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My Story

'My Story' follows the life of Renesmee Cullen as she goes through high school and as she starts her life with Jacob Black. Prepare for drama as Nessie grows and encounters that life is not always a fairytale.

*Any french was translated using BabelFish on Alta Vista* **Stephanie Meyer owns all characters I do not have any rights or claims to her characters**

1. Chapter 1

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It all sounded easy enough; move back home, finish high school, get married, and live happily ever after; but of course fairy tales are not real...just mythical creatures. Well you see, my family isn't exactly 'normal' in the classical sense of the word. Normal: I live with both my parents and our extended family. Not Normal: My family is a coven of vampires, my boyfriend is a shape shifting werewolf, and I am a half human and half vampire hybrid; oh and did I forget, we are all immortal...

"Renesmee Carlie Cullen, if you are not down here and in the car in the next thirty seconds you are grounded for the next decade!" My mother shouted at me from the silver Volvo parked outside our vacant home in Alaska.

Today we were moving back to Forks, Washington. It was in Forks that my mother met and married my father and where I was born nearly seven years ago. We were moving back because I had finally matured and could be around the public without exciting rumors.

I literally flew down the stairs and into the car at a speed only mythical creatures were capable of.

"Here," I sang to my mother as I got comfortable for the drive down to our home in the woods, "I was just saying one last goodbye to my room Maman," she liked it when I called her 'mom' in French.

"Are Grandpa and Nana going to be there when we arrive?" I asked my parents referring to my impossibly young immortal grandparents. Technically they were not my biological grandparents because they had adopted my father but have been parental figures to the whole Cullen family.

"No, they arrive tomorrow, my dear, but please remember not to be disappointed; they can only stay for a week's time. Grandpa starts work at the Stollery Children's Hospital very soon," my father answered.

I was going to miss my grandparent's constant presence but they still look the same now as they did when we first left Forks all those years ago and it just would look too suspicious for them to stay and to interact with the public.

"Maman, may I have the pack over for dinner tomorrow evening after we are settled in?"

The pack was literally a pack of wolves. Jacob, my boyfriend, was a shape shifting werewolf and other members of his tribe are also shape shifters. The once bad blood between the wolves and the vampires had finally ended; well for the most part. My Aunt Rosalie still didn't care much for the 'dogs', as she called them, but was warming up to a few.

"Of course you may! I haven't seen so many of them in so long," was her reply.

Yes!! Jacob time! I squealed in my head. Big mistake. My father can read minds and heard my excited little victory cry. Of course this caused him to grunt slightly in disapproval. He was not at all happy that I was developing a liking to Jake, I was, after all his precious baby girl.

Soon we were on our way with Emmett and Rosalie at the head of our little caravan. Alice and Jasper made their way down to Washington yesterday with the Jeep and a U-Haul.

Eventually the rhythm of the car had lulled me to sleep and I didn't wake until my father laid me down on my bed in our home in Forks. In my semi-conscious state I heard my parents discussing my upcoming birthday. I was content to just pretend to be asleep but my thought betrayed me and my father immediately stopped speaking, "Well hello sweetheart; did you have a restful nap?"

Opening my eyes, "Yes, I did Daddy. So what is this I hear about a party in someone's honor? Are you and Mommy planning something or is Alice taking over again?" I asked.

"Luckily for us you are not a mind reader sweetie, because it is a secret!" My unusually perky mother chimed in.

"So you ARE throwing me a party!?" I nearly knocked them over when I jumped out of bed, too excited to stay seated any longer. Alice had rubbed off on me because I absolutely I loved parties. I loved being the center of attention and I loved shopping!

"Now Renesmee, we didn't say anything about a party, we just said that whatever is going on on your birthday is a secret. Please do not jump to conclusions, doing so can only lead to misunderstandings," My father said.

"Yes Daddy," I said.

"Since you are wide awake now you should get started on unpacking your things. Jasper put all of your boxes against the wall. Once you have all the boxes off the wall we can bring up your desk," he instructed.


My teenage angst was kicking in. I hated to clean. It truly was a punishment, I can't believe my grandmother actually like to clean so much.

I set about my task of unpacking. I started with my books, placing them on the book shelf according to genre, then alphabetically by author, and lastly alphabetically by title. For someone who hates cleaning, I certainly liked organization. Clothing was next, but as I opened the closet I noticed it was nearly half full already. Alice...

