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Mind thoughts

This is form both Bella's and Charlie's point of view. It is during the time when Edward left Bella and went away, and it shows the conlficts going on in both their heads.


1. Chapter 1

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Mind thoughts.

C: *Should I say something? I need to say something! I can’t leave her alone. She’s confused, lost even... what if?*

B:*What should I do? How much help would Charlie be? Does he know I love Edward? Does he know I love Jacob?*

C:*I’m sure she still likes Jacob. And he’s absolutely crazy about her... Surely she can see that?? I don’t know if I should... could... How do you say something like that to her?*

B:*He looks like he’s in pain... I don’t know if I can keep this up... Maybe it was a mistake to come to Forks. But I can’t go back now! Maybe if I wasn’t here... What have I done? He never looks happy anymore...*

C:*She never looks happy anymore*

B:*I’ve never seen him laugh*

C:*When was the last time she laughed?*

B:*Does he know how?*

C:*Can she remember how?*

B: Charlie... Dad...

C: Bella... I...

C:*No! I interrupted her! Have I just ruined everything?*

B:*What? What was he going to say?!*

B: You what Dad?

C: No, it doesn’t matter. What were you going to say Bella?

B: No, it’s nothing. I’m going to do homework. I’ll come and clear the dinner stuff up after. (Goes to leave and as she steps onto the stairs)

C: I love you Bella. And I want you to know... I’m here if you want to talk. I might not be able to say much, but I can listen. I mean, I may not be as helpful as your mother but...

B: It’s okay Dad. Thanks. (starts to go upstairs) And, oh, uh Dad? You too. (Goes upstairs)

C:* I’m glad she understands, I’m not much of a talker. She’s good to me, is my Bella. She’s good to her Dad. My Bella.*

B:* My life’s stuck in such a rut. I have no where to go, no where to hide, and no way out. But maybe… Jake would understand if I just disappeared. Wouldn’t he? I’m sure he would, he would support me. I need to find Alice. Ask her where…He is. Where I can find him. If I still have hope. He’s got to be out there some where. I can not live without him. But can I live with him? Is it so much to ask that I live with the one I love? That in know that he is safe? Alive? And well? Oh, Edward, Edward! Your smooth, caring face, the iciness of your skin, I miss it all. I miss you, my Edward, my love.*

C:*Bella…Bella. Maybe… if she went back, to live with Reneè, her life would be better, she would have a life, she would live it, and she would enjoy it. Oh, so many things I have done wrong. Is this the worst of them all? Have I managed to ruin not only my life, but my daughters? My only daughters? What…oh what have I done? Bella doesn’t deserve this, doesn’t deserve me. I’m sorry Bella.*

B:*Have I ruined his life? Have I mucked not only mine, Jakes, Edwards and every other werewolf and vampire around, but Charlie’s as well? Oh no. Please no. This is just too much.*