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This is a skit, including Kayleigh (K) Matt (M)Delia (D) Looney (L) Tasha (TA) Tolley(T) and some other people... Hope ya like it!


1. Chapter 1

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M: Aren’t you ready yet?

K: I can’t find my bikini top! Or a towel!

M: Here’s your top, though I don’t know what you want that for. And I don’t know about your towel. Isn’t mine good enough?

K: Fine then lets go! (Gets in car, Matt starts engine. Pulls forward, then stops and cuts the engine.)

K: Did we really have to drive that?

M: I have a car now! Might as well use it!

K: Fine, let’s go already!

M: which changing room you going in?

K: (Cheeky grin) Don’t you mean which one are we going in? Come on! (pulls Matt into nearest changing room)

M: Done yet?

K: No.

M: Done yet?

K: No!

M: Are you done, now?

K: No! I’ll be done in a minute!

M: Okay! Don’t get your knickers in a twist!

K: Okay already, I’m done!

M: It looks good! See, and you were gunna make me wear it! All that commotion in new look… seriously, I think shop assistants need ‘special’ training in how to deal with you. I don’t think she’ll ever recover. You really didn’t need to storm out in your underwear… or lack of.

K: Wasn’t my fault! I didn’t want to try on another bikini and I was going to tell you so! Besides, you shoulda seen your face! It was a picture!

M: Yes, well…

K: Come on, race ya to the poooolllll (running off)

M: wha?

K: Beat you!

M: Whatever you say hun.

K: Ouch!

M: Huh?

K: Bugger bugger bugger!! Holy Crud! Ow!

M: Are you okay?

L: Well, she was okay.

K: (Glares at looney) You pinched my ass!

L: Yeah!

K: Hard!

L: Yes!

K: And it hurt! a lot!

L: You'll live. but don't ya just love me?

Ta: (scream from other end of the pool) CARLISLIE!!!

K: was that... Tash?!

L: (grins and nods)

M: Don't tell me... Oh god. How many of you are here?

Ta: Carlislie! I'm drowning!

Carl: Tasha you're in the baby pool.

Ta: I'm drowning! I need mouth to mouth! Hurry up Carlislie before it's too late! CARLISLIE!!!

Carl: (appears at tasha's side) It's barely reaching your knees!

Ta: (embarressed) Yeah, well. My feet are drowning! I still need the kiss of life.

Carl: You look fine to me tash.

Ta: (drops into pool with a splash and lays down with her head slightly above the water) How 'bout now?

Carl: Tasha... Get up.

Ta: Fine then. I didn't want to do this... but (suddenyl thrusts head backwards with a little oww as her head hit the floor)

Carl: Tasha. Sit up. Tasha. Now. (tasha stays bobbed) Tasha this isn't funny!

(Carlislie pulls tasha out of the water. Tasha continues to hold her breathe. Carlislie sighs and then leans in towards tasha... Tasha puckers up ready for the kiss of life, the kiss of a lifetime)

D: TAHSA!! (Delia launches herself at tasha, knocking her clean out of Carlislies arms.) Hellloooo!

Ta: (mildly annoyed... okay very annoyed.) Delia! how could you?!

D: Umm... nice to see you too tasha. Honestly!

Ta: (groans) Carlislie ... was about to...

Carl: Never mind tasha. At least you're safe.

Ta: I'd be even safer in your arms.

D: (sigh) Co'mon tash. Loon, Kayleigh and Matt are over there!

Ta: (perky) Kayleigh? Matt?? It's wind up time!!

D: Hey kayleigh! Hey matt!

K: There's more of you?!

Ta: Yup.

Ed: We're pretty much all here...

M: But how did ya know we'd be here?

Al: Tasha kinda paid me to... Tell her where you guys went.


Ta: (peaks out from behind carlislie) Sorry.. We just wanted to make sure you didn't...

K: I'm sorry, we?

Ta: Tolley and me wanted to make sure you behaved!

K: We don't need babysitting! We're at a swimming pool! What exactly did you expect us to do?!

Ta: We wanted to make sure you didn't...

K: (folds arms) Didn't what?


K: (Jumps) Jesus! Where did you come from?

T: Jasper's house, how 'bout you?

K: Matt's hou... Never mind. Guys, can't we have ANY time alone any more?

T: Nope.

Ta: Nope.

D: Fairies!

Ta: Where?!

D: (looks up) I dunno. There always up.

Ta: Up?

D: (looks down) Yeah. Up there!

Ta: Delia...

D: Or down there... Or over there... Fairy! (swims off dreamily) Ohh! Butterfly! I want apple pie... mmmmm...

Ta: Okay, whatever you say Delia...

H: Hey guys! Anyone seen my hound?

M: Excuse me? We're in a swimming pool.