"That was quick," my mother said as I entered the small family room my parent's cottage.

"Vampire speed, remember?" I smiled.

"Don't get smart young lady. A simple ‘yes' would have sufficed," my father scolded.

My father was more of a disciplinarian than my mother and always seemed to correct me regarding the littlest things.

"Yes Daddy, I am sorry. I am finished with the boxes may you please tell me where my desk is so that I may finish my bedroom?"

"Your desk and computer are sitting in my office right now. Would you like me to bring them to your room," he asked getting ready to stand.

"No thank you, I can take care of it. When I am done I would like to go up to the main house if that is alright."

"Yes sweetie, you know you do not have to ask," my mother said shocked that I seemed to be asking permission. Better safe than sorry.

I ran quickly up the drive to the main Cullen family home, a huge white house in the middle of the woods.

I found Emmett fiddling with the entertainment center setting up his new television and surround sound, replacing the now seven year old system left in the house.

"Hi Emmett!" I called as I walked through the living room to the stairway.

"Hi small-fry, want to help me setup the entertainment center?" he asked glancing up from his work.

"No, I think am I going to go hang out with the girls. Are they upstairs?"

"Yeah, but be careful, Alice is purging her closet...yet again," he warned me.

Alice was always purging her closet and I always used it as an opportunity to find some really since clothing. We were not really the same size, but I was able to find a lot of nice things that still fit and were flattering.

I walked up the stairs to the sound of Rosalie and Alice rummaging through Alice's closet and dressers. As I opened the door I was stuck in the face by a flying shoe.

"Ow! Alice!!"

"Oh, Nessie," she said running over to me, "I am so sorry, I had no idea you were going to be standing there. You know how crazy I get when purging."

"It's ok," I said picking the show up off the floor, "if you let me have these."

The discarded shoe was a stacked heel deep sapphire suede knee high boot. They were gorgeous.

"You know you can, but those are so out of style. Let me buy you a updated version!"

"No! You have already bought me enough. Thank you for everything in my bedroom closet!"

"You are welcome!! Now come in here and help us."

So we set about of task, Rosalie and Alice bickering over what was considered out of date and what could still be worn. Alice usually won the argument and I inherited a new outfit. We spent nearly three hours helping Alice before I left with my new found treasurers.

I walked down the stairs with the clothing piled high above my head when I met by the smell of spaghetti. I smelt amazing and I was so hungry and I knew the food was meant for me, since I was clearly the only human in the house right now.

I dropped my new clothes in the living room before I headed to the kitchen to find my uncles cooking dinner for me.

"That smells amazing guys!"

"Well, just wait until you taste it before you thank us. Usually your mom does the cooking so we haven't had much practice," Jasper said.

"Jasper, you know I will eat anything; I am a bottomless pit!"

Emmett's laughter bellowed from the pantry, "She's got you there Jaz!"

They sat down with me at the kitchen table and chatted with me while I ate my spaghetti and meatball dinner.

"Thank you my uncles that really was delicious! I'm going to have to have you two cook for me more often!"

"You are welcome. Now it's time for you to get going home and get ready for bed. You need you beauty sleep!" Emmett said ruffling my hair.

"You don't want me to get too much beauty sleep uncle, I start school soon, and you don't want all those horny teenage boys ogling your niece do you? Night Jasper, night Uncle Emmett," I said getting up giving each a kiss on the check.

As I walked out I heard Emmett mumble something along the lines of ‘we'll see about that'. He hated being put into his place.

I walked slowly home and decided to take my time with my nightly routine, wasting as much time before now and when I could have the pack over tomorrow.

After lunch the next said I turned to look at my mother, "About the pack? Do you mind if I call them now and have some pizzas delivered?"

"Sweetie, that's going to be a lot of pizza, it is going to take time to make 15 large pizzas. Maybe you should order it first and then call them over. Plus it will give us some time to go to the store and buy drinks and movies. Would you like to drive?"

A woman after my own heart! "Of course I want to drive! What a silly question Maman! Which car may I drive?" I still didn't have a car of my own and had to rely on borrowing other people's vehicles. I was secretly hoping that that would be my birthday surprise.

"Well I know you have been eyeing the Cadillac...why don't you ask your uncle if you may take it out," she suggested.

Man do I love vampire speed! I ran, no flew, to the main house and up the stairs, threw my uncle's office door open in what seemed like a heart beat.

