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In the Jungle

A deserted island far from the coast, A legend not to far from the truth. What does this Island hold for our favourite characters? Chapter NINE is up! I added a few things to the previous chapters, you don't need to read the chapters again though. Its just pictures and songs. colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03

I own absolutely nothing! My head just twisted the plot enpught to be different then the books. Don't sue pwease?

6. Ratted out

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Chapter Six

In the Jungle

Story Rating: Teen

Chapter Song: Let the Flames Begin by Paramore (because now it all starts)

Ratted out


I groaned as I woke up, my head was pounding, and I couldn’t move. I only half remembered what happened. I couldn’t remember anything after I started running. I opened my eyes to see Esme standing over me.

“Hey mum,” I said closing my eyes again. Light hurt.

“Are you okay? Oh dear. The hypothermia wasn’t that bad but Carlisle and Edward didn’t know what else could be wrong, Edward didn’t see and Carlisle couldn’t find anything…” She said starting to freak out.

“Calm down,” I said in my most soothing voice. “I’m fine just a headache perfectly normal.”

“Alright, can I get you some medicine or something?” She asked.

“No, where’s Edward and Carlisle?” I asked sitting up.

“They’re talking in the kitchen,” She said walking into the other room. I got up and stood by the kitchen door.

“So you know what the kids on this island are, what else has Bella told you?” Carlisle was saying trying to see how much he needed to say to make it clear to Edward what this Island does to people.

“Nothing else really, just a few of the morphs and what they turn into.” Edward said. His voice sounding regretful. I almost laughed, he must have had a lot of questions for me, and I had to go and get hypothermia.

“Well, only certain people get washed up on this island. All of them share something unique, a quality you have as well.” Carlisle said slowly, I had never actually heard him tell someone what they are, but Sam and Alice have. They both love to tell stories about their shocked faces, and how you couldn’t tell them strait off or they’ll freak.

“Okay, what quality?” He asked obviously inpatient and a little frustrated.

“You can’t guess? Did Bella, or anyone else ever mention someone who wasn’t a shape shifter living on this island?” Carlisle asked amusement in his voice. This was about the time I walked in hoping to see his face when he found out.

“You don’t mean…I‘m a morph!” he asked with such a look of shock on his face you would have thought that Carlisle laid an egg. It was hilarious, and I couldn’t help but burst into laughter, which alerted them both to my presence there. Which meant I had to say something.

But before I could Carlisle came over to me and started to check my vitals. “Jeez, Carlisle I’m fine.”

“Just checking,” he said backing off.

“You knew?” Edward, asked looking at me.

“Of course,” I said sitting on the counter, and grabbing an apple, after I took a bite I said, “ I was the first of this generation of morphs.”

He just shook his head and sat down on one of the stools that were in the kitchen. Groaning, he banged the back of his head on the wall.

“Calm down no big deal,” I said laughing. Why he was freaking out, I have no idea. I didn’t freak I thought it was cool, but then again I was four, and didn’t have much of a life, so nothing was particularly “changed forever”.

“So, what am I?” He asked looking at both of us.

Carlisle stood there smiled and said “We have to wait and see.” While I sat there fidgeting. Carlisle saw this and raised an eyebrow at me.

“Okay so Chief told me.” I said under his stare. .

At this he raised his eyebrows even higher. I wasn't going to say anything. Sometimes it was better that they figure it out on their own, but Carlisle seemed to think it was better that we told him. According to his stare. Of corse I was guessing so I have no idea. He was ratting me out in a round about way.

“What does that mean?” Edward asked from the corner.

“You’re a lion,” I said, grimacing.