She faced th board and remained that way until the class was over.

Once the bell finally rang we grabbed our things and walked out of the class room together.

“Thanks for waking me up before I got busted,” she said, as we continued to walk.

“Not a problem, I didn't want to see you get in trouble” I answered with a smile.

“We'll aren't you just a knight in shinning armer.” she said in a playful tone.

“Your wish is my command.” I said as I bowed.

I looked up to see her blushing and smiled as I stood upright and started to walk with her again.

“Ha ha, very funny.”

“Well thank you.”

“I'm serious, you always seem to be around right when I need rescuing, why is that?”

I didn't know how to answer that. I honestly didn't know, sure I was a vampire, but that didn't explain why I was always around when she needed me.

“I don't know, I guess I'm just always in the right place at the right time.”

“We'll it's lucky for me that you are.”

I couldn't stop smiling as we strolled along.

“We'll.. this is my class.” she said.

“I guess I'll see you later.” I replied dreading having to tell her goodbye.

“See ya,”

I watched as she walked into her class and I made my way to my own. I hated having to to tell her goodbye.

If only I could hear her thoughts maybe it wouldn't be so bad, I said to myself.

I went to my next class, and was distracted by thoughts of Bella all class hour. Thank god I didn't need to pay attention, because I wold have failed the pop quiz at the end of the class.

Once that class was finally over it was time for lunch. I made my way into the cafeteria to buy my lunch, or props as my siblings and I liked to call them. Although we could eat the food with no problem, it didn't taste very good to us, or smell very good for that matter. We only purchased food during lunch to help give off the illusion that we were human. I paid for my lunch and took my seat at the table with my family.

“Hey Edward,” Emmett said as I took my seat.


“Were going hunting tonight, you want to come?”

“Sure why not.”

“After that we'll play some video games.” Jasper added.

That reminded me.

“By the way, you guys will have to occupy your time some other way tomorrow. I'm taking the Wii and the rock band game with me to the community center to keep the little brats under control.” I confessed.

“Dude you suck.” Emmet groaned.

“So, how has your day been?” asked Alice.

“Fine,” I answered in a tone reminding her to keep quiet about my dream last night.

Don't worry Edward, your secrets safe with me, she assured me in her thoughts.

I smiled at her to say thank you. I suddenly smelt Bella and looked around the cafeteria to catch a peek of her.

She's probably with the mutt, I thought.

When I finally spotted her I saw her sitting alone at a table, doing what I guess to be her homework.

Why is she sitting alone? I said to myself.

“Go over there, you know you want to.” Alice said encouragingly.

I smiled at her.

“No!” Rosalie commanded.

Although I loved Rose as a sister, she was the mother of all bitch's.

“Why not?” I asked annoyed, knowing what her answer would be before she said it.

“Because, she's human she's not one of us. She can't know our secret.”

“And I'm not going to tell her, Christ Rose how dumb do you think I am?”

“Dumb enough to try and be friends with a human.” She replied.

“Well, I don't care what you say. I'm going over there so you can just put on your big girl panties and get over it.”

I removed myself from the table dumped my tray and walked over to her. She didn't even see me coming.

“Now you know, it's not safe for a nice girl like you to be sitting all alone like this.” I said with a smile as I took a seat.

She looked up from her notebook and smiled.

“Hello Edward,” she answered.

“Hey, so you gonna tell me why you sitting alone today?”

She let out a sigh before answering.

“Jacob ditched today.”

“Why is that?” I asked.

“He was up late hanging with the rest of the boys on the reservation, and decided to play sick.”

That mongrel lied to her. He wasn't “hanging out” with the boys on the reservation. He was guarding all night, him and the “boys” were a pack.

How dare him not only lie to her the way he was,but also pass up on a day with her so he can rest, I thought.

Granted I was lying to her too, but at lease I would never blow her off to get some rest. You see although we do sleep, it's not really necessary. It's another one of those things that we do to appear more human like.

“Well, what about your other friends?”

“I told you, I just moved here at the end of last school year. The only reason I even know Jacob is because our fathers have been friends for years.” she answered.

Was that why she was dating him?

“Oh, I see.”

She smiled her amazing smile at me.

“So, what brings you over here?” she asked.

“I noticed yo sitting alone and thought you could use some company.” I answered, flashing her a smile right back.

“There you go again, being my knight and shining armer.” she said with a laugh.

We were both silent for a moment.

“So, did you get my friends request on Myspace last night?”

“I did.” I said with a nod, “I denied it.”


I let out a laugh.

“I was just kidding.”

She gave me a “if looks could kill” type of look.

“Edward Cullen, you are the most obnoxious jerk I've ever met!” she shouted at me

What? I thought to myself. Was she serious? I was just kidding around.

I then saw her get up to remove herself from the table.

Oh my god she's not kidding, stop her you idiot! I said to myself.

“Bella wait, don't go.”

She turned back around and looked at me with a playful smile.

“Got ya.” she said as she sat back down.

She's really is the devil!

“That was evil.” I said playfully.

“Oh come on now, you didn't really think I was gonna get mad and storm off over that did you?”

“Yes, your a much better actress than I gave you credit for.”

We both laughed.

“So, you ready for a fun filled day at the community center tomorrow?” she asked sarcastically.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“I guess so.” I replied.

The truth was I was ecstatic about spending the whole day getting to know her better, but I wasn't about to confess that to her. I had just met her, she'd think I was crazy. And there was also the fact that she did have a boyfriend, even if he was a mangy, flea, ridden mutt.

“Well at lease we'll be able to keep each other company.”

“Yeah that will be nice.” I replied with a grin.

Just then the bell rang,

“I guess I'll see you tomorrow.” she said as she threw her things into her bag.

“See ya then.” I responded.

As she went to walk away I saw Bella step on a piece of ice and start to fall. I quickly grabbed her letting her fall back into my waiting open arms.

We stared into each others eyes and at the moment I swear I saw sparkles in her eyes. I started to unknowingly lean into to kiss her and she suddenly sneezed. I snapped back into reality and helped her to her feet.

“You really should be more careful.” I said with a smile.

“I can't help being a klutz.” she laughed.

“True.' I said, smiling.

It was time to for the part I hated more than her dog of a boyfriend, saying goodbye to her.

“We'll I guess this is good bye until tomorrow.”

“I guess so.” I answered.

“Well, bye.” she said with a shy wave.

“Bye.” I responded broken heartedly.