"Whoa there Ness, you sure are a bundle of emotions right now. What has you so on edge?" Jasper asked, slightly concerned.

"WellumIwaswonderingifIcouldtaketheCaddytothestoretobuysomedrinksandmoviesandstuffforwhenthepackcomeovertoday" I asked; however it seemed to come out in one long word.

"Breathe, Ness breathe. Of course you can take it. But do you mind if I tag along? I need to pick up some things at the store also," handing me the keys to his new Cadillac CTS as he spoke.

"Yes!" Answering him and exclaiming my excitement all in one word.

Since Jasper had gotten the job consulting for the Department of Defense he decided it was time he bought his own car; a brand new Cadillac CTS, which Rosalie was kind enough to install a huge V12 engine in for him. That thing was a beast (my pet name for the car); I loved it; it seemed to growl when you punched the gas (it seems I liked things that growled). It was a midnight blue with pitch-black windows and a wicked sound system. He really decided to go all out on this car; his baby, as he called it.

The three of us, Jasper, my mother, and I, all hopped into the beast. With the way we drove, it wouldn't be a long drive, so we decided to go to the Wal-Mart in Port Angeles...how very human of us! It was funny to watch the expressions on everyone's faces when we walked in. We were extremely pale and beautiful; most people just got out of our way while some just stared.

"Ness you get too much enjoyment out of freaking people out; stop smiling like that, you are creeping out that boy over there" Jasper warned nodding his head in the direction of some teenage boy standing in line with his mother. I hadn't noticed I was smiling like an idiot, my teeth reflecting strangely off the fluorescent lighting. I guess it was strange to normal human eyes. I was too excited about shopping, the pack, and of course, Jacob! I quickly brought myself back to a simple, pleasant grin. There that shouldn't scary anyone.

"Much better Ness, remember, we need to blend in," he said. Part of living amongst humans was to keep up appearances so no one got suspicious.

"Alright sweetie, let's go check out the movies. Is there anything new out?" Maman asked while depositing case after case of every carbonated beverage imaginable into our cart.

"There is always some action movie out that the boys haven't seen yet. I'm sure we will be able to find something. If not we can always watch the entire Star Wars collection, again," the pack loved those movies, we couldn't watch just one, we got too involved, so we made a day out of watching all of them back to back.

"...Hmm, we are probably going to need snacks...Sweetie, grab some chips and several boxes of popcorn...where did Jasper go...Sweetie, call and order the pizza before we leave..." For a vampire, my mom was sure scatter-brained sometimes; talking to herself and to me at the same time. It humanized her and reminded me of her mother; it was quite enduring. Smiling to myself I went along and did as I was instructed finding Jasper in the process, office supplies in hand.

"It looks like it is Stars Wars again," I announced as I got back to my mother, "they didn't have anything worth buying. I think that's all we need. Ready to go; pizza should be there when we get back!" I guess I was like my mother in that way; rambling too many thoughts in the same sentence.

I decided to test the car, and my uncle's nerves, on the way home, pushing the car to its limits. I could sense he was a little nervous about his baby, my beast, being pushed, so I slowed slightly before he had a chance to calm me himself. "Thank you" he muttered; I could visibly see the tension evaporate as he relaxed his shoulders. To make up for the lack of speed I put on my Kanye West CD and let the bass rock the car...Jasper just rolled his eyes.

"Food? Check. Drinks? Check. Movies? Check. Guests?" and with that the door bell rang, "Check!" I flung the front door open and flung myself at Jacob.

"Hey Nessie, happy to see us of something?" He asked trying to balance himself after my attack. He is unbelievably strong, but I, fortunately am half-vampire with more than enough strength to knock over a werewolf.

"Of course I am! Hey guys, come in, we have plenty of food and six Star Wars movies to get through today, so hurry up!" The boys didn't need any more encouragement, they ran for the food, pushing and shoving each other. Each one could eat at least two or three large pizzas by himself, thankfully I was able to shove my way through the enormous wolves to get a large all for myself. In the past I preferred only to hunt but it seems that I have developed a taste for human food as it is called amongst my family. It was always fun to out eat one of the wolves and watch their brother's tease them about letting a little girl vampire eat more than he did.

Once half of the food was literally inhaled we settled in for the six-movie marathon; my parents, Jasper, Emmett, the pack, my Jacob, and me! I was home...