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Love heals everything

[img]http://i27.photobucket.com/albums/c162/GothicGeisha/Bella-Swan-as-a-vampire-bella-swan-.jpg[/img] Edward has left Bella and Jacob is ignoring her.Victoria comes back for revenge.Then her cousin reveals that her own family is destroyed.When she dedicates her life to saving others,she never realizes that she have a brush with her past which will further complicate her life.

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1. The beginning of my End

Rating 4.5/5   Word Count 644   Review this Chapter

Bella's point of view.
How could he say that to me.Now,I know that I am a total reject.The tears were sparkling in my cheeks. I could feel his words ripping me again and again.Jacob was my only friend.His presence comforted me.Now even he ignored her,life was turning into hell.With great courage I walked to the meadow where Edward had revealed his true self.

He haunted her dreams and every moment without him tormented me.The meadow looked beautiful in the moonlight.I sat down near the woods and begin crying my heart out.I was caught unaware when a cold hand touched me,it sent shivers through my body.I turned to look at Victoria whose face was filled with grimace.

"Ah!I never thought I could get you so easily.You practically walked into my arms.Today I will take my revenge."

"Re...venge.Revenge for what?"

"James was my mate and Edward who was your mate killed him.Do you think I will forgive both of you easily? If so then, you are wrong."

"I am not Edward's mate.He left me."I sobbed.

"Oh,did he? Don't you know that our kind has the gift of learning about each others' mates and I am sure he was yours."

She tied my wrists and put me on her back.She carried me to Charlie's house.She pulled me to his room where I had left him sleeping without peace as I knew because of me.

"This is my plan.First,I torment you by killing your father before your eyes and then I torment your mate by taping the way your face looks when you are killed."

I shrieked when she revealed this horrible plan.Now I knew one thing before I died that Edward loved me.But it was the last thing I was going to know as I was going to lose everything now.I saw the horrible sight as she killed my father with great happiness.Then she started advancing towards me.First she put on a video camera then positioned herself behind my neck.

"This is for you Edward."

She said that and bit me.The pain was killing me and I retreated towards the back of my mind.It seemed to work as I couldn't feel anything else after that and my eyes were closing. I could hear a unfamiliar voice.

"I hope that she will be alright.Jesse,what do you feel? She is my cousin after all.I don't regret killing that bitch who destroyed her family."

I opened my eyes and saw a girl who was almost 19 staring at me with concern.A hottie was standing next to her.His arm wrapped around her waist.She asked me whether I was alright.

"Who are you?How did you save me?And where am I?"

She answered all my questions one after the other.
"Slow down Bella, if I may call you that. I am Suzanne, Suze for you and this is my husband Jesse Silvia.We had come to Forks to deliver some news to you.I was sent by my mother who is a cousin of Renee your mother.We arrived in time to pull that bitch off you but she bit both of us and we all are vampires now.I am a mediator which means I can see ghosts.So to save you I had to take you to Shadowland.The important news is that Renee is dead and you have to attend the funeral."

"No..."I shrieked.I ran now that I was a vampire I was really fast.I stopped and saw where I was and saw that I had subconsciously returned to the Cullen house.I had lost everything.There was no will to live in me.I had no reason to live.Everything I loved was snatched-my mom ;my dad ; Jake ,my best friend and Edward,the love of my life my only reason to live.I sobbed and sobbed but no tears came.I didn't know where to go.I didn't know what to do.Maybe I could ask my cousin to kill me.Yes,that is a good idea and I started walking back.