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In the Jungle

A deserted island far from the coast, A legend not to far from the truth. What does this Island hold for our favourite characters? Chapter NINE is up! I added a few things to the previous chapters, you don't need to read the chapters again though. Its just pictures and songs. colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03

I own absolutely nothing! My head just twisted the plot enpught to be different then the books. Don't sue pwease?

5. Cold, cold, Cold!

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 611   Review this Chapter

Chapter Five

In the Jungle

Story rating: Teen

Chapter Song: So Cold (Remix), by Breaking Benjamin

Cold, cold, Cold!


I was shivering bad. I’d never, ever gone up to Carlisle’s without morphing and I was starting to wonder why I wasn’t changing now. But then I’d look over at Edward and figure if he could go through it so could I.

After another two minutes I was fed up. “Screw this!” I muttered to myself then morphed and stood in front of Edward waiting. He was just standing there. He wasn’t going to take the hint was he? So I swung my tail so it was behind his knees then swiped them out from under him.

He fell on top of me but I stayed upright waiting for him to sit on my back, you have to remember that I was currently a lion so it wasn’t really awkward. As soon as he was settled I started to run up the path Esme was trying to make so it’d be easier to get up to the house. She’d only got half way down the mountain so far.

It only took us two minutes to be out of the storm. As soon as we were I threw him off my back and changed back into a human. I took my hair in my hands and rung it out like a towel.

“How the hell did you carry me up that far, I must be nearly twice your size?” Edward asked. Looking at me strange like he’d never seen anything like me before. Which might have been true. As Esme liked to say I was a strange cookie.

“You’ll be able to do that sooner or later,” I told him, and he would all of us as soon as we could morph had to go through training with Carlisle and whoever the leader of the group of animals you were from. It was usually really rough, especially if you were a lion.

But I was more worried about my body temperature. I was still shaking bad, and it wouldn’t stop. I decided I had to get to the house fast.

“C-come on,” I managed to choke out, and started to walk up the rest of the way. There were still strong winds up here, there had to be for Carlisle and Esme to live comfortably.

I don’t know how long it took to get up the rest of the way I was too cold. My clothes wouldn’t seem to dry, and even I thought that the amount of trembling coming out of me was unhealthy.

“Are you alright? Your lips are turning blue.” Edward asked obviously worried. I looked at him startled. My lips were blue? That couldn’t be good hypothermia wasn’t common on this island what with the warm climate, but it wasn’t unheard of.

“Are you sure their blue?’ I asked and when he nodded I started running as fast as I could up the mountain. I either had to get to the house before I got much colder or get my blood pressure high enough to get warm again.

Edward ran after me shouting for me to wait, but I didn’t listen. I thought idly bout how he always seemed to be chasing after me. I knew there was a term to fit the situation, but it slipped my mind before I finished the thought. I wasn’t getting warmer.

When I finally reached he door I knocked as hard as I could. Carlisle opened it a second later. He could tell what was wrong as soon as he saw me and tried to rush me inside.

“Wait Edward,” was all I said before I blacked out.