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In the Jungle

A deserted island far from the coast, A legend not to far from the truth. What does this Island hold for our favourite characters? Chapter NINE is up! I added a few things to the previous chapters, you don't need to read the chapters again though. Its just pictures and songs. colorful-12.gif image by Erka_03

I own absolutely nothing! My head just twisted the plot enpught to be different then the books. Don't sue pwease?

9. The Extra, Unwanted, and Uncontrollable Limb

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Chapter Nine

In the Jungle

Story Rating: Teen

Chapter Song: Ridin' Solo, by Jason Derulo, cause that's exactly what Bella wants to be in this chapter.

The extra, unwanted, and uncontrollable limb.


Some one is out to get me, I thought as I sat on the roof of Carlisle and Esme’s roof. I had been seriously looking forward to going down to the lake today and just going on with my life! But Chief had to disagree. Recka was causing trouble again, and he couldn’t overlook Edward’s training which meant of course that he decided to put me in charge of it. I just can’t get away from this kid can I?

I was watching as Carlisle and the Chief went through basic lion instinct. I yawned slightly looking down at them. I have to admit he was getting this rather quickly. I smiled as I remembered my training. Chasing around a butterfly when I was supposed to be paying attention. And falling asleep as he tried to show me how to fish. But I was only four! You can’t blame me!

"Bella!" Someone shouted and I looked down to see Chief.

"What?" I groaned.

"Take over, I have to go."

"Gah, alright. What exactly are you doing?’ I asked jumping down from the roof in one swoop.

"We just finished making sure he knows which muscles to use to move," Carlisle supplied. "Why don’t you take him hunting? Get him used to raw food."

"That’s a good idea, in fact I don’t think you too have to come back up here." Chief said smirking slightly.

"Excuse me?" I asked.

"Why don’t you let him follow you around for a month? Just make sure you come drop by the pride, and show up for your coming of age, Nefia would be disappointed if you skipped out."

"Yes sir." I grumbled.

"Good luck boy, she’s the hardest teacher you will ever have. Until next time Carlisle." Chief said, padding down Esme’s path. I could feel my eye twitching as I watched him left.

Sighing I looked at Carlisle, "I’ll probably be back in a week, tell Esme I said goodbye." I muttered, shifting, and walking down the path after chief. Edward immediately running after me, after shaking Carlisle’s hand.

We walked in silence, all the way down , shifting when we got to the end of Esme’s path.

"So um, what are we going to do?" Edward asked.

I sighed, then looked at him, my ears twitching. "Well, they want me to take you hunting, but its not as fun when you try in the middle of the day, so your going to meet some of the others. I need to talk to Sam and Emmett anyways."

"Okay so remind me who’s who again?"

"The three you met at the lake, are Jake, Alice, and Jasper. Alice and Jasper are snakes, the only two on the island as it were. And Jake is a wolf. The wolves have the largest number of morphs of all. There’s Jake, Embry, Quil, Sam, Jared, Paul, Seth, Kim, Leah, Rachel, and Emily.

‘Then there’s Emmett, Rosalie, Angela, Ben and Len. They’re bears. There’s a few odd one’s out too. Brandy’s an Elephant, Greg’s a Alligator, and Miranda’s a Giraffe.

"After that there’s no a whole lot, other then Carlisle and Esme, though the South side of the island, is off limits, because its Dangerous. That’s where the other Lion morphs are, if they’re still alive, Jessica, Lauren and Tanya." I explained.

By the time I had finished we were out of the boulders at the bottom of the mountain, and into the forest. "Let’s check by the lake first." I muttered heading that way and quickly getting to the lake.

"It’s the wolf-girl spa day huh?" I asked as we walked into the clearing, changing back to being human. All four of the wolf girls were there, sitting by the lake in their human forms.

"Yea," Kim said, smirking and dipping her feet in the water.

"Cool. Hey Emily, where’s your boy? I gotta talk to him."

"Hey whose your friend?" Leah, asked ignoring the fact that I’d asked a question her eyes on Edward.

"Oh, that’s Edward, he’s the new morph, Jake probably told you." I said then turning to Edward. "Edward, this is Kim, Emily, Rachel and Leah. They’re part of the wolf pack."

"Jake mentioned something about him yeah." Rachel supplied. "What kind of morph is he?"

"Guys! He’s right there! Just ask him." Kim said.

"Oh, um I’m a Lion morph." Edward said realizing what Kim was saying.

"HOLY CRAP!" They all shouted. I smirked, looking at Edward and his shocked expression.

"Dude, I told you that you were one of zero, male lion morphs."

"Doesn’t that mean…?" Emily asked nodding at me suggestively, getting two points across at once.

"I know, wish me, luck with all three of them, plus Nefia." I smirked scratching the back of my head.

"Right, good luck your going to need it, oh and Sam’s at camp, stayed behind today, to talk to the non morph wolf pack." Emily said, looking at me with pity. I nodded my thanks, and morphed quickly walking into the forest headed towards the wolves’ camp. Edward close on my heals.