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Crossing Boundaries

The woman who stepped out was insanely beautiful in a way that she could only be a vampire....The first person she reached was Edward... I was stunned into silence by the pure love I saw in Edward’s eyes. He grinned my favorite crooked grin and swooped the girl up in his arms, twirling her around and around. I had always known that Edward was too perfect, too beautiful for me. A young woman, unfamilar to Bella, come to visit the Cullens. As Bella learns bits and pieces of this stranger's heart-breaking past, Jacob Black finds himself tangled in a web of mystery.


1. Prologue: The Begining of the End

Rating 5/5   Word Count 526   Review this Chapter

Story and story idea belong to Stephenie Meyer.



The rain fell around the two people standing together in the meadow.

Her face fell as he stood before her, his lips pressed tightly together.

“Like I could take back a filthy bloodsucker?” He spat out through clenched teeth.

Tears filled her eyes as the girl reached for him, longing to have him wrap his strong arms around her. He instead wrenched himself out of her reach, loathing the thought of holding her once again.

“Please, you promised me. You told me forever!” She pleaded in desperation.

The man turned his tousled head of black hair and looked back at the cottage in the distance behind him. The girl stepped forward and laid her hands on his arm. The man yanked away from her, growling, “Don’t touch me!” His brown eyes seared pure hatred. The rain slid down his tan face, outlining his strong cheekbones.

Shock and hurt crossed the girl’s face as she wrapped her hands around her waist, as if she was trying to hold herself together. “Please I need you. Don’t leave me…..” She gasped as a woman stepped out from the cottage behind them, holding two babies.

Pain racked through the girl as she turned back to the man.

“Who…..” She whispered through numb lips.

“My wife,” was the curt reply.

“But…you promised… it was supposed to be me…. we… forever…”

The man looked down at her scornfully. “That promise is gone. I never loved you,” He turned to leave but the girl latched on to him.

“Don’t leave me. I need you, please!” She implored him. He tried to shake her off but she held on fast, continuing with her desperate pleas. “I can’t live without you. You said you would always wait for me. Remember? Don’t leave me! Please….” She gazed up at him, begging.

“Get out of here.” He turned away, walking toward his house and to his wife.

The girl sank to her knees, moaning softly. She watched through her rain of tears as he embraced his wife; the love and adoration in his sparkling brown eyes as he kissed her ripped the girl’s heart to shreds. The girl broke into vicious sobs as the man walked into the house without glancing back. She rocked herself back and forth as she sat on the soft mossy ground, emotionally and physically trying to hold herself together.

“You promised me forever. We were supposed to get married. You said you loved me,” She cried out to the wind. She didn’t know how long she sat there, just crying and sobbing her heart out.

“I love you… so much… I gave my heart to you…what more could I have done for you? I need you to rescue me,” Tears ran down her face, but she ignored them, not even bothering to wipe them from her cheeks. “Please, I’m begging you… come back to me.” The girl pleaded.

“What do I have left…? I need you…. Please… save me…” She whispered faintly. But there was no response; the sound of thunder and the pounding of rain answered her pleas.