H: Yeah... And? Oh! There you are! JAKE!

K: (sighs) Is there anyone who isn't here?

T: Well... Delia's debatable!!

K: Yeah well, so's my sanity! I think i'm loosing it rapidy...

Ta: *wide grin, eyes light up* That's it! Carlislie!! I'm drowning!

Carl: *narrow eyes* Tasha?

Ta: I'm drowning i tell you! Glug glug splatter splatter.

Carl: But your head is above the water...

L: Tash, give up darlin'your embarressin' yourself.

Ta:*frowning* all i wanted...

CArl: *hugs tasha* It's okay. You don't need to drown yourslef to get attention

Ta: *hopeful* Really?!

Carl: No, I'm sure that Looney loves you and Delia's always happy top shower you with her love!

Ta: *disappointed* oh.

T: Bomb?

Js: Yeah, watch! *jumps onto the side of the pool, then srews his huge frame into a ball*

H: Take cover!

Js: Juhruunnniiimmooooo!!

K: Okay! That's it! I'm going! *storms out*

M: Uh, bye guys. Cya around. No watching Alice! *follows quickly behind Kayleigh*

Ta: How much do i have to pay you this time to tell me where they're going?

Al: Tash...you might not want to know.

Ta:*puzzled look*

T:*gasp* No sex!

Al: Tell them that.

**In the changing rooms**

K: Just keep thinking that we're going to yours to have sex. It'll drive the otehrs crazy! serves 'em right for getting Alice to spy.

M: It'll drive me crazy! The stuff in my head right now...

K: Which hopfully is sex! Think, sex sex sex. Right let's go get pizza, i'm hungry. But think sex!

**Back in pool with ALice**

Al: Oh my! They're actually going back to his house to have sex! I'm sorry, i can't watch anymore. I don't want to see!

Ta: Alice!! Please! Where are they going?!

T: She just said! His house!

Ta: She did...?

T: Yes... Sorry Alice, i think she was disracted by the idea of sex...

Ta: Carlislie?

Carl: Excuse me?

Ta: Ahh! Uhh... nothing. I'm really going to have to stop doing that. Its' getting rather...inconvenient.

T:*evil grin* SEX!!!

Ta:* Carlislie?!

T: NOO!!

Ta: AHH!!

D: Butterflies!

T: Delia? Where did yuo come from?

D: Even i know that! The cabbage patch! My mummy found me! *grins* i was a tiny baby, the fairies had left me there... Oh fairies!

T: *hand to head* Not again!

D: So what ya all doin'?

T: Well...

Js: Okay, i think we should go now before someone gets...

Ta: Pregnant?!

Js: No.

Ta: Hyper?!

Js: It's a bit late for that isn't it? You've already had too much

Ta:*gets some out and runs off screaming* MOONSUGAR!!! *girly giggle* MOONSUGAR!!!

L: Oh god... She'll sleep well. C'mon Edward, we'd better go save the ouside world from Tasha's crazy moonsuagr screams of addiciton.

Ed: Err... Yes. Of course.

Carl: I had better come as well of course! *suddenly embaressed* On a strictly medical basis of course.Tasha could be hurt.

L: It's more like the public that will need help after Tasha! She could hurt them!

T: C'mon guys. This parties over.

D: There was a party?

T:*exasperated slap of head* Let's just go already.

H: C'mon Jake! *climbs out pool with Jake close behind. Looney gets half way out and bursts into laughter.*

Ed: Err... Are you ok?

L:*inbetween laughing* I... Don't...Really...Know...! I...Just...Can't...Stop...Laughing!

Ed: We'd noticed.

L: Can't move!

Ed: Come on.*takes Looney's arm and starts draggin away*

L: You're like... that... dancing... guy from strictly... come dancing.

*far away scream from Kalyeigh and Ruth*


Es: Was that... Kayleigh and Ruth?

D: Yeah, either that or some pixie fairy people things imitating Kayleigh and Ruth...

L: *still laughing* Right... Whatever you say!

D: Really? Wow! The power!

L: No, it's a sa...

D: But i'll try it out later. I need another chocolate cookie. And i want to bake an apple pie... Guess i'll need some apples *wonders off dreamily*

Al: Delia! That's the Mens' toliets!

D:*from inside* Ooh! what's that?

Al: My poor lil innocent Delia...

D: Can i touch it?

Es: *Gasp* Delia!!

L:*falls into another fit of hysterics* OMG! Delia! She...wants...to...touch...

*Random Man's Voice* RMV: Do you mind?

D: Ooh! it's all hard!

RMV: I wouldn't touch that if i were you...

D: It's so tempting! I've never done it before!

Al: *closes eyes* It's

RMV: ...the...

Al+RMV: *as loud bell shrills* FIREALARM!!!!