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The Secret Life Of A Rock Star

Edward and Bella have been best friends for years. They know each other inside and out, but Edward is hiding one huge secret. Suddenly he becomes a huge rock star over night, and he ask Bella to be his manager and personal assistant. Will there love blossom into something more?

This story is slightly inspired by my only other obssion, other than Twilight & Edward Cullen, Mr. David Cook. Also it's slightly inspired by the films Rock Star & Almost Famous. I'm also going to try and include a personal soundtrack to this as well = )

9. Dream Weaver

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Dream Weaver I Believe You Can Get Me Through The Night"

As I drove home I kept telling myself that things were better this way. Things could never work out if Bella was to return my feelings because I could never be one hundred percent honest with her about who I was. It was something I would just have to except, Bella and I would never be anything more than friends.

Once I arrived home it was going on 11:30pm and Emmett already had Bella's truck in our garage and had started working on it.

“Hey Em.” I said.

“What's up Edward?” he replied.

“So.. how bad is it?”

“Pretty bad,” he replied, as he peeked his head from under the hood. “She needs a whole new engine.”

“Shit.” I said.

“It's not that big of a deal dude, I already got one of the kids from my shop class heading over here right now with a new engine.”

“No it's not that,” I huffed, “It's just I know she doesn't have much money and there is no way she would let me buy her a new engine.”

Is he really that stupid, I heard Emmett think.

"Hey!” I called out, offended.

“Sorry dude, but sometimes you really are a dumb ass.” Emmett chuckled.

“What's that supposed to mean?”

“Dude, what she doesn't know wont hurt her.” he pointed out, “Just buy her the new engine and tell her that I fixed it. She'll never know the difference.”

He did have a point.

“Yeah, but I don't like lying to her.” I admitted shamefully.

Emmett took a deep breath, he was obviously annoyed.

“You like her, right?” he asked.


“You want to make her happy, correct?” he asked.

“Of course.”

“Fixing the piece of shit truck will make her happy wont it?”


“So who's it gonna hurt?”

I was silent and finally I caved.

“How much does a new engine for this thing cost?” I asked as I pulled out my wallet.

“The kid said he'd let us have it for three hundred bucks."

Just as I handed him the cash we suddenly heard a voice.


WE turned our heads to see Tyler Crowley, a kid who was known for being a grease monkey and could fix any car.

"Tyler my man." Emmett said loudly as he high five Tyler who then noticed me standing off to the side.

"Oh Edward, hey man."

"Hey Tyler, how's it going."

"Pretty good, I got that engine for you guys."

"I knew if anyone could it'd be you." Emmett said smiling.

"Yeah well, my parents will kill me if they find out I'm not at home due to the fact that I'm grounded for getting caught banging Jessica Stanley under the bleachers the other day."

ewww.info thought, he better go get checked by a doctor and quick!

"So if you guys don't mind helping me get the engine out of my truck I'll just head on home." Tyler added.

Emmett and I helped unload the engine an paid and thanked Tyler before he left.

"Anything I can do to help." I asked.

After the amazing day i had just had with Bella there was no way I was gonna be able to keep my mind off of her if I went upstairs to bed.

"Sure, why not little bro." Emmett replied.

After about two hours of listening to Emmett go on and on about how he kicked Jasper's ass at a foot ball video game today we finally fixed up the truck.

"Alright, crank her up." Emmett called out from in front the truck with the hood up.

I turned the key in it cranked up with ease.

"Ta da!" Emmett shouted as he took a bow.

I turned the truck off and got out.

"Dude I owe you big time." I said

"Don't worry about it dude, now go get your dream girl." He said as he winked at me and walked inside.

I suddenly had a great idea. I decided I'd bring Bella her truck now so she'd be surprised in the morning when she woke up and saw it. And seeing as the truck ran quiet now there was no risk of waking her or her father. And I would just run back home.

I pulled up to her house and turned off the truck before getting out and quietly shutting the door. Suddenly my vampire hearing kicked in and I heard Bella mumbling something. It sounded like my name, but I couldn't quite make it out.

I had to know if what I heard was right. I then noticed the tree right out side of her bed room window, which was opened. I climbed the tree and watched as she tossed and turned while talking in her sleep. I still couldn't make out what she was saying so I then decided to very quietly sneak in through her window.

She suddenly got quiet and I thought I might have woken her and got very nervous. If she woke up and saw me how was I gonna explain this to her? I decided if she didn't start talking again in a few minuets I was high tailing it out of there.

As I sat there I listened to the perfect rhythm of her beating heart. It was so soothing to me. I also couldn't help but to stare at her lips and how soft they look and pouty. God were they pouty. Just watching her was causing me to become erect and I knew if i didn't leave soon no good would come of this.

Just when i was about to head out the window she spoke again.

"Edward" she mumbled.

What? I did hear her right the first time, she was saying my name, but why?

"Please Edward, I need you don't go" she continued.

Oh shit, I thought, does she know I'm here?

In that moment I knew I should haul ass out of there but there was just no way i could leave her. Her voice sounded so sencer like she really needed me there with her.

I decided I sit in her old rocking chair and once the sun rose I'd leave or once she started to wake, which ever came first.

She called out my name a few more times and I so badly wanted to climb in the bed with her and tell everything was alright. That I was there with her and I wasn't going anywhere as long as she wanted me there.

Once the sun started to rise I very softly, very gently kissed her cheek before I went out the window and ran home.

As I entered the house I was greeted by Emmett and Jasper playing video games.

"So how was your night." Emmett asked suggestively.

"It was fine." I said as I took a seat on the couch with them.

"I'm sure it was." Emmett replied.

"Nothing happen Em, I just brought her car back to her."

"It took you four hours to do that she leaves twenty minuets away." Jasper chimed in.

"Well.. I kind of snuck into her room and watched her sleep for a while." I answered embarrassed.

"What?" said Jasper.

"Have you ever heard of the word stalking bro?" Emmett said sarcastically.

"It wasn't like that at all, I was about to leave and I heard her talking in her sleep and it sounded like she was saying my name, I had to know for sure." I explained.

"And..." Jasper asked.

"She was, she was talking in her sleep and was begging me to stay, she said she needed me. have no idea what she was dreaming about but I couldn't leave her."

"Wow... your a loser." said Emmett.

"Shut up." I replied.

We were all silent.

I decided to go upstairs and take a shower. While in the shower I couldn't stop thinking about how amazingly perfect Bella looked while she was sleeping. I immediately stared to get hard and I had no choice but to stroke myself to get rid of the aching desire.

My mind wondered off to how the straps of her top her hanging off her shoulders almost exposing her breast.

I started to stroke a little harder.

Then my I thought about how her shorts her so short that just the bottom of her perfect ass cheeks hung out of them.

God, I thought, I'm so close

After that i went on to think about how her lips her so full and supple and how i wanted nothing more for them to be wrapped around my cock.

That was the thought that did the trick. With a grunt I came all over my hand and the shower door. I was panting as I let the hot shower water rinse away my seed off of my hand and then wiped the shower door clean.

What am I letting this woman do to me, I thought

Before I met Bella I jerked off maybe three times my whole life now here I was doing on a regular basis. Bella Swan was gonna be the death of me, and I kind of liked the idea of it.